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Examples of Progressive Web Apps

What is a Progressive Web App?

A PWA, a kind of application software, consist of various web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. Functions of Progressive web applications are to enable building user experiences, work offline and push notifications. This kind of software cannot be installed by digital distribution systems e.g. Google Play.

What is a Progressive Web App?

Today performance is the only way to achieve one’s goals in the world of technology. To have a better performance, PWAs as a new standard is being utilized by various websites. They are bringing high-level performance through the enhancement of progressive web app with abilities of engaging, reliability and fastness. As PWAs are different from usual responsive sites and the concept is not very much known to most people, it is suggested to have a look at certain best examples through different industries.

Why Build a Progressive Web App?

There is a number of reasons to build a progressive web app. It is incredibly advantageous i.e. it is reliable, consistent and gives pleasure to the users.

 Worthy of being on the home screen

The progressive web app provides its users to add it to their home screen.

 Work reliably, no matter the network conditions

Konga was enabled by service workers that they can send 63% lesser data for page loads. It enabled service workers to use 84% lesser data to complete their first transaction.

 Increased engagement

PWA enables a feature like push notification which increases user engagement 4 times more on EXTRA Electronics’ website. Users can spend time doubled than before on the sites.

 Improved conversions

after developing Ali express PWA, they noticed a 104% increase in the conversions for new users on all modern web browsers. Also, they noticed conversions increased by 82% on Ali express.



For a web ordering system, Starbucks developed a progressive web which offers a user-friendly environment to their online customers and is also able to work offline. In its offline mode, it permits the users to check the menu, make changes in their orders as well as to add items to their carts.

PWA is very beneficial as it is accessible offline to the customers especially those who live in a rural area where network connections are less reliable and stable. Starbucks has achieved very fine results after launching PWA ordering. Starbucks’ PWA is much smaller in size than its native app. After developing their PWA they noticed that the number of users placing orders day by day.


HOUSING.COM is India’s one of largest reel state platform. Their website receives over 50 million visitors on its website every year. noticed that slow load time is effecting, that a small improvement can change their conversion rate. Also, most of the users on their website is using 2g or 3g network services and having low-end devices many of which are not compatible with it. So, for providing users with more fast and reliable services, the company developed its PWA. The PWA developed is a very fast and reliable web experience for users. Also, got success in re-engaging a number of users in numerous ways. With their Progressive web application, now users can easily find what they want. Also, they can browse offline. After building PWA, found a 38% increase in their conversion rate and noticed that the bounce rate is decreased by about 40%.



Digikala is one of the popular e-commerce platform, where people can buy many electrical and other goods online. The digital store builds their PWA to provide users with more information and reviews about their digital products. Also, they are providing fast and reliable services to their users through their PWA. People are now experiencing great experience in online shopping from them. Thus, digikala has become the biggest online platform in the Middle East. They are getting up to 90% of Iran's retail market share. Digikala’s PWA has now become the Iran's 3rd most visited platform. They are getting about 1700,000 visitors each day. After the launch of their PWA, it is growing about 200% per year regarding a number of visitors and orders.



Flipboard is one of the most leading magazine in the world. It enables people to keep up to date with all new hot topics, news and events, through one single platform. Flipboard brings news and stories of all over the world together in the form of a magazine. This magazine is based on the people’s interest in news and hot topics. On flipboard, people can follow their desired source pages. Users can also save stories, images and videos of their interest in their flipboard, magazine for sharing or to keep them for later.

Flipboard is also a prime example of a successful PWA for online news. Its PWA is providing users with fast and reliable browsing and has minimized the data usage for their users. Before the launch of its PWA, it was just a mobile application that can be used only on mobile devices. But now, after the launch of its PWA, users can use its native app on the web and is also available for its desktop users as well.


It is a modern music education software on the web from where users can learn and practice music. Their PWA makes this process of learning much easier and efficient. It allows users to learn music while reading or listening to it on any device. A device used can be either a phone or a desktop device. Also, music teachers can give modern music lectures online. Sound slice is also providing an online store where users can buy and sell lessons and transcriptions.

6. 2048 GAME:

2048 GAME:

2048 is a puzzle game that was launched in 2014 on IOS and Android as a free mobile application. This puzzle game become popular after one week of its release. About four million people downloaded this game at that time. The 2048 game was an easier and very addictive game. Like “candy crush for math geeks” which was also a popular game, the goal of this game is to match the blocks with similar numbers to eventually total of 2048. Now a PWA version of this game is also developed which is now available on people can access this game instantly from any or all modern web browsers. Its PWA version is built with so many smooth transitions and also it has an option to view full screen, so we can’t say that it’s different from its native app version. Another advantage of the PWA version of this game is that users can also play this game in offline mode too.



Make my trip is a leading travel firm and is a prime example of PWA. Make my trip has recorded about 8 million visitors on their website monthly. As in this era, people think it easy to do everything using a mobile phone. Similarly, people prefer mobile phones for booking. So they developed a PWA that is faster, reliable and is a polished mobile web experience. Developing PWA has made its conversion rate 3 times more than previously. Also, they have noticed a 160% increase in user sessions.

8. UBER:


Uber is a major example of PWA. Uber is basically a platform where users can book a ride for them. It provides users with many options to choose from like uber go, or uber business. Uber has also developed its progressive web application which allows users to book their ride even if the network is slow like a 2g network. Uber’s PWA can be accessed from all of the modern browsers. Uber’s PWA is a good solution for users on low-end devices. It means that users with the devices which are not compatible with Uber’s native app can also use it easily.


Padpiper is a directory that was built to assist students to discover housing facility and it allows landowners to easily find residents more fastly. Padpiper is supporting over 9 thousand schools. Padpiper is a Progressive web application that has verified people who want to give their free places on rent. This is also saving the time of students as they can find a place to live with a more speedy process. In this PWA students provide the address of their working place and find housing places in lesser time. This application also enables students to find their friends who are near them.



Pinterest is one of the most popular platforms where people can find and curate various images, videos, and different products. Like other popular websites, Pinterest also concentrated on their international growth and developed PWA. They found out that only a few people are converting into sign-ups or logins because of the low performance of Pinterest on mobile. So they created a new mobile web app using PWA and got very positive outcomes. They got a 40% increase in the user’s time spent on mobile web and 50% increase in ad clicks as well.



It is a smart cooking directory which provides people with personalized recipes based on the user’s requirement by learning a person’s nutrition needs and taste. It comes with a smart shopping list and grocery delivery. yummly is available on platforms like IOS and android, also it is available as a PWA. Like other native apps, it also provides features like a search engine for food and cooking recipes. Users are able to search over 1 million recipes. Users can also search by diet, allergy types, prices and much more.



Kniveksperten also developed a PWA for its online knife store. This a company which is providing people with various kinds and sixes if knives online. They developed a PWA in order to attain a very high performance of their website, even if users have a low-quality network. Now with using PWA, they are now able to provide users with a fast and reliable experience.


Gitex technology week is one of the most popular tech occasions held in the Middle East. Every year over 4500 organizations took part in this event and introduce consumers with various solutions. Also over 150,000 individuals attend this event. They also developed a PWA to manage and organize the whole event. This PWA was very helpful for both the visitors and consumers.


Khalifa University established various event apps that were developed by a company named Royex Technologies. These apps were designed for the management of guests on various events. These event apps are a perfect example of PWA.



An American magazine that is related to business names as Forbes is a huge name in the field of media. Forbes also created a Progressive web application to enhance user engagement in their magazine. By developing PWA they were able to offer information and news in accordance with the user’s choice. Also, Forbes was able to notify users by push notifications. This made their experience much more pleasant.

16. OLX:


OLX is one of the principal online classified ads platform in India and Pakistan that is offering a marketplace for local buyers and sellers. OLX acknowledged that it can be advantageous for them having a mobile app. For the purpose of delivering faster and easy services, the company decided to build a progressive web app. By developing a PWA, OLX has improved their speed as well as have made it easier.



Like other websites, twitter has also implemented PWA to enhance the mobile engagement, speed and to decrease the data usage of their users. From all over the world 2.65 billion users are active on social media, out of which 80 percent of users are mobile phone users.
Twitter desired to provide low data usage, faster and reliable services to the users, for which they built Twitter Lite. After building PWA they noticed good results in their services.


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