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Facebook Marketing Tips for an eCommerce business to Boost Sales

Have you tried Facebook for marketing? If so, you would know that it canbe quite beneficial and can bring you the ROI that you’ve never imagined. But, there are things that you should be aware before you could start making money through Facebook. To make things easier, here are the e-commerce marketing tips that you can use to promote your e-commerce business:

1. Publish StrikingImages Of Your Products

Though the usual recommendation is to print varying type posts, keep in mind that images are still the king. Publishing photo posts will get you about twiceas much engagement compared to other jobs.

2. Add An Action Call

Obviously,youwouldn’t want your audience to do something once you’ve made a sales call. Better not leave them to figure it out and urge them to take action now. Give them a clearresponsecallsalong guidelines on how to do it.

3. Spread Videos Of Your Product

People would rather watch a product videoinstead of seeing it in pictures – especially when given the choice of which medium would they want to see. However, if you want Facebook to show your video in the broadcast directly, upload it directly to the Facebook instead of any video hosting site. Once you’ve uploaded on the Facebook, you can freely upload it to other locations.

4. Spread your Campaigns

Though sharing your new campaign should be on top priority, many e-commerce sites tend to overlook its importance. Another tip that should go without saying is that many online business owners tend to forget the importance of sharing their promotional campaigns, especially last-minute ones on social media channels such as Facebook. One can say that thisa major reason why some people have liked your page, so don’t let them down. Whenever your planning sales campaign, spread it on Facebook and other social media platforms. After all, it only takes a few seconds, but it can bring you some customers.

5. Spread The Word On Your New Products

You may have seen that some like your page because theyare more interested in coupons and sales announcements. Though their importance cannot be denied, these are a different kind of purchasers. Then, there are those that like your page to see if there is anything new. You'll need to keep these type of customers interested so you should keep posting new product announcements and updates regularly. Make sure you don’t post updates too frequently as it may become boring and might drive them away. In case you intend to introduce one or more new productsin a quick succession, the doable thing would be that each launch does not have the same value.  For instance, each product having new colors and sizes is not a new launch, rather just an incremental update on an existing product.

6. Pick Busy Time For Posting

Some researchers showthat more people are like to engage posts on the weekend.This approach makes sense as in theory; these customers are busy during weekdays, so that compensate this by liking products when they have time.

7. Keep Your Content Optimized

Before launching your product, make sure to see how many of your customers are active on the Facebook. Instead of assuming, better see the facts by yourself.Despite the fact that your product is meantfor men, their relatives such as wife, girlfriend or even kids mayrefer them the product.

8. Brand

It is high time for you to shine. The Facebook is your best platform for you to show off your brand and its capabilities to the world. Add fun and personality to your brand and make people have fun with it. Make sure not to get carried away while you are at it.

These tips will give your product the required publicity and boost your sales as a result. Marketing is an ongoing process and it never actually stops. It does improvise a lot and makes room for itself. However, marketing does need a proper direction, without which, your efforts may end up as a waste. There will always be enough room for improvement on how to market your product to the world.

Social media is the most shared and trendy medium to market products these days. Why not utilize it and make the most out of a free platform? Never be afraid of trying new stuff. As there are many ecommerce platforms which provide the features of theFacebook store. If you are looking for e-commercewebsite with theFacebook store, you can check out woops ecommerce management system.


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