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How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Car-selling App Like SellAnyCar
14 Feb 2021

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Car-selling App Like SellAnyCar

Technology has been shaping the shopping habits of netizens to a great degree for the last few years. People are considering to avail themselves of online shopping to buy from daily essentials to big products like cars, flats, plots, and more. People tend to change their ride frequently in the MENA region, especially in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, and Sharjah. Saygin Yalcin cashed in on this opportunity and came up with an amazing idea back in 2013, and they’re still going strong, expanding their business in the UAE and KSA.  This idea is named and Saygin Yalcin is the Founder & CEO of it. 

SellAnyCar mobile app has made it easier to sell a car online by reducing the length and risk factors of the buying and selling process. They evaluate the car’s price within a short time, offer a reasonable price, pay the seller immediately, and complete all paperwork on their own accord. Thus, they have achieved huge success by providing user-friendly car-selling services. You can also give life to your mobile development ideas with the help of Royex Technologies, a reputed mobile app development company in Dubai.


Why Does SellAnyCar Stand Out? 

Why Does SellAnyCar Stand Out? introduced a safe and convenient process of selling your car within the Arab world. They offer a free evaluation of your car no matter what is the model, who makes it, in which year. You’ll get a car valuation service instantly for free and they offer the best price for your cars, taking all the variables into account. You no longer need to invest time and money in tiring advertisements. SellAnyCar provides free car deregistration services along with part-exchange offers, and bank loan settlement. They are committed to offering a fast, convenient, and transparent car buying experience for their valued users. 

Key Features of SellAnyCar Mobile App

Key Features of SellAnyCar Mobile App comes with a pack of amazing features. All the key features are as follows. 

  • Simple UI/UX Design: SellAnyCar features simple and intuitive UI/UX designs
  • 100% Guaranteed Purchase: they buy any car at a just price
  • 100% Free Valuation: they charge no cost to conduct a car inspection
  • Hassle-free Process: all procedures are quick and easy, taking less than 30 minutes
  • Instant Payment: all transactions are fast, secure, and  transparent
  • Push Notifications: users are reminded about prior appointments 
  • Branch Recommendations: they show the nearest SellAnyCar branch to users based on their location
  • Real-time Value Tracker: users can track the changes in value for their cars in real-time


How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App Like SellAnyCar? 

Development cost of a car selling app in Dubai like range between AED 35000 to AED 50000. This is just a ballpark figure in terms of the basic structure of this app. You may have to pay less for a simpler version and the costs may go higher as well if your requirements demand more time and complexity.

Common users only see the final result of an app development process. An app requires a great deal of hard work and skills to function properly as intended. It involves the teamwork of an experienced team of industry professionals. You will need to update the app and maintain it on a regular basis once the development is complete. That’s why it costs a substantial amount of money to develop an excellent app like SellAnyCar. Let’s have a close look at a complete development team that works relentlessly to produce a good mobile app. 

  • Project manager 
  • Back end developers
  • Front end developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • iOS app developers
  • Android app developers
  • Quality assurance professionals

All these expert professionals need to coordinate with each other seamlessly to build a mobile app that is easy-to-use, secure, and effective. Therefore, you need to consider the costs of managing such a team when you’re planning to build a car-selling mobile app like Most people are unaware of the efforts developers make to build a bug-free mobile app. The app owner himself manages a team or employs a third-party mobile app development company to complete all the legwork required to develop a functional mobile app. 


The cost of app development mainly depends on two factors, level of complexity and number of features. A healthy app equipped with many features will need the following things. 

  • Admin panel development 
  • API development
  • UX/UI designs 
  • User panel development 
  • Dealer panel development 

The above example may not be suitable for your project. We can estimate neither the cost nor the required time without getting a detailed description of the mobile app. It will be convenient for us to estimate the cost precisely if you let us know the requirements. 


Why Royex for Mobile App Development? 

Royex Technologies is a top-rated mobile app development company in Dubai with a proven track record of working for several clients around the globe. We value all our clients and try to provide the best services for every business, from small to large scale projects. We have an experienced team on board who worked on more than 300 projects together and helped our clients achieve their business goals. We implement creative designs, integrate the latest technologies, and provide cost-effective solutions for our clients. Don’t just take our words for it, you can check out our Portfolio to know why Royex is special. 

The current trend of mobile apps is gradually taking over websites. Depending only on a website isn’t enough nowadays. Considering the ever-growing number of mobile internet users, you have to associate your business with a mobile app. Developing a car-selling app involves a few challenges, but it becomes easier if you have a team of skilled developers at your disposal. So, don’t hesitate to invest in a competent team that can build the highest quality mobile app for your needs. Here at Royex, we develop all kinds of ecommerce websites, and mobile apps at competitive prices. You can email us at or call us on +971566027916

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