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How to develop a taxi app like Careem and how much it will cost?

Uber, Careem etc are very renowned taxi apps and these provide their services in the world through mobile app. Are you running your own business like vehicles related and you are interested to develop an app like careem or uber? then this article will help you.

Applications like Careem, Uber and numerous apps are springing up, regardless of where you need to reach on time.

What Is Careem?

Careem is an application based vehicles services located in Dubai. It is one of the most admirable vehicles like taxi services in the Middle East countries. This is KSA based services providing service in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Doha, Kuwait, Riyadh, Lahore etc.

What Is Careem?

This taxi service is not only smooth but also safe. This company has started their journey on July 2012 as a website based service for corporate car bookings and extended their transportation network company with car hire for daily use. Creating an app like careem allows people to book their ride for an exact time or order it on-demand through mobile apps or websites. As of now, the organization has in excess of 1,000 vehicles over its system. After $1.7 million financing and $10M in December 2014, Careem got $60 million of subsidizing from Al Tayyar, STC Ventures, Impulse, Beco Capital, Lumia Capital and Wamda Capital to develop taxi business in the Middle East.


Step 1:

At first, make a record on Careem. You can join with the Facebook account too. You can likewise utilize its official application for iOS and Android cell phones also. Here we give you the form that you have to fill in the event if you need to create an account. 


Step 2:

When you login, select whether you have to ride now or logbook the ride. You can even pick time as well.

When you login,

Step 3:

Pick the vehicle type from the three accessible alternatives: GO (First Class), Economy and Business

Careem will naturally find your present area from where you need to begin the adventure. You can edit it also. Now with the help of Careem Map, you can locate the position of your driver or can call him as well. Careem will message you when it is on your door.

Step 4: How can we Pay?

When you book the ride you can settle on either pay by means of charge card or money installment. If you want them to know the experience of your ride, you can also give feedback too. 

How can we Pay?

Features of Careem application :

Creating an App like Careem is the fundamental challenger in the area was set up in Dubai in 2012 and now work in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar and Faisalabad. Careem does not have a similar measure of money related impact as Uber yet has been setting up the stern challenge in the MENA district.



- User profile and stats

- On-demand booking system

- Billing system

- Review

- Automated e-receipts

- Scheduled bookings for the ride

- Edit Profile option

- SMS alerts notification

- Vehicle tracking system (GPS)

- Payment options

- Ride history

App features of CAREEM’S Driver 

- Tracking system for vehicles

- E-receipts that will be automated

- Drivers will get notification

- SMS alerts will be provided

What we offer you to get a successful taxi app?

1) 24/7 support

2) Affordable cost that will suit your estimated budget

3) An on-time delivery with the best quality

4) A custom app with all essential features of your choice

How does Careem Work?

Customers also turned out to be increasingly familiar with about the drivers' name and contact number nearby the license number of the vehicle. This application moreover sends a profile and photograph of the driver, who similarly called 'Subtitle'. Diverse unobtrusive components fuse the vehicle's model, shading and tag. Customers similarly track the ride to invigorate clients. Not at all like Uber that has 'cashless' procedure, Careem gives astounding and colossal transport advantage and enduring both money and card installments.

How does Careem Work?

Highlights of "Careem" Taxi App:

1) Two buttons “Now” are there to book taxi and “Later” to ride later on Pre-planned taxi service.

2) You can complete the whole system of booking a taxi inside 20 seconds of your opportunity with the use of their simple to utilize features.

3) The payment system that is totally hassle free.

4) Rating framework is additionally accessible and useful for the drivers to make any enhancements if necessary.

5) Real time GPS help the drivers to drive to their respective location.

What we can provide you to create an app like Careem

We provide you as same features of Careem app has. 

1) 24/7 support

2) Affordable cost that will suit your estimated budget

3) An on-time delivery with the best quality

4) A custom app with all essential features of your choice

Development Cost to create an App Like Careem

Development cost to create an app like Careem will be between AED 40000 to AED 100000. But if you have detailed requirements on your apps, will give you the perfect information about the app’s cost. Royex Technologies can make your taxi app at a very much affordable price adjusting your budget. You can contact us for more details to make any iOS and Android mobile app.

We are here to develop for you!

Uber is one of the world’s largest taxi organizations that possesses no vehicles. Like that Facebook, the world’s most renowned platform makes no substance. Same as Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider has not any own land. This is the main point. The point is about the greatest idea and execution. So let’s begin.

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