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How much does it cost to build eCommerce website like

Can you remember how good the was? Yes, it was a nice eCommerce site and we all love that site. If you are an entrepreneur or planning to start a new business, you may want to wonder how to build an e-commerce website like Souq

 souq home page

First of all the was developed in a custom platform. Which is expensive to build but it gives you lots of flexibilities in terms of features. Or you can develop the using Magento Platform.


What is Magento:

Magento e-commerce platform. It gives you the skeleton of the eCommerce site, on this skeleton you need to put colorful dress ( or the looks you like).


Features of Magento:

Let me tell you some basic features, what you need from Magento to build

Multi currencies


Vendor Login Section

Auto-Delivery Module with multiple courier companies

Online Payment and other Payment Method


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How much will it cost to build eCommerce site like

There are lots of factors change the development price. But in a rough estimate, the cost of the development will be around 25K AED to 40K AED for Website.

Now if you want to build Mobile application for it. Which is possible by using Magento as admin panel and iOS and Android apps will be in native. This mobile app will cost you 35K AED to 50K AED.

You need a good platform to start the business, Magento is tested and used by thousands of companies worldwide. So our recommendation is to start your business with Magento.


Now Why will you choose Royex for your Project?

From 2013 we are serving the market and more than 50 ECommerce sites were developed by us. We understand User Experience (UX) and we love design.

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