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Google I/O 2019: Top 10 announcements you need to know!

Google I/O is an annual developer conference where Google announces new hardware, software, and various updates for its existing apps and services. 

To see what’s coming up at Google I/O, check out the list at a glance. We have also uploaded a youtube video based on this  Google I/O 2019.

Top 10 announcements :

1. Google Go picks up Google Lens integration

- Google Go is getting Google Lens integration.

- You can point your camera at a piece of text and Lens will start reading it out loud.

- You may find this feature with 14 languages at launch.

- There's also a live translation feature that basically works on-device.

2. The next Google Assistant will be ten times faster on phones

- The Assistant now runs locally on your phone for a zero latency speed increase.

- Continued Conversations coming to phones for more natural conversations.

- Timers you set with the Assistant on displays and speakers can be stopped by just saying "stop".

- Waze is getting Google Assistant integration.

3. You don't have to say "OK Google" to stop timers or alarms on Google Home anymore

If you set a timer or alarm on a Google Home or Google Assistant-powered smart speaker/display in an English-speaking locale, starting today, when your timer ends, you'll be able to dismiss it simply by saying "Stop." No need to shout OK Google first.

4. Google's making phones more accessible to people with speech and hearing impairments

- Live Caption offers on-device live captioning for videos of all kind.

- Live Relay allows people with speech disabilities to have phone calls using the Google Assistant.

- Project Euphonia from Google AI is being created to help people with speech impairments to communicate faster and easier than ever before.

5. Android Q is getting rid of the back button for a side-swipe gesture

The back button is being retired with Android Q as Google goes all-in on gestures.

6. See all the phones getting Beta 3

Google is once again expanding its beta program, with phones from 13 OEMs now on the list.

7. Android Q is (finally) getting Dark Theme

Once upon a time, Android was dark and beautiful, and now, it will be again.

8. Everything you need to know Google Pixel 3a

Enter the Pixel 3a and 3a XL. With these two phones, Google aims to offer the same core experience found on its Pixel 3 phones but with much lower prices thanks to cheaper materials and specs.

9. AR navigation in Google Maps is rolling out to Pixel phones

- AR navigation is rolling out for walking directions in Google Maps

- Previously saw this feature previewed at last year's I/O keynote

- Feature will be available on Google Pixel phones starting today

10. Nest Hub Max smart display unveiled

Nest Hub Max smart display unveiled with a 10-inch screen and built-in camera. Google also renamed the Google Home Hub as "Nest Hub".


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