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Eid Gift Pack For Covid Hit Expats In The UAE
18 May 2020

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Eid Gift Pack For Covid Hit Expats In The UAE

The Covid 19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Millions of people are infected with the dangerous coronavirus and hundreds of thousands have lost their lives globally. This pandemic has impacted all sectors of life.

To maintain the infectivity, social distancing and general lockdown has been implemented in almost all the affected countries. Many businesses have been closed down and employees have been laid off. 

This has been going on for nearly 4 months now and experts predict the economic impact will be unlike anything we have seen. In these dire times, Royex Technologies has felt the need to step up and stand besides the ones affected the most. 

We have started an Eid gift package containing essentials and distribute it among the expats in the UAE who have either lost their jobs or are facing a desperate economic situation. Read below to find out about our initiative.


The Impact of Covid in the UAE

The UAE got hit hard by the coronavirus. At the time of writing this piece, there are 23,358 cases and 220 deaths  in the country. Many employees have lost jobs during this lockdown and it has been hard for them to survive without a source of income.

The living expenses in the UAE is quite high and for the expat workers, this period of lockdown has been nothing short of a nightmare. They are unable to meet their expenses, nor are they able to return to their countries.

Just in the aviation industry alone, 400,000 jobs could be lost due to the covid-19 situation. With thousands of expats suffering in the UAE, we felt the social responsibility to stand beside them and help with whatever we can.


Eid gift pack campaign for expats in the UAE

As mentioned above, our campaign is targeted towards the covid hit expats residing in the UAE. We will be distributing our Eid gift pack starting from 19th May, and  continuing on 20th and 21st May.

Our Eid gift pack will contain essential items for Eid such as Biryani rice, lentils, cooking oil, milk, sugar, potatoes, onion, dates, and vermicelli. We will distribute 200 packets during these three days.

There’s enough food items to last 7 days in each gift pack. We hope our small effort will bring a positive impact on their lives and make their livelihood better during these testing times. It is after all, our moral obligation to take care of the ones in need.

We hope to bring relief to the expatriate community of the UAE during the blessed month of Ramadan and pray that together we are able to overcome covid and restore our normal lives. If you know any expats in need of Food boxes, send a WhatsApp message on 0522057177.

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