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Hot SEO Tips and Tricks for Blogs and Website
23 Jan 2017

Hot SEO Tips and Tricks for Blogs and Website

There are many SEO companies in Dubai. SEO is an important part for your website. All company wants to improve their ranking in for SEO in Dubai. But you have to be caution be cautious in select the right SEO agency in Dubai. You can check these tips and tricks for whether the SEO company is following.

Some non-shady tips can help improve the optimization of your content and SEO is still relevant to your site to drive more traffic.

Give these 7 SEO tricks and tips a look and if you have any more, you’d like to add, please do so.

1. Building Internal Link
Building Internal Link
Linking old content to new one,  do you do it enough?
It is like creating a paper trail for Google” as you link old and new content together 

Old Content And New Content Linking 
Look for relevant articles that you have already published on your site to link when you write content on your website.  The value of the link goes up when the value of the new post goes higher.
Also, at least you’ll have at least one link back to your site when anyone does copy/republish your content.

Merging Old And New Content Together
Is linking your earlier articles to your new content a good idea? Perhaps, as SEOs and Google think of it as great to link to old articles. To consider this is just as important for your site.  Google has probably already indexed your some old items and you will have got links to it if it’s a good piece.  Think of it as if the value has gone up for quality content.

Now, you can link earlier articles to newer ones.

The process also helps Google to find it, as it gives your new article a little boost. As your content is being re-indexed by Google, the links within your posts will be followed.

Action:  Find posts you should be cross-linking by revisiting your older posts.  Think of it as an additional item on your checklist for new posts so do consider adding this as such.

2. Google Webmaster Tools To Resolve Errors
Google Webmaster Tools To Resolve Errors
Imagine when it found any issues or problems, and Google started crawling your site.
It's like saying that if you don’t fix them, it means that I’m not going to send you as much traffic as you need, as I’ve just found some problems on your site!
Of course, Google does put any errors/problems into Google Webmaster Tools; you don’t get that personal email from Google. 

3.  Review/ remove the unranked content 
Review/ remove the unranked content
So, you’ve written recently that is not ranking, what to do with that content?

Perhaps you would get a ton of links, and you could rank in Google you thought for a competitive term, but this didn’t happen as you expected.

Well, tweak the post to try to rank for different keywords, or maybe you could go back and do the needful?  Or you could link to this content to the written guest post on a high-profile site?  Or, take existing content on your website add links to it?

Action:  Review your recent posts to see what traffic they are getting on a monthly basis.  tTake some action to correct this if they are getting petite traffic.  Let’s not neglect our old ones so don’t always just think about new posts!

4.  Related Keywords Matter 
Related Keywords Matter
Ideally, when you start to get regular ongoing traffic for those keywords before try to optimize keywords while writing a blog post and.  But, you end up getting, even more, traffic for keywords that are similar to the ones you tried to rank, which typically happens.

So, related keywords in your posts matter, so it is important to consider these.  for the sake of it, I’m not talking about adding keywords. But, if they are related to your primary keyword targets, according to what Google thinks and they increase the value to your content, then consider adding these keywords.
Finding these keywords is by searching for something in Google is perhaps the best way to scroll to the bottom of the page. In the meantime, look at the related keywords.

Action:  As a part of your keyword plan, consider adding related keywords.
5.  Get help With SEO Leverage Tools 
Get help With SEO Leverage Tools
For different aspects of the optimization of your content, many tools can achieve desired results. So, having a small collection of them is all that you need to have.  I use on a regular basis so here are some examples of tools.

SEMRush – What you are ranking for, it shows the terms your competitor is ranking. Also, you can use it with keyword research, and it helps you achieve it.
Keyword Planner For Google – This is essential to review, while you want to do keyword research.  For the keywords that you are looking for, Google will give you an estimate of traffic.
Yoast SEO Plugin –  You need this plugin if you’re on WordPress.  In fact, for optimizing your Google content, it’s perhaps the best plugin.  It’s very efficient and straightforward to use.
Opensite Explorer –  To understand about the proprietary website and web page ranking system, it’s important how Moz implements it.  Out of 100s of domain authority rankings, your site is ranked, and your pages are ranked accordingly. When trying to compete against other locations, you can consider it just as the tool shows you the available data.
Moz Toolbar – The toolbar adds the domain and page authority onto each search result, once you do a Google search.  Consider using two browsers: one that has Moz toolbar installed while the other for regular searching. When doing your SEO work, you should consider using this one.
Ahrefs – For analyzing the link profiles of our site, I use this for mainly our competitors’ sites.

6. Making Strategic Guest Posts
Making Strategic Guest Posts
getting some traffic on a post that is ranking well, you want to keep topping up with new links, and this may be that post.

Tou may push it up the search results if it’s not currently in the number one position. But, the new links to the post will help it maintain its standing in Google search results.
Making guest posts can be an effective way of doing this.  The developed content you have should include a link if you want to promote effectively, write an article that is relevant to the purpose. Additionally, it will help with the ranking of the post, since this helps drive traffic to the post. Because you’ll get away with adding the link, it should be relevant and add value to the guest posts you’ve just published.
Action:  Notice the way I’m linking to internal articles, and read this post on Guest Posting.

7. Develop lengthy Content 
Develop lengthy Content
This is all about Optimizing content for SEO? If yes, then why write content that is lengthy?
Its about developing super high-quality short articles, if you can, then start writing.  But, to provide a lot of value in a short article, it can be tough at times. So they don’t expect these links to be shared by many.  Without these, ranking for this content is difficult as you won’t stand much of a chance for that.
Fantastic Andy Crestodina shared a post on the length of blog posts, tweets, Facebook updates, etc. The content length on average for search results, as he presented, should make it to the top 10 articles.
Most of these are around 2,000 words at best, as you can see in the table below.
Google top search results in favor content that is longer

Keep in mind that your SEO tips cannot scam Google.  Similarly, over-optimizing your content is not the way to get better ranking. But some you must do some content optimization to get better results.
The starting point to quality content is to keep it optimized. But, on any site, never, ever deliver any low-quality content. Lastly, always check the domain ranking of the site you are developing quality content. Developing long content posts will get you the best SEO results.

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