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How much does it cost to develop an app like Fetchr?

Fetchr is a Peer to Peer on demand Delivery Service using a revolutionary Application which delivers almost anything. Fetchr is a Tech-oriented Logistics Company founded in 2012, they provide delivery solutions to individuals, businesses, and governments they currently employ over 3000 employs and operates in 200+ cities across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, North Africa (Egypt), Jordan, Bahrain and some parts of China and soon to open in Oman, Pakistan and Kuwait

Fetchr is actually a genius application as they filled the gap between the traditional courier service and their problem with the customer’s location, as usually the Courier Service needs the exact location with the street address, building name, etc, while Fetchr uses GPS location on the smartphone so that the receiver can get the delivery anytime, anywhere, as the Co-Founder Joy Aljouny quoted “Imagine if DHL married UBER, you will get Fetchr.”

Fetchr has been ranked as the #1 startup in the Middle East by Forbes. Their idea became an instant hit and received huge investments. Fetchr is available in Android and IOS, it was only operational in smartphones in its earlier stage as it requires GPS functionality, But now with Fetchr-Web, you can avail the same services from your laptops as well!

How is it different from traditional Courier services?

Fetchr solves one major constraint rising from the traditional Courier services, that is finding the customer’s location. Thus Fetchr implemented a workflow which is very similar to that of Uber by making use of a mobile application’s GPS to track the user’s location.
In all the traditional Courier services we have to enter all the address including the street address, building name, etc, but Fetchr with its inbuilt Location API finds the location automatically. So in rural places, it could be a hit instantly!

How does Fetchr Work?

Like I said above the workflow of Fetchr is different from other standard delivery solutions.
In Fetchr, your phone is your address for fast and reliable delivery. Basically, Fetchr has 3 services to choose from
1) Send
The Send service indicates that the user has to send a package, be it a gift or a card or a Charging cable, Fetchr doesn't care! You just have to select your location and also the destination location, and that is it!


2) Fetch
The Fetch service indicates you have some delivery to be delivered to yourself, maybe you forgot your hat or a sunglass at a cafe? Fetch it! Same as above, confirm the details and Fetchr will deal with it.


3) Sell
The Sell service indicates you have to sell something, so Fetchr can do it for you and also return back with the cash you sold the item for! Want to sell your old phones? Fetchr can do it for you and return back with the amount. You just have to follow the above steps of adding the locations of the source and destinations and also the cash you need back after selling the product.


4) Make a Payment
Make a Payment service indicates you have to buy something, or you want fetchr to buy something and deliver it somewhere. Anything is possible! Missed your kid’s 6th birthday because of a business trip? Don’t worry, using Fetchr you can schedule them to pick up a cake from your favorite cafe and make them pay for it and deliver to the party! Great isn't it?

Using Fetchr is as easy as posting a photo, in just 4 easy steps you can Fetch!

Download Fetchr & Register
The application is available for Android and iOS devices. Download the Fetchr app and register, registration is also available through social media accounts.

Choose The Pickup & Delivery Location & Time
After you set whether you want to send a package or fetch one, use the inbuilt Location API to locate yourself, which uses the GPS and fetchr gets the exact location.

Leave a Message or Comment to the Driver
You may want to inform the driver something like “Don’t ring the bell” or “Leave the package at the door” and so on. You can do that using the textbox provided.

Confirm Payment & Track Your Order
When you’re done, you’ll get to see an order summary with all the details of your order for you to confirm and submit your order. After that, you can track your order in real-time.

Fetchr has very fair and flat pricing, that is, for next day deliveries: they charge AED 30 if under 3 KGs or AED 50 if the weight is between 3 KG to 12 KG

This kind of business model ensures Reliability and Consistency, also a faster and hasslefree delivery!

Confirm Payment & Track Your Order

Fetchr Customer Bases

C2C or Customer to Customer
Allows you to send a package, a gift or anything to your friend! This is the standard send, fetch, sell feature we spoke about above. They can deliver or pick up anything - Laundry, Tiffin, Mail, Grocery! Anything!

B2C or Business to Consumer
B2C is a different kind of service wherein if you have an online store and want to deliver your products to your customers, Fetchr can do it for you they also promise that you save 50% on shipping fees. Fetchr can offer international shipping as well! So online entrepreneurs, startups, can use this service as it gets rid of the hassle of delivery and is a cost-efficient method as you don't have to purchase vehicles and software or hire people to manage your deliveries. Once you partner with Fetchr for your business needs, you get a Fetchr dashboard which you can integrate with your CMS and automate the delivery orders! You can also track your shipments. There's no better option in the market!

Some Features and Qualities of Fetchr that makes it stand out from the other Applications :

Simple UI

Fetchr has Simple and Easy to use User Interface, targetting the old and young alike, They made it so simple such that a service can be booked in less than 4 steps!


They have a flat rate of AED 30 and AED 50 depending on the weight of the package, which is great as there is no hidden prices or terms on the prices!

Location API

The Location Module is the heart and core of Fetchr as the GPS location is your address, and which is also the standout feature of the application! Its very smooth and fast, and pinpoints to the exact location without the need to manually entering it.

Customer Care

Fetchr promises Fast deliveries & friendly professional staffs to exceed the user’s expectation! They also have a responsible customer care team. Customers can just shake the phone to Report a Problem, Now isn't that great!

Customer Care


How much it will cost to develop an app like Fetchr?

Development cost for an app like Fetchr will be between AED 40000 to AED 50000. If you have a detailed description and requirement we can give you an exact estimate. Royex Technologies, a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. We can help your dreams come true. Meet us and tell us your idea, and we can tweak it and make it a masterpiece! 


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