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How much does it cost to build a car wash app?
08 Apr 2019

How much does it cost to build a car wash app?

Tend to require more start-up capital, Car washes business is now so evolving and increasing. A mobile app where you can share your car wash business is simpler to start and this can become profitable quickly.

A car wash app will let you avoid the wastage of time. In one word, it will save your time. This app development will give employment opportunities to the hidden talents of the skilled artist or professionals.


At first you need to define the modules to build a car wash app. And for this reason, you have to think from the utility perspective and align it with the service and presentation idea you have.

Here are a few ideas To Build a Car Wash App should be based on:

- Allowing users to place wash orders

- Track wash orders

- Browse various service packages and server options

- Get the payment done


- Hiring Wash Order:

A customer has the option to choose the package for which they want to opt and can place the order for wash.

- Location Service and Map:

They can use the Map and GPS system to identify the location and they can also avail the Wash service at their desired location.

- Notification:

It has the notification system to inform the technician whenever a wash order is engaged or Void

- Tracking Wash Order:

For updating the order, customer can check the status. They can also check the received order, shipment or doner order in the washing company.

- Perusing Wash technicians:

You can find the best available technician surrounding and can get the service from the best available technician.

- SMS:

Via SMS,customer will be notified with the update news of car wash services. They will get the message for his confirmation or cancellation of any order as well for the Payment procedure.

- Quality Guarantee:

Once we get the image of a car to wash, we will understand the condition of that car then we will choose  the technician that which quality of the technician can be assured.


The most crucial part of development is the costing part. For native car wash app development, it should be taken 100 days for one platform. If you want to develop apps for iOS and Android, you have to pay around 40k to 60k. 

However, you can take both platform to use the app then it will combindly cost you 10% lesser than the sum of both. If you select your app to be built on hybrid model and go with cross-platform app development, it will take 20-25 days to built.


In this article, we have explained you “How Much Does It Cost to Build a Car Wash App”. But if you want to make this app by yourself or with single hand that is not easy. So that we need a proper team to develop this app. We, Royex Technologies will take your business to the next level. So contact at +971566027916 or mail at


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