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How much does it cost to develop an app like elGrocer?

elGrocer is a Grocery Delivery application and Website, a complete e-commerce platform and claims to be the “best” delivery service in the UAE, and they don’t disappoint! They provide top-notch Customer Service with inbuilt Live chat system, which is very quick and helpful, we had tested it and it works smoothly.

elGrocer’s Founder and CEO Nader Amiri, who has experience in multinational companies like Coca-cola, Mondelez International - Kraft, Unilever proves his expertise by making Customer Service the top and utmost priority in elGrocer. The idea of elGrocer struck to him from his own personal experience of terrible customer service and poor quality products as a consumer. The Customer Service personnel of elGrocer are trained so well that they act like the customer’s Patron when dealing with the store.

elGrocer possess over 40,000 products from over 2700 brands! Which is great and acts as one of the biggest online catalogs in the Middle East. They believe that convenience doesn't have a price so the pricing is the same as the store without any delivery fee and also promises weekly promotions in their store!

elGrocer has application in both Android and IOS, also elGrocer has a retail application for the retailers. For the old school users, they can order from the ecommerce website too!

What are the benefits of using a Grocery Delivery App?

Time is a major constraint in today’s life, so saving time is essential. So by using a Grocery Delivery app like elGrocer, you get to sit home and relax or do other work when elGrocer service provider delivers the ordered products right at your doorsteps.
In a place like Dubai, where reaching a destination requires lots of patience, especially if the destination is a Supermarket, because of the traffic on the roads and for parking, using a grocery delivery app makes it very easy.
Fresh Dairy and other products daily at your doorstep without the need to go to a supermarket early in the morning to get fresh products, you can easily order via a Grocery Delivery application.

How does elGrocer Work?

The workflow of elGrocer is different from other standard grocery delivery systems. elGrocer is actually an interface, a platform where sellers and buyers meet. The sellers are the nearest Supermarkets found by elGrocer when the user enters their Location, and the products displayed in the application will be based on these shops. The user has to enter location first, pick a shop near them and then pick a product from that shop it's as easy as that. elGrocer forwards your order to the Store you ordered from. The Retailers have their own dedicated application so that they can track, manage the orders from their own application. All the orders placed from the Android, IOS applications and Website are forwarded to the retailers through the Retailer application. In average elGrocer takes less than 60minutes to deliver an order, Because most of the Delivery is handled by elGrocer themselves. So if you are in a hurry you can choose the earliest time slot or Schedule it for later.

This kind of business model ensures Genuinity of the ordered products and quick service as the team is directly involved until the product is delivered and for the support later on.


elGrocer Application Features and Innovations

Shopping List

elGrocer has an innovative Shopping List feature in the application. Once you login the application, unlike every other E-commerce website, we don't have to search each product one by one, There is a Text Box named List in the header part of the application, We just have to list up all the Products we are looking for in the text box, just like a shopping list and press on shop button, elGrocer automatically finds all the related products and displays them, we just have to click whichever is required and proceed. Now that’s an innovation a’int it?!


elGrocer has a Feature called Recipe, they call it Recipe Boutique. With the Recipe Boutique, you can follow and get inspired by your Favourite food bloggers from various social media platform like Instagram. That is just the beginning! With the Recipe Boutique, you can now get and order all the required ingredients in one tap! That means no more waiting - just read, get inspired and prepare it right away. Delicious meals, desserts, appetizers, snacks, Beverages right on your kitchen table in less than 2-hours!

Navigate hundreds of Recipes, you can also search for a recipe by ingredient, dish type, or influencer name. Now that’s another innovation right in your palms!

Live Chat

elGrocer has a Live Chat option which is powered by Intercom. The Chat feature is highly responsive and no bots involved most of the time! Queries regarding address, order cancellations, or anything, they are always at your service.

Product Request Feature

elGrocer has a Live Chat option which is powered by Intercom. The Chat feature is highly responsive and no bots involved most of the time! Queries regarding address, order cancellations, or anything, they are always at your service.

Some of the promises given by the elGrocer team are:

1) Delivery to the customer’s doorstep within 60 minutes average time depending on the location.

2) Requested products will be added the next time you shop.

3) The best Customer service, where the service representatives are trained so well that they act like the customer’s advocate when dealing with any issues regarding the store.

4) Replacement or Refund in case of damaged product or missing product.

Some Features and Qualities of elGrocer application and Website that makes it stand out from the rest :

elGrocer is an easy to use Grocery shopping application which has found its place in everyone’s household because of its user friendly and feature-rich model. Below given are some praiseworthy Qualities and features of elGrocer

Simple UI
elGrocer has Simple and Fun to use User Interface, targeting the Matured audience, they have made the application in such a way that it is easily understandable and usable. The application has several features, which are easily understood and useful.

They have a delivery time of 60 Minutes at an average, and it is found they are never late, as most of the delivery is handled by elGrocer themselves. The users can also Schedule for delivery if they are not in the destination. Also, The user can track their Order live.

elGrocer promises utmost quality, and therefore they partner with the best shops available like Union Coop, al maya, Adil, aswaaq, ripe organic, meat avenue, select market, pet planet, etc who provide quality products.

Location API
elGrocer has a location module which is very necessary for their productivity as using map it shows the nearby shops and partner stores, This map is powered by Google.

Customer Care
elGrocer was an idea emerged out of frustration by its Founder, Nader Amiri, He was shocked to see the arrogant and unworthy customer service provided by most online and offline shops. So he decided to start elGrocer with the best Customer Service experience ever, with prompt live chat and other features.


How much it will cost to develop an app like elGrocer?

Development cost for an app like elGrocer will be between AED 30000 to AED 50000. If you have a detailed description and requirement we can give you an exact estimate. You can contact us for more information. Royex Technologies, a leading Mobile App Development company Dubai. We at Royex can help you make a feature-rich application like elGrocer at a very affordable price based on your requirements. 


Why Royex for Mobile Apps Development?

We are a group of experienced Designers and Engineers, proving our expertise in UAE since 2013. We can provide you a cost-effective solution for whatever idea that pops out of you. We can have a meeting at our office and explain how we work and also learn about your idea and improvise it. Please check our Portfolio section to know more about the various projects we worked on. We are one of the best Mobile App and Website Development Company in Dubai. You can drop a mail at or call on +971566027916.