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How To Build An Employee Communication App

In this digital era & global business world, everything & everyone is on the phone. Large enterprises which involve employees across different regions, multiple divisions & time zones require an internal communication system for streamlining collaboration & data sharing. Nowadays, only emails aren’t enough to get connected or informed. Also, the post-pandemic world has changed the communication process of small to big enterprises. 

In organizations, these types of employee communication apps are not only popular for instant or on-the-go access to employee information but also meet a variety of organizational demands. Lack of proper communication tools can hamper employee understating especially when organizations leverage diskless jobs, remote employees, isolated departments & field service workers. So, keeping connected with the employees becomes a challenging job sometimes.

Communication is the backbone of any organization and it is the responsibility of employees to make sure that they are communicating effectively with their team members. Communication tools are a great way to facilitate this. Employee communication apps can work as a strong & effective platform to centralize employees' information, build an employee management workflow that works for providing a smooth employee experience. In this following article. We will share the essential features of an ideal employee communication app


What is Employee Communication App?

What is Employee Communication App?

Simply, an employee communication app is an online platform that helps employees communicate with one another. It involves sharing ideas & other corporate or organizational information in a mannered way. It helps to improve the efficiency of an organization's workforce by providing a central hub for storing all the information that employees need to know. These types of apps are designed for both team & individual use. These apps are usually available in the form of a mobile application or a web-based app having features like-  instant messaging, file sharing and chat & many more advanced features.

In the age of digitalization, many companies are turning to modern technologies for internal work processes, one such technology is an employee communication app. This type of app can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Sending messages and important announcements
  • Creating an informational directory for employees
  • Tracking attendance and time off
  • Providing instant mobile access to company resources, documents, and benefits
  • Managing company events like team-building activities or conferences
  • Integration with other essential management & marketing tools
  • Gather feedback from remote employees


Essential features of an Employee Communication App

Communication is the key element for any small to big organization. Developing an employee communication app saves your time, money but improves your employee's productivity, connectivity & security of personal information. It improves employee-to-employee relationships, and interaction & helps in decision making.

Depending on the mode of communication & requirements of every business the features if the instant communication app varies. Let’s have a look at the essential features for developing this app:


It is a key factor for the success of any internal communication app. It is all about the experience that an app offers to its users. If an app does not offer a personalized experience, it will not be able to provide value to its user. The app needs to be developed & designed to be customized for every individual employee. Apps capability functionality of the user interface should be changed based on what the employees need and want. This will help make sure that employees are receiving the information they need and want in a timely manner. Also, apps should be flexible & scalable so that enterprises want to add or remove any feature they do without facing any technical difficulties in the existing system.

Instant messaging

Video and voice calling

IM refers to real-time instant chat messaging over the internet for communication purposes. This feature will be able to notify you even if you are online. It is the easiest way to convey any necessary information quickly. Instant messaging includes- one-to-one chat, group chat, file sharing & push notifications.

Simple sign-in

This feature ensures a smooth onboarding process for the employees without wasting time. Single sign-on features require names & passwords to access the personal or work profile. Employees can sign in with their Gmail account otherwise create an account with a relevant name & passcode.

Video and voice calling

Video and voice calling

This is a great way to communicate with your team especially when you are not in the same location or working remotely. These features allow you to easily share your screen, talk face-to-face, and even collaborate or present documents together.

Media file transmission

With necessary safety measures is important for every business. Your employee communication should incorporate multiple media types via public or personal channels with ease. Multiple media type includes spreadsheets, documents, images, video files, audio recordings, etc. 

Screen sharing


It is another great feature to share ideas and collaborate, especially when employees are working remotely. It is one of the most popular features of video conferencing. Screen sharing allows employees to share their screens and show others what they are doing on their end. Levering this feature, it is possible to give online presentations, and demonstrations, answer questions in real-time, and solve problems together.

Push notification 

Push notification

They are a great way to notify users about new information such as notifying employees about any official events, team meetings, deadlines, or important announcements. Because of this feature, there is less chance for the employees to miss any valuable information & keep updated all the time in their busy work schedule.

Polls and surveys

Adding an analytic feature like polls & surveys helps to increase employee engagement over any specific task. Polls and surveys are an effective way to get feedback from employees on a variety of topics. This feature allows HR or any higher authorities to track employee opinion for any decision-making for the whole organization. Also, surveys are great opportunities for the employees to share their thoughts & concerns regarding the given topic

Company news

This option is an additional feature, where employees & staffs access the valuable information in a mannered & convenient way, if the company is mentioned in any newspaper or press, also achieve any milestone or get any award.

Content sharing

It is another advanced feature, that companies must include in their communication app. It lets employees know about the achievements unlocked by the other employees. Content sharing is a place where team members can share their project-related documents in a single location. It increases productivity as employees don’t have to waste time by messaging or calling about any documents, they can simply find any file or documents they need.


Cost to develop Employee Communication App

Building internal communication mobile application in Dubai will cost you AED 50k to AED 70k. Depending on your feature requirements it may vary sometimes. Royex Technologies- the leading mobile application development company in Dubai can help you to structure a variety of websites & mobile apps at the most affordable price. If you have detailed requirements for your apps, will give you the exact idea about the app’s cost. You can contact us for more information to make an iOS and Android mobile application.

There is a wide range of benefits of developing such kind of employee app- it works as a on the go central information hub, provides real-time facilities, creates a customized user experience for each employee, encourages employees to take part in conversations, gives a prediction of engaged workers & most importantly offers a positive work culture. If your organization didn’t opt for any communication tools till now, then it is high time to start the development process of any employee app. A mobile app development service provider can help you to go through this entire process smoothly.

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