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Google BERT Update - What Every Dubai or UAE website owner needs to know

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Google BERT

As we all know google announced BERT updated on October 24, 2019, As an SEO company in dubai we want to aware our dubai and uae based website owner to get the better performance online to make their business more successful. That’s why today we are going to discuss about BERT updated.

So, All the talk in the SEO arena is about Google’s recently announced BERT update. Like the other Google Algorithm updates, there is a fair bit of confusion among SEOs about the impact of what Google calls its most significant update since the last five years.

The official announcement of Google says the BERT algorithm is a neural network-based technique for natural language processing. Sounds confusing, right? But the concept is pretty simple.

What is Google’s BERT Algorithm?

BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations From Transformers. This open-sourced neural network-based technique for NLP pre-training was introduced last year and went through months of testing before being released. BERT has made a breakthrough in how Google processes search queries. This model is able to process words in relation to the other words in that sentence, before this, words were processed one-by-one in order. As a result, Google is able to return more relevant results for more specific search queries. The new BERT model can even understand homonyms much easier.

What is Google’s BERT Algorithm?

Google laid out a few examples in their announcement:

Example 1:

In this example, Google shows how the search results change when interpreting when a user is looking for information about traveling to the US vs. from the US.

Example 1:

Example 2:

In this example, Google previously identified the word “stand” and matched it with “stand-alone” which was the incorrect version of the word for this query.

Instead, the searcher is focused on the physical demands of the job, so with Google BERT, Google interprets the query more accurately.

Example 2:

As you can see, the results change based on a better interpretation of what the searcher is actually looking for.

How Does BERT Impact SEO?

It’s important to understand that BERT analyzes search queries, not the content on a page.

So, while there’s not much you can do to optimize for BERT directly, it does mean you should double-down on your efforts to create relevant, quality content.

As Google gets better at understanding natural language and eliciting the actual meaning and context behind its many search queries, it will also get better at finding the pages that best fit those queries.

That means that poorly-written, thin content likely won’t fit the bill.

Instead, focus on creating content geared towards the actual questions your audience is asking.

Marketers can also gain a leg up by incorporating dedicated FAQ sections, focused not just on keyword density but quality answers.

As far as featured snippets, marking up pages with FAQ, How-to, and Q&A schema is recommended for increasing your page’s likelihood of being picked up by BERT.

As a website owner or marketer, all you can do is double down on understanding your target audience:

● How are they searching for information on Google? How do they phrase their questions and queries?

● Create content that provides that information and answers their questions.

● Write that content in a way that is clear and understandable to your human readers using natural language.

Also of note, keep in mind that because featured snippets are picked up quite often in voice search results, the introduction of BERT will likely have a big effect on voice search as well.

Did BERT Algorithm Update Affect Your Website?

If you see an organic traffic decline after October 20th, especially with regards to featured snippets and voice search, there is a high chance that you were hit by the BERT update. Since this update is more content-focused, there is very little chance that making technical improvements on the site can help in improving the rankings.

The focus here must be to improve the content quality based on the intent of the users. This brings the audience mapping a focus area once again in SEO. The content created for a website must qualify for its target audience and thus the presentation of the content and the style will now start playing a significant role in SEO.

We recommend not indulging in quick fixes for traffic gain. The rollout is not yet complete (as of 26-10-2019) and there are chances that the traffic may improve after the complete roll out.

Some tips for Dubai, UAE website owner to recover from BERT Algorithm Update?

BERT Algorithm update is purely based on content. Improving the content quality is the only way to tackle the current crisis. Here is an initial tip to strategies the recovery process.

Step 1: Identify the keywords that lost SERP rankings after October 20th

Step 2: Filter the ones that were ranking for Featured Snippets

Step 3: Manually check who outranked your website in Featured Snippets and Search

Step 4: Do a content gap audit of your site against the competitor’s

Step 5: Create a content plan to produce superior quality content

Can you optimize for BERT? It is unlikely. Google has told us SEOs can’t really optimize for RankBrain. But it does mean Google is getting better at understanding natural language. Just write content for users, like you always do. This is Google’s efforts at better understand the searcher’s query and matching it better to more relevant results.

Why we care. We care, not only because Google said this change is “representing the biggest leap forward in the past five years, and one of the biggest leaps forward in the history of Search.”

But also because 10% of all queries have been impacted by this update. That is a big change. We did see unconfirmed reports of algorithm updates mid-week and earlier this week, which may be related to this change.

We’d recommend you check to see your search traffic changes sometime next week and see how much your site was impacted by this change. If it was, drill deeper into which landing pages were impacted and for which queries. You may notice that those pages didn’t convert and the search traffic Google sent those pages didn’t end up actually being useful.

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