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How to develop a Car Wash and Service app like KENO?
17 Jun 2019

How to develop a Car Wash and Service app like KENO?

No more dirty cars and No more searching for the cheap car wash service centers around UAE! Presenting KENO. KENO is an on-demand car wash service provider and in this article, you will find the development process and the cost to develop a car wash app like Keno in Dubai.

This one of a kind service will come and wash your vehicle at your doorstep. This service is very convenient and easy on the pocket, we just have to open the app, select our desired time frame, select your car, pin the location and that’s it!

They offer more than Car wash. They have 3 kinds of services

1. Wash

2. Tinting

3. Special Care

This revolutionary application is very easy to use and is available in Android and IOS as well.

What is a Car Wash App?

A Car Wash Service Application is a portal on which a user will be able to book a service for his car, and the service would be done at the user’s doorstep!

With this kind of application, the user saves a lot of time and no hassles on booking appointments and going to service. Also, the best part of these kinds of apps is the customer need not be with the service provider when they are servicing unless its an interior cleaning.

What is KENO?

KENO is a UAE based Car service providing App. They can service your cars at your location with a very affordable and minimal cost. They boast as the only company in UAE which deals with this service which is quick, affordable and reliable. KENO is easy to use and understand. They attract customers with their pricing and offers. KENO calls their washers as Ninjas as they are trained vigorously and ruthlessly before they are headed to the streets. Moreover, the best part of KENO is mostly it won't require direct contact between the users and the ninjas except when it is in the case of interior cleaning. They also boast to be eco-friendly as most of their used water is saved and recycled.

How do Customers Get Started with KENO?

1. Register

a) Fill up the KENO Registration Form

b) Verify and enter all the details.

c) After clicking on continue, enter OTP to verify mobile number

d) Go to email and verify email id

e) Register your car, and personalize it by adding pictures (you can always do it later)

2. Location

a) Choose a car or multiple cars by pressing the add icon

b) Drop the pin at the exact location where the car is parked

c) The Map loads the location automatically if the GPS is turned on also it shows how long will it take for the Ninja to arrive at the location, which is mostly accurate.

d)Choose a time slot, if the climate is too hot or if it is night time or if it is a Sunday they will ask you to schedule the service at some other time

e) Proceed to Payment Summary and Payment Method Page to finalize the order

3. Payment

a) Payment shall be authorized at the time of order or can be paid by cash.

b) You can cancel any booking before the service provider arrives at your location.

c) Choose from a wide range of services from the list and proceed to payment.

d) Payment can be by cash or card.

What makes KENO different from the other service apps and what is their future plan?

KENO currently employ 30 to 50 Ninjas which is less for their wide popularity and over 13,000 customers around UAE. They will add 30 more and add even more to meet and satisfy the wide demand which they target to be 500 to 600 orders a day in the coming years. They are planning to operate in Abudhabi soon, and also the rest of the GCC countries at a later stage. They continue to add services in their app, right now they have tinting maintenance on top of the car wash, but never compromise on quality. They have a good number of visitors who use the app to service their vehicle when they are in UAE because they prefer hassle-free quick services as finding a service center amidst the heavy traffic here is a tedious job.

The major difference between KENO and other service apps is that how KENO operate, they are able to cut down the price without compromising quality and saving time by using motorcycles to travel around to get to their customers.

Some Commendable traits of KENO:

Some of the best qualities if the KENO app, which distinguishes it from its competitors and other service apps and also which makes it any customer’s favorite and landed itself as the top grossing app in the UAE.


KENO has a sleek and user-friendly simple design which can be used easily, easy navigational features, interactive maps, a good color combination which is soothing to the eyes. The design sticks to the basic materialistic design which makes it visually perfect.


KENO prioritizes convenience over money so they provide cheap service options which are arguably cheaper than service centers! There is cancellation option available, where if a customer feels like rescheduling or canceling a service they can easily do so if the ninja hasn't started off to their location. Payment option includes all major debit and credit card options along with Pay Cash option, wherein some customers prefer paying after the service they can do so. Almost all the time KENO strictly avoids interaction between the ninjas and the customers if its a body wash, respecting customer privacy.


They mainly use their own detergents and materials which are eco-friendly and recyclable. They promise to save around 99 percent of used water compared with ordinary cleaning processes, making them eco-friendly.


KENO sets a trend by providing top of the line services and maintenance at a very minimal cost starting from AED 30, Which can be found cheaper than most of the service centers in the UAE.


Customers can choose their preferred timing and schedule the booking from the app, they work Monday to Saturday 9 am to 10 pm. The time required for a ninja to reach the location can also be found on the app.


KENO ensures the utmost safety of the customers and the ninjas, so they use eco-friendly detergents and materials which are safe for the skin and the car. Also, KENO avoids taking orders if the climate is too hot to handle to ensure their ninja’s safety.


Development cost of a car wash app like KENO?

Development cost for an app like KENO will be between AED 35000 to AED 50000. However, if you have a detailed description and requirement we can give you an exact estimate. We at Royex can help you make a sleek and user-friendly service application like KENO at a very affordable price based on your requirements. You can contact us for more information. You can mail at or call on +971566027916


Why Royex for Mobile Apps Development?

We explained in detail how an App like KENO works and also its development cost. We are a group of experienced and skilled software architects, engineers and developers who will give you the perfect solution for any of your ideas. We are here to give you the best and affordable prices that match your budget for your business profit. We are one of the best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. 


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