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How to Develop a Job Search App Like

In the present era of advanced technology and digitalization, a job search app is becoming increasingly popular among jobseekers, managers, and employers. With the rise in digital devices and the internet, the job search app has become an invaluable tool for job seekers, employers, and businesses to find the right talent. It helps them to save time and money while discovering the perfect candidate for the job.

A job search app like Bayt allows users to search for job listings, post their resumes, and apply for jobs online. This app also serves as a platform for employers to search for potential candidates. There are several features that make a job search app like Bayt stand out from the competition, such as the ability to search for jobs based on location, salary, and experience level. It also offers the user the option to save their search terms and get notifications when new job openings match their criteria.

However, with the rise of job search apps, there is an ever-growing need to create an app that is easy to use, secure, and efficient. To meet this growing demand, it is essential to team up with a reputable mobile app development company in Dubai like Royex Technology, to ensure the creation of a high-performing, user-friendly app. With their expertise and knowledge in the field, Royex Technology can help create an app that meets the user’s needs and is tailored to their requirements.

This article will provide an in-depth overview of how to develop a job search app like Bayt. It will provide information on the features to include, the cost associated with developing such an app, and the importance of partnering with the right mobile app development company. 


What is

What is is an online job platform that helps jobseekers find their ideal job and employers to find the right talent. Since its establishment in 2000, the job search website has become one of the most prominent in the Middle East, offering a comprehensive range of employment solutions and career planning tools. It features a comprehensive database of jobs, employers, and job seekers, as well as a variety of tools and services designed to make the job search process easier and more effective. Thousands of companies use to post their job openings, and millions of job seekers use the website to search for jobs. also provides a range of value-added services to employers and job seekers, including resume writing, career advice, salary surveys, and job recommendations. It also offers a mobile app for job seekers to easily access and manage their job search on the go. With its powerful search engine and intuitive user interface, is an excellent resource for anyone looking for a job in the Middle East.


What is the Business Model of primarily operates on a freemium business model, offering a range of services for both job seekers and employers. Here's an overview of the key aspects of's business model:

Job Posting and Search

  • Employers can post job vacancies on to attract potential candidates. There is often a fee associated with premium job postings, which may provide additional visibility and features.


  • Job seekers can access the platform for free to search and apply for jobs. However, there may be premium subscription options for job seekers that offer enhanced features or visibility to recruiters.


Premium Services

  • offers premium services for both employers and job seekers. For employers, these services may include advanced job posting options, employer branding, and access to a larger pool of candidates through targeted promotions.


  • Job seekers may have the option to subscribe to premium services that provide benefits such as increased visibility to employers, access to additional resources for career development, and priority application processing.


Recruitment Solutions

  • provides recruitment solutions for businesses, which may involve more comprehensive services beyond basic job postings. This can include assistance with talent acquisition strategies, employer branding, and access to a wider network of potential candidates.


Advertisement and Sponsorship

  • The platform may generate revenue through advertisements and sponsorships. Companies looking to enhance their visibility or promote their products and services to the platform's users may pay for advertising space or sponsor specific sections of the website.


Steps to Develop an App like

Steps to Develop an App like

Market Research

Conduct thorough market research to identify the specific needs of your target audience. Analyze existing job apps, including Bayt, to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Identify unique features that can set your app apart.


Define Features

Outline the features your job app will offer. This may include user profiles, job search filters, resume uploading, notifications, and communication tools. Consider incorporating AI-driven features for personalized job recommendations and matching algorithms.


User-Friendly Design

Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface. A clean and simple design enhances the user experience, making it easy for both employers and job seekers to navigate the app. Ensure that the app is accessible on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.


Development Platform

Choose a development platform based on your target audience. Native apps for iOS and Android provide the best user experience, but cross-platform development tools like React Native or Flutter can streamline the development process and reduce costs.


Integration of Advanced Features

Implement advanced features such as AI-powered job matching, chat functionality, and video interviews. These features enhance the user experience and provide added value to both job seekers and employers.



Conduct thorough testing to identify and resolve any bugs or issues. User feedback during beta testing is invaluable for refining the app's performance and addressing any usability concerns.


Launch and Marketing

Plan a strategic launch for your job app. Develop a marketing strategy to attract both job seekers and employers. Leverage social media, partnerships, and online advertising to increase visibility.


Monetization Strategy

Decide on your app's monetization strategy. Whether it's through premium subscriptions, employer services, or advertising, a clear revenue model is essential for the app's sustainability.


Continuous Improvement

Regularly update your app based on user feedback and changing market trends. Stay informed about industry developments to incorporate new features and technologies that can enhance your app's competitiveness.


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How Much Would It Cost to Develop an App Like

The cost of developing an app like with Royex Technologies can be around 60000 AED-70000 AED, however, it can vary widely based on factors such as features, platform (iOS and Android), the complexity of the design, and location. Also, keep in mind that ongoing maintenance and updates will also require additional investments.


How Long Will It Take to Develop an App Like

It can take anywhere around 3 months to build a feature-rich and stable app like Bayt. This timeframe includes the design, development, testing, and launch phases. Complex features, such as AI-driven recommendations or advanced social integration, may extend the development time.


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