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How To Boost Your Mobile App Downloads?

As more & more mobile apps are becoming available on the Google play store & Apple Store, user acquisition is getting tough on the app market. Nowadays you will get hundreds of app recommendations for every option like- entertainment, finances, mobile shopping, cooking, & many more services. So, making your app visibility is the utmost priority for the app marketers to increase downloads of your mobile app.

You have developed an amazing mobile app, which performs smoothly on every device & also successfully launched it on the app store. But what next? Only you will be able to make real money if people download it & make purchases of your service or products. App downloads with the proper customer retention are the ultimate goal of developing any mobile app. And this process takes lots of effort & mobile marketing techniques to achieve the right download metrics.

In this article, we are going to share with you some simple & basic strategies on how to increase mobile app downloads effectively.


8 Best Ways To Boost Your App’s Downloads

There are plenty of ways to discover a new app on the app store on any platform including some common methods like- general browsing on the app store, word of mouth, and browsing top-rated or popular apps. We will discuss some popular app discovery methods that help to boost mobile applications.

Focus on App Store Optimization

Focus on App Store Optimization

App store optimization is similar to search engine optimization. Just like SEO, ASO helps to rank your mobile application on the preferred app store. Many developers, as well as markets, miss this important step often. App store optimization increases your app visibility & thus it helps to get more downloads. According to Forrester’s report, there are 63% & most probably the highest chance to discover a new app just simply browsing in the app store generally.

One thing to keep in mind is that, like SEO, it takes time to optimize your app on the app store, & you can’t accept the resulting over time. You need to leverage some tactics to be top on the ranking of the App store-

  • Use eye-catchy, short but descriptive app title
  • Insert the popular & relevant keywords in the title, URL, app description & keyword fields.
  • Choose app categories wisely & strategically, while submitting your app to an app store
  • Let your targeted audience translate the app description into their regional language.
  • Positive reviews help to rank on the app store search option
  • The number of your app downloads has an impact on the total ranking of your app.


Well-Designed App Icon Attracts Users

Visually appealing app icons can drive consumers easily. Icons are the first element that provides a hint about your app & allure people to download the app & use it. Your icon should be recognizable as it promotes your brand & let people understand the functionalities of the application. Make sure the icon design is simple, clean & straightforward & not too flashy.


Localize In Multiple Languages

Localize In Multiple Languages

App localization is important if your app requires a global audience. Sometimes people may skip to another application because of the language barrier. Creating & developing a localized version of your app will significantly increase the active installation of the app. Following research, an application that supports multiple languages can drive a 767% increase in app downloads. 

You should keep in mind that not all of your users are fluent in English or can process all the app functionalities unless you optimize the keywords for local search only. Your app should support some common international languages like- Russian, French, Italian, or others that need to be translated for the sake of the app.


Offer Referrals Through Users

Offering referrals is one of the proven successful marketing strategies for mobile app promotion. Referral marketing helps with customer acquisition & influences them for making purchases. Referral marketing basically promotes trust by turning your active users into your brand ambassador. Referral programs are like word of mouth & 36% of the people discover any app via this kind of communication. As an example, if you have a cosmetic & beauty product app, you can offer some specific discounts or free shipping for the next purchase if you refer the app to others. Hence it helps to increase app download in the most effective way.


Online Presence Via Website & Blog

Online Presence Via Website & Blog

Having a proper website or dedicated blog sites helps users easily find your mobile app. It is another strategic way of effective mobile marketing. Launching a website helps to expand the reach of your app to the targeted audience by linking it with any section of the website & content of the blog section. Launching a simple website now is very handy & all the credit goes to the CMS platforms such as WordPress.

In this digital world, you will find a website for every need of the consumers, whether it is online shopping, food delivery, flower delivery, or entertainment purpose. Your potential customers will visit your website first and then will check the application for the demonstration purpose. So, it is compulsory to own a proper website that provides all the app functionalities in detail.


Illustrative Videos

Illustrative Videos

It is not necessary that all the users can understand the technical functionality of your app. App descriptions are helpful or have full documentation of the application is important. But sometimes it may get difficult for the customer to know the goal of your application. Here, short but illustrative videos come useful, where you can showcase the important features, how to use them & why to use those features. 

This type of demo video helps to boost the download rate & also the usability of the website. Besides this, you can easily embed videos on your website & also share it on multiple social media platforms.


Promote App Through Creators Or Influencers

Influencer marketing is the newest & most trending marketing strategy that has emerged widely in the past years. Influencers, as well as content creators, are the well-known popular face and the perfect way to promote your products whether it is a website or mobile application. Influencers hold their own user base & promoting your app to millions of followers means a big jump in the number of your downloads. So, approaching the right influencers & creators can be a positive investment for your business.


Emphasize On Email Marketing

Emphasize On Email Marketing

Though there are now many advanced ways to promote products digitally, email marketing is still now considered an effective marketing tool for online business. According to DMA research, if you spend $1 for the email marketing campaign, in return you will get around $51 of positive ROI.

Using a proper embedded website signup form & leveraging landing pages technically, you will get the emails of your daily traffic. Providing a seamless onboarding to your website, let them explore your website with web content & send welcome emails or all other resources. It will help them engage with your website all the time & let them download your mobile app for further activities. Conducting a well-researched email marketing campaign not only helps to increase active downloads but also boosts the conversion rate as well.


Wrap Up

These are some basic & effective ways to increase your app downloads. There are plenty of mobile applications out there & you have to stand out & make your customer choose your products. Use these marketing tips & make proper research on the app niche & study your competition. Always keep in mind the user preference while cultivating these approaches. Only a customer-centric marketing strategy can help to get customers to download your app.

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