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How To Develop A Delivery Platform Like Delivery Hero

Due to increased competition, advancement of technology & growing online-centric consumers’ needs, the online delivery platforms have reshaped the e-commerce scenario. From ordering food to shopping online & groceries to purchasing flowers- all are on your doorstep by clicking a simple application button.

Online delivery platforms make it an easy way for companies to streamline their supply chain and at the same time, reduce costs associated with logistics. As online delivery platforms offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to physical delivery, there’s no doubt that online delivery platforms are the future of distribution.

Delivery Hero is a leading local delivery app that offers customers one of the widest range of cuisines at their doorstep. It has expanded its services to include the delivery of clothes, beauty products, and home improvement items all over the world while accessing its respective local shops.

In this article, we will share some insights about the Berlin-based delivery platform- Delivery Hero & also share some effective points on how to develop delivery platforms like Delivery Hero in Dubai in the most cost-effective way.


What is Delivery Hero & how does it operate?

What is Delivery Hero & how does it operate?

Founded in 2011, Delivery Hero operates in 50 countries over 4 continents. It is considered a value-driven business with an excellent support service. Catering in different regions seamlessly, Delivery Hero provides their partners/merchants with data access, analytics & marketing to increase online sales.

In the 3rd quarter of 2021, they have completed 791M orders all over the places they operate. According to their ecosystem, their mission is to deliver their customers more than food service whenever they want. It can be household goods, groceries, or buying coffee from your local market. 

Following their one of the core values- We are heroes because we care they achieved their ambitious goal to be carbon neutral in 2021 for their Latin American operations. Being one of the leading delivery companies they have started making their Berlin HQ carbon neutral in 2019. They have achieved this by following 3 steps - emission, offsetting & reduction of carbon. For this, they have supported more internationally recognized projects.

Delivery Hero operates its service in different segments as they are a large global ecosystem of riders, restaurants, shops & partners/merchants.

  • Quick commerce: Q-commerce is to provide customers with next-generation e-commerce facilities like delivering quantities of goods in an hour.
  • Dmarts: It provides the facilities of supermarkets such as delivering household goods, groceries from their centrally located warehouse.
  • Restaurants & Vendors: Restaurants & providers are allowed to add innovative & creative food menus & products depending on the local demand.
  • Riders: They are a strong part of Delivery Hero’s ecosystem. Their sophisticated drivers are continuously improving themselves to operate in a more optimized way. 

There are 12 global brands, representing Delivery Hero in an innovative way. Some noticeable brands are foodpanda, Tabalat, Food Station & PedidosYa.

How To Start A Delivery Platform Like Delivery Hero?

How To Start A Delivery Platform Like Delivery Hero?

Developing a delivery platform requires a business model & revenue model that is suitable to the type of service that they offer. 3 major components of delivery platform business models: resources, distribution channels, and revenue streamlines. The resources are the drivers/couriers or stores /warehouses; distribution channels are online or offline; revenue streamlines can be subscription fees paid by consumers, commissions paid by retailers, advertising fees.

The section below will discuss the components or modules you need to build up a business model of a delivery business website /application.

User Module:

  • Secure account creation using the registration process. Users need email id, phone number, password & location. Users are allowed to edit/alter their personal information if needed.
  • An optimized search is required to find the nearest shops & restaurants.
  • Advanced filter & sorting of food menu & products based on consumers' needs & preferences.
  • GPS- enabled tracking option for real-time tracking
  • Provide multiple online payment gateways to choose from.
  • Push notifications to view the order status. Also instant alerts for app updates or other offers or deals.
  • Rating & review options to share user experience.
  • A system to reorder items with ease. It increases the app experience.
  • Order history to view the previous order.
  • Consumers can earn badges or reward points by inviting their dear ones, friends & family.

Restaurant/Partner Module:

  • Creation of business profile for the merchants’ end providing the business name, opening & closing hours, location & phone number.
  • Providing the menu or product list for the respective business. They are allowed to edit or re-organize the list depending on the menu & product availability
  • Instant alert upon receiving new orders.
  • Order dashboard to see all the orders together to track the status like completed, ongoing or canceled.
  • Owners can set deals, offers, and promos to promote their business.
  • Managers can view the consumers’ feedback to improve their services.
  • In-app communication system to connect with the customers

Delivery Module:

  • Delivery agents need to register with proper documents to verify accounts
  • There will be a toggle mode for offline & online features.
  • Agents will be able to receive notifications whenever for the new order.
  • Real-time navigation system for the optimized route to deliver.
  • Payment & order management system to view the total delivered parcels & income per day.
  • In-app communication systems like a phone calls or live chat to connect with the customers

Admin Module:

  • Admin panels are responsible for the validation of all created accounts of all modules.
  • Platform owners can manage all the contents of the website like- blog, FAQ, homepage content, Features listing & many more.
  • Manage all the orders & keep track of the order status.
  • Also generates daily analytical reports on the performance of the website/app like -sale, profit, order, commission & customer feedback through the dashboard. 


These are the key modules or you can say the main features you should keep in mind while developing the platforms. Some other features are- live chat, pre-scheduling orders, surge pricing & zero contact delivery.

After designing your business model you need to focus on the way & keep researching to find the marketing to boost up the revenue of your business. The revenue model for online delivery businesses typically includes a base fee and a delivery fee. 

The revenue model consists of-

  • Admin will get a particular commission on every purchase or sale.
  • Admin can claim a minimum registration fee from the merchants or partners.
  • Displaying ad campaign of third-party app
  • If the admin provides any marketplace then need to launch subscription plans.
  • A section for affiliate marketing where others will promote your business on the other platform.


Cost to develop On-Demand Delivery App like Delivery Hero

To build an on-demand delivery app like Delivery Hero in Dubai that includes both a website and a mobile app will cost you AED 50k to AED 70k. Depending on your feature requirements it may vary sometimes. Royex Technologies- the leading mobile application development company in Dubai can help you to structure a variety of websites & mobile apps at the most affordable price. If you have detailed requirements on your apps, will give you the exact idea about the app’s cost. You can contact us for more information to make an iOS and Android mobile application.


Summing Up

If you are planning to start your own delivery platform like a Delivery hero then you have already got some ground ideas about the development process. Also, you should keep in mind the technical development process to make your website more effective & user-friendly. Before launching your application on the marketplace, build up a user-centric business marketing plan. 

For any kind of query about website & mobile application development in Dubai, connect with us with your specific requirements.


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