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How to choose the right design agency for your company in Dubai

Honestly, it is not a simple task to find a perfect designing agency for your company. A good website changes your company's brand value. Most of the designing agencies have a good portfolio, and it makes your life harder to choose the right designing agencies. Here are some of my tips 


1. Ask them what is their approach to designing a website 

The approach is very important. Before we start designing we ask several questions to the client to know more about the client, business, Strength, weakness, audience, etc. So our first approaches are to do an in-depth meeting to know more about the client. Sometimes we visit clients properties, we did it once when we were designing the site for Al Hamra Village, we have visited all of their properties, spent a few days in different locations to know more about them. 

Some designing agencies, without any deep research, try to give you some sample designing to impress you with the speed of work, please avoid those kinds of company. They do not know how the business works.


2. Go for custom design, not for a pre-made template

If the agencies told you they will do fully custom design and starts from scratch, that means, they have a good team to handle it. We design page by page for each website and present all those pages to the client for approval. We use a software called invisionApp and through this software, we present all the pages and client can comment on any particular point through it. 

Who is going to design the site through template will not show you each page in image format, they will directly build the site. This kind of company will not be perfect for you. 


3. Ask for best design and its story

Every design has its own story. Ask the agencies to show their best design and ask them why each one are good. Check, how they are going to answer it. If they are going to explain the design with some background, like why they did it and how it will reflect the company goal, then this is the good agency you may consider. 


4. Try to meet with the main designer or design architect 

A salesman is very good at the talk, they can sell a comb to a bald person. So, try to meet with the designer or design architect to get his view, a professional person always talks in his professional way. So you can understand the depth of his knowledge. 

I am not going to give you any tips for the budget if you are going to hire a good company who will spend their time to build a perfect site, definitely they will charge more than other companies. But this cost is logical for your company as it will return you in the future. 

I hope these tips will help you. I will come back to you with some more videos. 


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