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Ecommerce Trends That Will Shape The Ecommerce Industry In 2022
28 Dec 2021

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Ecommerce Trends That Will Shape The Ecommerce Industry In 2022

E-commerce is an emerging and evolving industry. Ecommerce is booming since the pandemic and made new pathways to businesses.  The opportunities for the business are huge and the dependency on online shopping is escalating which made ecommerce a big hit in recent years and will be more in coming years too. 

E-Commerce is now mainstream and the future is very bright. All the latest technologies, automation, and machine learning are going to make the e-commerce business cheaper but the sales will be towering. The UAE and Dubai have become a hub for ecommerce. The dependency on online shopping increased with the pandemic. From the reports, the apparel and footwear ecommerce category has the highest shares. The electronics and food and drink category also have dominant shares in the ecommerce industry.

For success in this industry, the ecommerce trends for 2022 that will dominate the industry are below: 


Virtual reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and Augmented Reality

The ecommerce industry gives a wide way to virtual reality tools, which mainly is Augmented Reality (AR). Some of the shopping needs more contextual information. For clothing in e-commerce, the virtual try-on is going to be one of the best trends. The customers always wanted to try-on in shops, now the way has developed that the mannequin can wear virtually and they can check whether it matches for them. So the AR will help the shoppers know what to buy and whether their product is good for them. This opens opportunities not only for clothing but also for eyeglasses, makeup, and many accessories. 

The home furniture and decors sales in ecommerce in recent years and virtual reality role will help the sales hike. The customers can check whether the couches look good in the living room or the home decor suits the place where they want to place them. Any try-on with the products with the mobile or their laptop live video with the product will help them.

Then with AI and machine learning, we can understand the shopping habits of the customers with the history of shopping. The website can be customized according to the needs of the shopper. Machine learning assists in cross-selling and upselling. The AR helps also with the online shopping route live, which helps where the desired product is placed.

Virtual tools are going to be one big trend in the ecommerce industry with improved and developed shopping experiences.


Voice search

Voice search

Voice command speakers, the smart speakers are going to take over the households. Food ordering and any shopping can be done over voice commands. The voice search helps to create opportunities for ecommerce in terms of keyboard and content. More involvement of voice command speakers, will ease the shopping and help the ecommerce business grow. With over voice commands the keywords can help the customers to filter the products for them to buy.

The review of the product is one main factor when any customer is going to buy a product. The questions about the product can be asked to voice assistants and help users with answers.

The main importance of voice search is time-saving. The voice search helps to communicate faster and helps to find the product easily. The voice commands also help the AI and machine learning with passing for the commands for the customized shopping. Voice search is one best trend in the coming year as you can shop anything while doing any other tasks like driving or cooking.

Renewable and sustainable shopping

Renewable and sustainable shopping

The shopping must be environmentally friendly, this means the customers are now conscious to buy the products that are completely environmentally friendly. They are not just buzzwords and mostly in the fashion industry users need that it doesn't have any impact on the environment. Many businesses started going paperless, eco-packaging, and many more methods.  More green practices will be adopted by businesses in ecommerce in the coming year and will help the customers to buy eco-friendly products.

In the coming years, there will be green e-commerce that has no negative impact on the environment. Such businesses tend to grow more as people will be more interested. The packing, delivery all must go green and not only that products must be also eco friendly. 

B2B ecommerce transactions

B2B ecommerce transactions

Business to business is a huge segment in ecommerce. A more automated system will be enabled in the coming years. The selection of the payment methods is vital. An easy payment system does not only makes payment methods easy but also improves the customer experience. 

The contextual real-time pricing helps the suppliers to modify and adjust prices. Sales models based on subscription methods. Turning products and services into subscriptions makes the customers with any products for months and years. 

It's common for B2B companies to want to grant credit to certain customer types based on their past purchase history and customer lifetime value. To be able to differentiate between different customers and enable or disable such options is essential.


Social commerce 

Social commerce

Social media is starting to change shopping methods. Each type of marketing plan is unique. A social shopping campaign for athleisure is going to differ greatly from a campaign for electronics. Every brand can use influencers, consumer calls to action, and user-generated content to its advantage. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc social platforms are helping the brands leverage social commerce. Businesses aiming to market to younger generations should know that nearly half of them have made at least one purchase online already. A recent survey found that 55.5% of consumers aged 18-24 and 48.7% of consumers aged 25-34 made at least one purchase on social media in 2021. 

Social media provides a stage for small-scale as well as medium-scale businesses to start shopping and sell through it. The pandemic has set a pathway for many entrepreneurs to start through social media commerce selling and helped to save a lot of money and helped businesses to grow.   

These trends and several in the coming year are going to change ecommerce. The technology advancement helps not only the great customer journey but also a great brand experience. The perfect and safe way is getting closer to customers and business which change the experience in ecommerce. 


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