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How to Design a Website for the Best Customer Experience in Dubai, UAE

Dubai-a very lively city with millions of transactions going on every day, is so ahead in advancement that it is extremely difficult to design a website for its market. People are residing in Dubai experience premium user experience in different sectors, so as a website designer, you have to look closely at different aspects before designing one. At Royex Technologies, we are running our Website designing company in Dubai, and we know best with our professional experience in this field how to design a website with the best Customer Experience.

With the growing trends of user experience and customer pleasure, people are never satisfied with straight headfirst purchases. They always want something extra to force them to buy that product or package. Whether you own a business with a retail front or a digital company, the customer services you offer for your customers always make a great impact.

According to recent statistics, 70% of the customers’ experiences rely on the customer's approach, from casual goods to branded products. This makes it very important for businesses to offer ample Customer Service to both new and regular customers. Keeping this in mind, let’s now look at guidelines and several steps to help you design your website to be augmented for customer experience servicing and better support.

Benefits of substantial Customer Experience:

Before getting hands-on on how to assimilate customer experience into your website while designing, let’s talk about why it is necessary to be done. After all, every improvement in your website design should palpably bring benefits to your business:

Omni-Channel Customer Servicing:

No matter what the scale of your business is, you should provide customer services to your customers. Integrating customer service in your designed website will allow you to service customers on different platforms, including social media, messaging apps, and electronic mail.

Customer Feedback Collection:

The greatest advantage you could have of customer service is the ability to collect pragmatic feedback from your customers. Your customer's comments on your products can trademark your image and market your products better than any of your staff members. The data you collect as feedback can help you further refine your content and help you bring innovation to your website.

Competition in the Market:

There is huge competition in the business. Therefore, it is vital for a website designing company in Dubai to provide as enough customer satisfaction as you can to compete in the National and International forums. Offering enough Customer Service to your customers will build your brand’s reputation in the market, which will firm the position of your business.

Business Alignment:

Last but not least, the key benefit of Customer Satisfaction is that you can align your mission and business goals with what your customers desire. This alignment is very important to make your brand name in the market. Maintaining contact with your stakeholders will also help you develop your business into a unique unit.


How to design your website for the best CX 

Use a Polite Tone:

An effective way for website design with customer experience is using a casual, polite tone. All the contents, from the introduction about your business to the navigation bar and products, should reflect a friendly and inviting tone.

Do not make your content sound overly professional or robotic; customers always look up to a gentle, softer tone. An overly cold tone can sound bad to them, and they will go for other websites whose designs will be much more appealing and welcoming.

Rapid Site Loading Time:

Rapid Site Loading Time:

Customers always go for speed. Regarding customer service, your site should not take too long to respond. Online buyers want to look for their desired product rapidly, and if your designed website takes too long to respond, they will simply go out for another brand. A study shows that a ten-second delay in the response time causes about half of the customers to turn off to other sites. Amazon, one of the best-selling sites, says that even a milliseconds delay even results in the customers turning down other websites.

Easy Site-Plotting:

Easy Site-Plotting:

Website designing Company in Dubai goes through a much more competitive process. Your site should be designed so that customers can easily navigate through it to find their desired product, and failure to do so will result in customers going on to other brands and consumers not recommending your site to others in the future. A recent study shows that this is one of the leading factors in any site’s success or failure. About 57% of customers reported several sites as “poorly navigated” in which they found it hard to look up their desired product easily, and 55% reported it as a serious problem that needs to be addressed.

Online Support Panel:

Online Support Panel:

Your clients would want to get in touch with you, or they might have any queries regarding any offer or product that they would want to discuss with you, so your website should have a customer support option visibly added either on the extreme left of the page’s bottom or on the top while website designing for Dubai so that your customers can contact your support team anytime while surfing when they feel the need. Your support team should be competent and experienced enough to satisfy your clients with the best possible answers to their queries. The online support panel should be available 24/7 and should respond within a decent time, if possible immediately or within a few seconds.

Rely on Communal Evidence:

Communal evidence plays a key role in making your customers trust you. They are one of the best ways to attract new customers and lure regular patrons, from sharing customer reviews to interviews and infographics; every piece of evidence counts and makes a difference.

Different platforms, such as Hemingway, transform your consumers’ experiences into reviews to be shared for website design. Providing proof of your material's quality will be a key point on attracting many buyers to your brand.

Easy Purchase Procedure:

Easy Purchase Procedure:

The last step of purchase is check-out. You should always ensure that your check-out procedure is as simple and easy as possible. One of the main aspects of customer service is to ensure that your consumers enjoy shopping from your brand. If they really do enjoy it, they will surely recommend your brand and your site in their social circle. Your customer’s time is very precious. Don’t waste it on unnecessary checks asking for additional details such as email and redundant confirmations. This can seriously piss your clients off. Check your website’s check-out procedure, look for how many additional clicks it needs and how many supplementary popups appear, and try to manage them.

Follow-up on Purchase:

Your customers’ journey doesn’t end with a single purchase. You would always want them to shop from your site and bring huge profits to your brand. You would want them to tell about your brand in their social circle so that the other customers also get attracted to your offers and products.

Follow up on your customer purchases through short surveys and electronic mails to get hands-on with what products are trending and are loved by your buyer community. This will help your website design for Dubai to look better. You can add those more products which are your consumers’ favorite and can even improve the quality of certain other products to make more sales. Use your customers’ experience to make your sales better.

Mobile Friendly Design:

The mobile-first design approach is one of the most important considerations in web design today. With more than 50% of all internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it's essential to cater to this large user base. So, it is the utmost important factor in designing your website which is convenient to use from mobile devices. It is the idea that websites should be designed and developed to work well on mobile devices first and then make adjustments for desktop viewing. A website will generally rank better in Google if it's optimized for mobile devices. The site will also be easier to navigate on a phone or tablet and provide an overall better customer experience.

Mobile-first web design follows the principles of responsive & progressive web design. That means the website design will respond dynamically according to the size of the screen.

Usage Of Whitespace:

You can’t underestimate the power of whitespace when you want a comprehensive website design that will be lucrative & eye-pleasing. Whitespace is a design element that can be used to create more readable and aesthetically pleasing layouts. Whitespace is the space between, around, above, and below the text. It is an important part of creating a good design. The use of whitespace in web design is not a new thing at all. We have been using whitespace for years to make our layouts more readable and aesthetically pleasing. The use of whitespace in web design has also been used to create a better customer experience. For instance, if you are viewing a web page that is full of web elements & you can’t even focus on the main element & it can be destruction for the readers or viewers. Having a proper usage of whitespace gives readers breathing room while making an overall pleasing experience. 

Content Design Aspect:

Blending content & content design aspect perfectly on the website can ensure the website's best customer satisfaction. The content design aspect of the website is what makes a website more attractive to customers. It is the way in which the content is presented to customers that determines how they perceive the site. Sometimes it happens that you have the most powerful content, but without a design aspect, it becomes mediocre to the readers. The content design includes factors such as layout, typography, images, and color. The site should be designed to feel like an extension of the company’s brand and meet customer expectations.

Restate Your Design Intermittently:

Restate Your Design Intermittently:

Lastly, your customers’ feedback and surveys should look their way for any improvements you can make to improve your brand daily. A simple addition of more product categories or additional dialectal support can go a long way in building your confidence and standing within the online community. Taking your clients’ reviews as constructive feedback, manipulate them to make your brand much superior in the market. People like their suggestions to be accepted and made into effect. When they see improvements according to their reviews, it will positively impact them. There is no better way to grow as a business and brand than by allowing your customer community to be an integral part of that process.


It’s the matter of fact that customer experience optimization is a constant process. You will always need your customers’ reviews and surveys to improve your website accordingly to earn prodigious profits. With the right buyer support and response network, you will always stay frontward of the arch in terms of new trends and patron experience advances. Only in this way you can become a strong competitor of the National and Global market, especially while designing a website in Dubai. It is, therefore, the duty of Website Designing Company in Dubai to design such sophisticated websites which will attract buyers on large scale.

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