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How To Develop An App Like Deliveroo And How Much Will It Cost

Food delivery apps are all the rage at the moment. We get asked how to develop food delivery apps like Deliveroo in Dubai on a daily basis. Hence we are writing this article to give you an idea of how you can develop a food delivery app like Deliveroo and how much the development cost will be.

On a side note, having an online food delivery business is one of the best business ideas to implement in Dubai. You can learn more about that and other business ideas in this blog post. For now, let's take a look at Deliveroo to get a primary idea.


What is Deliveroo?

What is Deliveroo?

Deliveroo is a London based online food delivery app that was founded in 2013 by Will Shu and Greg Orlowski. Deliveroo has grown immensely and currently, it operates in more than 200 cities in countries like the UK, UAE, France, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Kuwait, etc. 

In 2017, Deliveroo introduced Deliveroo Plus, which allowed subscribers in the UK to avail unlimited free delivery. Deliveroo has grown by 650% since its inception and created thousands of jobs in the restaurant industry. 

Deliveroo aims to transform the way people eat. They derive their success from offering a wide selection of restaurants to choose from. The company constantly strives for growth and innovation and is undoubtedly, a global leader in the online food delivery sector.

Deliveroo uses its proprietary algorithm, 'Frank' that chooses the most efficient way of the order distribution. The predictive technology estimates the meal preparation time and accounts for the location of restaurants, riders, and customers to keep the delivery time at a minimum.

A subsidiary operation called Deliveroo Editions that helps restaurants expand to new areas. Deliveroo works with over 30,000 riders all across the globe.


Business Model Of Deliveroo

Business Model Of Deliveroo

Deliveroo runs on the following business model:

Customer Segmentation: Deliveroo has a multi-faceted market model with two interlinked user segments who are also required for operation: 

  • Consumers: people at home or at work who want food delivered from premium restaurants
  • Restaurants: foodservice locations that do not provide delivery services of their own but want more customers

Value Proposition: Deliveroo provides five value propositions through its business:

  • Price value
  • Accessibility
  • Convenience
  • Brand value
  • Risk mitigation

Customer Relationship: The consumer interaction with Deliveroo is mainly self-service and automated. Customers use the platform with minimal employee contact. That being said, there is also a component of personal assistance in the form of live support, email, and telephone.

Key Channels: Deliveroo's business strategy includes distribution service and the creation of a network for two types of customers: shoppers and restaurants. The network involves a mobile app and website.

Key Resources: The key resource of Deliveroo is its proprietary platform which services its restaurant and customer segments. It also relies on its human capital in the form of programmers who manage the infrastructure, delivery drivers, and customer support.

Cost management: Deliveroo has a cost-driven framework that aims to reduce expenses using substantial automation and price value propositions. The most important cost factor is potentially production costs, a fixed expenditure. Many big factors are all payroll expenses, in the fields of customer support/operations and administration.

Making money: Deliveroo has two income streams: a fixed rate of £2.50 per consumer delivery and a commission fee it charges per restaurant on each order. The commission figure isn't open to the public.


Features required in a food delivery app like Deliveroo

Features required in a food delivery app like Deliveroo

So what would it take to create an app like Deliveroo for food delivery? There are a variety of specific features that will decide the app's potential success and popularity.

Data Access

Data here is the true king because it's the one aspect that draws the most people. The more menus, delicacies, restaurants, ingredients, dietary information, calories, delivery times, addresses of restaurants you have, the more a consumer would be involved and active. 

It's this information that lets the customers determine what they want to buy. All this knowledge and other data can be obtained in this day and age of digital innovation through the API used in the smartphone apps.

Payment methods

It's not enough to be able to stay at home and place your orders, it's normal that your customers will choose to pay online! Whether it's Deliveroo or any other food delivery app, you need to have the functionality where consumers don't have to think about getting enough cash in their wallets.

You must integrate as many payment methods as possible with an app that is genuinely successful with the users. Stripe, Visa, Paypal, or Square are some of the chosen forms of payments. These methods enable users to use debit or credit cards without a delay to complete their purchase.

Delivery Speed

This is a sector of immediate gratification and most consumers are looking for easy and fast delivery in this high paced country. So it is smart to include a tab showing an approximate arrival date for the user's benefit. It goes a long way in balancing a consumer's perceptions and ultimately reduces rates of insecurity among customers. Deliveroo has its proprietary machine-learning algorithm that predicts the estimated delivery times. 

Order Tracking

Even though the leading taxi app Uber popularized this functionality, it comes in very useful for the food delivery apps. GPS is widely used by leading grocery delivery applications and restaurant apps to give users the best service. The way GPS operates here is that it first determines the position of the customer and then the position of the customer is checked, there is a two-way monitoring and working of GPS where the client can monitor the progress and activity of the delivery staff and the delivery staff can see the path to the location of the users. For this app some of the popular APIs like MapKit, Google Maps, or Waze's navigation. 

User Reviews

The food delivery apps include the drivers or distribution workers who are filtered very loosely, but they do need to be checked from time to time to guarantee they perform a decent job and don't do something that will hurt the credibility of the business. The easiest and most effective way to do that is by a network of customer feedback and ratings. Food delivery applications offer their customers an opportunity to send delivery workers a ranking dependent on their experience. Depending on these scores, it is the applications who determine if they can start with the distribution staff involved.


Development Cost to Make an App Like Deliveroo

Development cost to make a food delivery app like Deliveroo in Dubai lies between AED 40000  to AED 60000. But if you have detailed requirements for your app, we can give you the exact figure about the app’s cost. You can contact us for more information to make an iOS and Android mobile application. 

We can make your app at a very much affordable price adjusting your budget. The advancement timetable for the sketched-out highlights along with the application will not take more than 8-12 weeks for an android, iOS application, or a website. If your goal is to create the next chart buster for an on-the-go food app, then contact us today via email at or call us on +971566027916 with your requirements. Our expert team will listen to you and help your business create an outstanding and scalable on the go food app. Hire us for your dream on-demand mobile application now, by choosing us as your technology partner.

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