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Essential Features that Travel Websites Should Have
12 Oct 2016

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Essential Features that Travel Websites Should Have

A holiday is certainly one of the best things that a man can have and as a result, when it comes to holiday booking, everyone become extremely cautious. The reason is simple: no one wants to ruin it even after paying a heavy price! They are always very cautious of all the prices, offers and hidden charges that may be lurking around. So, the question is, how can you make sure that your site is the most efficient one amongst your competitors? Well, we have rounded up some features that if your site has will surely propel to the ladder of success.

Searching and Filtering Made Easy:

It should be amongst your top priorities because finding a perfect holiday package that is right for you is not a child’s play. By making use of an easy and comprehensive search and filtering menu on your site; you will help yourself by helping the customer to locate what he is looking for. In the midst of all of this, you have to make sure that you do not in any way overload visitors by keeping a long list of options in your menu.

To make it even easier, change your settings to real-time updates as the filters are modified. Providing your customer with extra efficiency regarding speed will never go in vain- you have to trust us with that!

Stunning Photography

Want to get into the minds and hearts of your customers? Then why do not you try putting incredible and breathe taking photos of destinations on your site? Putting such types of pictures make the potential customer lust for it. You would want them to imagine themselves sitting just in front of that beach by the side of their love, don’t you?

By putting as many pictures as possible, you instigate the visual senses of the visitors and compel them to come back to your site again when they are finally ready to make a booking.

But you also need to make sure that while you are doing all of this, you do not bombard your customers with pictures only. You need to strike a balance between pictures and other things on your site!

Make your Calendars a Piece of Cake:

One of the biggest problems with the holiday planning sites are their calendar which certainly is too complex for a normal person. Many sites make it extremely difficult for a person to choose between two dates. You can go a step further by giving them the option of choosing the dates and including the rates at those dates. With this, they will be able to make a comparison between different dates and choose the best package for themselves on the go!

Putting in Verified Reviews:

By including verified customer reviews especially those which can be traced to the customer’s profile, you can help in pitching your potential customer to make the move. But, you also need to make sure that the reviews are somewhat positive and are not in any way defaming you or your company’s services.

Keep it speedy

We understand that you want your site to look cool and fancy to the visitor but bogging your site with oversized images and loads of complex plugins will do very little to achieve your intended target. Since all of this contribute to poor user experience, you will find that the returning rate is considerably very poor when compared to others.

If you want to include imagery, make sure it is compressed as much as possible. At that time, you also need to ensure that your image does not get blurred or pixelated. The simpler the picture, the better experience user will get!

Make booking travel a luxury:

The holiday of your precious customer starts with planning and if you are unable to provide them with an efficient and simple interface to do that; you surely are going to put them off. Help them to kick start their holidays in the best possible fashion by making sure that you are making their booking as smooth as possible.

Google map integration:

It can always prove to be a great idea if you put a map of the destination on your site. An arresting image of the location that is shown on Google map will always help your customer in making the final move!

Simple checkout:

Make your check outs as simple as possible. After spending a lot on the previous steps, you would not want to ruin at the end or would you? Make your check out process very simple and easy so that customers are promoted to proceed with it! 

Predictive searching:

It might sound exaggerated, but travelers today are expecting speed and reliability from a travel platform, and predictive searches are a major part of the equation. Although predictive search apps will only save a few keystrokes for a tourist, this degree of simplicity is what resonates with travelers and encourages them to go back to the website for potential bookings. Particularly when viewing a travel website on a mobile application, predictive search capabilities make it easier for travelers and enhance their purchasing experience and provide comfort that a travel company operates in line with current technology expectations.

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