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How much will it cost to develop Group chat app like YouStar

YouStar is a Group chat and entertainment Application. Wherein A User can log in to the Application, Host a chat room or join a room, add friends, chat via audio or text and share images, stickers, videos, etc.. 

We saw many similar applications like YouStar before like hike, we chat, discord, Tango, Mi Live etc and every one of these applications has something different to offer. Like the Entrances in YouStar, Stickers in Hike, Badges in Tango. Even Though all these apps offer various functionalities, they don't compromise on their performance and instant updation.  

Youstar Application Features

Youstar provides all the basic functionalities any group chat application provides with more advanced features like the mentioned below

  • Audio Chat Rooms
  • Gifting Options
  • Custom unique ID number
  • Mini Games
  • Entrance Animations
  • Custom Profile Badges
  • Custom Chat Bubbles

Audio Chat Rooms

Any Premium User can host a chat room, make it public or private, and any user from the application can be able to join the chat room. The rooms can have audio chats, limited to FCFS basis or according to the host’s rules, play mini games like roulette etc.

Gifting Options

Users can gift each other elements from the App, may it be stickers, or diamonds, or entrance animations etc.

Custom Unique ID number

Each user can purchase a unique ID number and set it once, it can have any fancy numbers or letter combinations.

Mini Games

Games can be hosted in the chat rooms, and it can have join fees, and the winner takes it all basis

Entrance Animations

Users can buy and set entrance animations from the store. These animations can be purchased for 1 week, 2 weeks etc and have to be renewed after the expiry. Whenever the user enters a room, the entrance animation rolls in.

Custom Profile badges and Chat Bubbles

The App also has several other elements that can be modified like the badges, profile rings, chat bubbles. And they can be purchased and applied from the store

Custom Profile badges and Chat Bubbles

Factors deciding the Organization's KPI 

KPI or Key Performance indicators are the points which decide the success of a company, so in general, any Chat app should follow the below deciding factors

  • Active Users
  • User Engagement
  • User Retention

Active Users

To increase the number of active users we should introduce policies and campaigns in which we reward users for inviting their friends, because only if a group of friends join, they will keep using it!

Another way to make your chat app popular  is by marketing and introducing unique and trendy campaigns like hashtags etc This helps promote your app through numerous social media platforms

User Engagement

Chatting apps are of course useful, but making it entertaining, acquire more users. Making the app fun to use is a major task and needs a lot of brainstorming. Creating unique stickers, emojis , games and other interactive elements can make the app interesting and addictive, target users can be the younger generation. Introducing addictive elements like games, entrances, polls, tags, badges, tones etc can make it popular.

User Retention

Acquiring users is definitely important,  retaining the signed up users are more how do we retain the users? By proper marketing techniques and campaigns, custom Notifications, freebies, birthday wishes, “now online” features, to see who all are online and lots of interesting features make the app standout and make the users come back for more.

There can be in-app purchases, but giving the users choice of purchasing or using it for free makes it more comfortable for them as everyone wants to use the app before purchasing anything. Introducing Login campaigns, free app credits, refer and earn policy will also boost the app interaction and retention rate.

How do Chat Apps earn money?

  • Advertisement
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app Purchases


Not a wise option as almost all users including you and me, hate advertisements in between apps, but if we can show it in a subtle hidden why, then it's a great source of income. 

Chat apps like YouStar, whatsapp don't contain ads.


Introducing Subscriptions should be in a cheeky and creative way, and users should be pulled into it. Some apps provide full free to use features, some apps provide a set of features for free and another set of powerful features for premium subscribed users. In the former case, the form of revenue can be anything from ads, to data or something else, in the later case , just like YouStar, the apps provide all basic functionalities for free, but for advanced and some extra features it will ask to subscribe to premium subscriptions, and by introducing bundle packs, extra bonus, discounts, it's easy to target and attract the users.

In-App Purchases

By introducing In-App purchases it is a great way of income. As the target audience is already using the apps, by providing them extra features to kickstart their chatting game to another level, they will definitely invest in some cheap in-app purchases.

The idea of in-app purchases is it should be cheap, and should have many options to choose from, as the users will be tempted to try all the options- which means more money for you!

Chat apps can have many kinds of tweaks which can be purchased through in-app purchases, like entrance animations, custom entrance tunes, custom filters, custom emojis and stickers etc.

YouStar follows the exact model by providing tons of In-app purchases to their users.

In-App Purchases

Some Features and Qualities Chat Apps like Youstar adapt that make them stand out from the other Applications

Simple UI

YouStar has Simple and Easy to use UI, with 3 easy steps one can signup and start using the apps, or connect directly via social media platform.


YouStar has a huge fan following, and millions of active users , so Quality should never be an issue, and they maintain it very well. By providing quality features, data transfer rate, and other options , they never compromise their quality


YouStar has a really good speed performance, like I mentioned above, its used by millions, and users abundantly use their audio chat and gaming options, and still the app runs smoothly and interacts very well.

Customer Support

Whenever an application involves money, there will be technical issues and glitches, so providing customer support like live chat etc will make the user’s life easier and will make them trust the apps more.


How much it will cost to develop an app like YouStar?

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