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How To Develop A Buy-Sell Used Car Mobile App Like CARS24
06 Dec 2021

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How To Develop A Buy-Sell Used Car Mobile App Like CARS24

Customers' buying habits and requirements have altered as a result of technological advancements. It has transformed the way people shop for goods, from tiny everyday items to large transactions such as buying and selling vehicles online, and so on.

Companies that deal in used vehicles for sale have built up their own cars for sale mobile applications in recent years for the convenience of their consumers.

Classified firms have established applications that connect buyers with sellers or allow users to browse used automobiles for sale, along with their prices and features.

It also allows them to validate the pricing of the vehicles as well as the number of years they have been in use. Other details regarding the model, such as average speed, are all listed in the app.

This article will explain how you can develop a buy-sell used car app like CARS 24. You will know some basic information about CARS24, how it works, the features required in such an app, and the development cost of an app like CARS24.


What is CARS24?

What is CARS24?

CARS24 is an Indian online used automobile marketplace situated in Gurugram, Haryana. Every year, the firm sells around 1,50,000 automobiles. The firm is regarded as one of India's four major organized participants in the secondhand automobile market.

Vikram Chopra, Mehul Agrawal, Gajendra Jangid, and Ruchit Agarwal created Cars24 in 2015 as a website for buying and selling secondhand vehicles. The firm extended its overseas operations in the United Arab Emirates and Australia in 2021.

The transaction is facilitated through the Cars24 app, which also has an offline presence. Apart from selling used automobiles, the company's services include documentation such as transferring the vehicle to the new owner's name, allowing for end-to-end transactions, as well as an online auction platform for businesses wishing to sell their pre-owned vehicles.

In 2019, the firm began providing certified used automobiles, with a buyback guarantee on vehicles that have undergone examination.

As of 2019, the firm has 202 locations in India, spread over 73 cities. Aside from its own locations, the organization maintains a network of over 10,000 channel partners spread throughout 230 Indian cities.

Cars24 Moto will be introduced in May 2020. Cars24 Moto is a platform that allows users to sell used two-wheelers including motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters. It has established a service that allows clients to get their vehicles inspected at their location rather than at a branch.

In total, Cars24 raised $50 million in the Series A and Series B rounds. It secured another $50 million in a Series C round of fundraising in 2018.

In 2019, Cars24 secured $100 million in a Series D investment round. Sequoia Capital, Exor Seeds, DST Global partners, Kingsway Capital, KCK and Unbound, and Moore Strategic Ventures are among the company's investors.

In 2020, Cars24 became a unicorn startup as it was valued at over $1 billion.


How does a buy-sell car app work?

How does a buy-sell car app work?

When it comes to the used automobile market, consumers these days utilize a variety of websites and apps to find the vehicles they want. Once the user has decided on a car, they contact the seller and have the vehicle inspected by a reputable technician to ensure that it matches the listed information. 

This also helps to avoid any frustration or unhappiness with the purchase. Finally, the deal is concluded, and both parties have completed all of the necessary paperwork.

The Business Model: Every business strategy begins with a goal, and the fundamental goal of the used automobile business is to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction, as seen by repeat customers and recommendations.

Aggregator App: An aggregator used vehicle buy-sell app is an online medium that connects the client with a used car seller/car dealer. As a result, the app's owner merely provides an infrastructure for sellers/dealers to post advertising and market their listings, while buyers may browse through automobile possibilities and select one that meets their needs. As a result, the sole investments are in mobile app development and IT infrastructure.

In terms of monetization, an aggregator app makes money via in-app marketing and advertising, endorsements, and so on.

Dedicated App: A dedicated used vehicle buy-sell mobile app is a specific platform for businesses involved in the automobile buy-sell industry. In this app, the company owner (dealer) may advertise the automobiles that are for sale, and clients can make an inquiry and proceed with the transaction. Only the owner of this app has the ability to update the available automobile list.


Features required in a buy-sell used car app like CARS 24?

The development cost of a buy-sell used car app like CARS 24

There are three components of a buy-sell used car app; the user panel, the dealer panel, and the admin panel. Each of these components has separate features that we will discuss in this section:

User Panel

  • Social Sign-In & Sign Up
  • Car Information
  • Compare Cars
  • Quotation Form
  • Exchange Cars
  • Contact Car Dealer
  • Customize profile
  • View and reply to messages sent by buyers
  • Search and filter cars

Dealer Panel

  • Dealership store listing
  • List cards from the dealership store
  • Store page management
  • View messages sent by interested buyers
  • Add offers for new cars
  • manage service center details.
  • Sell used cars
  • Manage reviews

Admin Panel

  • Manage Sub Admin Groups
  • Manage Users, and their Profile & Account
  • activities
  • Manage Listings of Car
  • Manage upcoming cars
  • Manage Offers
  • Manage Transactions
  • Ability to view & manage Orders placed by Buyers
  • Review and Rating Moderation
  • Manage States, cities
  • Users Statistics
  • Transactions Report
  • Manage Sales and Marketing
  • Delivery Status
  • Offers


The development cost of a buy-sell used car app like CARS 24

The development cost of a buy-sell used car app like CARS 24

The development cost of buy-sell used car app like CARS 24 ranges from AED 45000 to AED 60000 on average. This is an estimated figure. The development cost of mobile apps varies depending on a few underlying factors. If you share a detailed description of your app, it will be easier to predict the cost accurately.

It's a complex and time-consuming effort to create an engaging and user-friendly Used Car Buy Sell app. The development cost is directly proportional to the target audience, functionality, design, and mobile platforms.

Because there are so many Car buy sell mobile applications on the market, companies will have to come up with something unique that will set them apart from the competition and provide their consumers with deals they can't refuse.


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