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How Much it will Cost to Build an Educational Mobile App?
30 Mar 2019

How Much it will Cost to Build an Educational Mobile App?

Now-a-days, of all Mobile App Development Services like Cross Platform Development, Android App Development and iOS App Development has brought to you many advantages such as 100% transparency, highly responsive, enhanced quality and business value. These have already recreated different ways of new technology for people of all ages. These will help people to give a new way providing education to current and future generations of us

Factors that affect the cost of a product :

Learning and believing the things that  the kids see should be the motto of creating an Educational App for kids. Before the designing and starting the work, the purpose of development of app must be determined. Apps should be instructive in addition to graphics, animation and fun element and must be contributed to a child’s analytical, logical, cognitive and creative skills. An expert creative / graphic designer should be required to take care of the child psychology or child interaction.

Important features of a proper educational app:

Some features that will require to be a part of educational apps, especially for kids. Those are :

1. No advertisements, unnecessary links and pop ups etc

2. Simplicity is the first priority of educational apps for kids

3. There will be some options like locked menu settings, level change that can be  controlled by adults

4. Should have an option if they want to mute the music.

5. The simple language has to be applied

6. To avoid the complexity, there should have only some most necessary buttons

7. Feedback on every answer must be an option there.

Advantages of mobile learning apps for kids :

-- 24 hour availability

It is the main advantage in kids mobile apps. Kids can access a mobile learning app whenever they want regardless of times of the day. If any child needs the answer to any of his query, he has to just log in with his id and he can get his answer that he wants to know.

-- Interactive in nature

Most of the kids like to play small & easy games such as crossword puzzles, spot the difference activity, world-building, etc. The kids whom are creative, their parents can give them the apps with coloring games and origami. So we can say that,mobile learning is more creative and easy from textbooks.

-- Enhances classroom performance

Mobile learning apps play a vital role in bolstering the little learners with skills to execute school assignments with precision. So if a kid want to search any subject that he faces problems on this subject, he can find it on his Android or iPhone app. Advance class-preparation will boost his level of confidence.

-- Valuable utilization of free times

Parents do not want their children spending too much time on television. So Mobile learning apps are a good alternative options for avoiding these wasteful time.

-- Sharing of knowledge gathered

Most of the kids learning app are merged with many social  media like Facebook, Twitter, linked in, instagram. So that kids can easily make friends for their study circles. Through this they can share what they are learning about, take part in discussions and even video hangouts.

-- Dynamic nature learning

Text-based learning, videos, infographics, animated graphics, audio-narration, multiple-choice questions and many more learning systems are included in Mobile learning apps. If you notice, you can see that most of our students use their smartphones for eLearning, finding references, books, news or other productive activities.

-- Enjoyable and informal

It is really boring to do the same homework routines. These apps help our kids to make their learning process enjoyable and informative. As there is no guide/teacher to check the kids, they will feel like a comfort zone. The easy feel of a learning app propels kids towards better learning outcomes.

-- Systematic form of education

A systematic mobile learning app provides you systematic education. As they are built in databases, so anyone can make store stories and completed assignments for later tasks. Digital copies of references and texts are also be provided in the apps.


Mobileapps development service cost differs from web application services. Price depends on the amount of time, effort and research required to build a software application. Interactive design with customization features and cloud storage makes the price of the app around 20K AED to 60K AED.

The features that are important to be considered and plays an important role in determining the cost of the application are:

-The operating platform on which it will build for example windows, IOS, Android etc

-Appropriate Mobile App Development Company and the developers must understand the client’s basic requirements correctly and they should have proper knowledge of technology and domain to be worked upon.

We are ready to help you!

We always help our clients to achieve the best result in business and try to give them the best ideas for improving in business. If you are interested to develop an Educational App for Kids and want to the price of developing an Educational App,please contact us at +971566027916 or mail at


Tanvir Mollick
Thank you for this article. Your estimation price help us a lot before going for any deal with development company. We want to see more articles like this in future. Happy Sunday
3/31/2019 5:21:13 AM

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