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Ecommerce SEO : Questions to Ask to Improve Online Ecommerce Store Ranking

Though not too different for e-commerce stores, the Organic search traffic is typically the largest referral source for every website.Since they perceive them to be more genuine and trustworthy, consumers prefer organic results. However, organic search has its share of issues. For instance, many organic searches don’t always provide searchers the type of searches and results that they are looking. There is an exception, however, that unless your website has an internal SEO strategy behind it, it may need to assess content, technical and structural aspects.

You can create an intentional SEO strategy and take advantage of this high volume and quality traffic source by addressing some key on-site technical, structural and content items.

Here are some questions that you shouldask yourself before starting to optimize the performance of your organic search.

1. Have you set the measurement and tracking tools in place?

As a website owner, implementing the Google Search and the Bing Webmaster Tools on your site. Doing so will let you measure and monitoron-site engagement and organic traffic.

Google Analytics provides you to dig into organic search performance and a broader look at web traffic trends.It also lets you analyze landing page performance,  analyzes organic keyword, monitor into backlinks, recognizes issues related to mobile user friendliness, test structured data, submit your sitemap and keep an eye on other technical and structural items. You can also identify other errors such as Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools.

2. Have you ChosenThe Keywords?

Choosing pertinent keywords is an important part of promoting your business. A little look around the internet will tell you the importance of the content. It is the content that plays a pivotal role in improving the organic search performance of your website. Also, using keyword variations will let you have very highlevels of search volume and reduce the competition. Make sure you use a lot of keyword variations to improve the search results of your website.

3. Is Having A Unique Title A Must?

Each page must have a distinctive title that should be between 60 to 70 characters long. Use topmost keywords to create unique page titles for your homepage, pages,for theproduct category and other pages. Almost all e-commerce sites may contain hundreds of products, which makes it difficult to write keyword rich titles. You can address the issue of product page titles by turning the product name as the page title.

4. Should Every Page Contain An Innovative Metal?

Metals are instrumental to any web page and can play a pivotal role in bringing a lot of traffic to your website. You can say that these descriptions are a summary of your site. Each storyis followed by a brief but concise call to action.

You can use a particular description of your product for each page. Most e-commerce sites prefer to utilize the exact description as provided by themanufacturerfor explaining every single product. Though this can be an efficient method for ensuringbetter searches, everyproduct is having relevant content can give rise to issues such as duplication of the content. In case you have thousands of products to cover, keeping quality content for each product can be quite difficult. To address this situation, you must start writing the content for your top of the line product that is getting your site more organic traffic. Once done, start writing for those that are less popular and so on. Doing so will save you plenty of time.

5. Ensure You Don’t Block Traffic Unnecessarily

Keep a thorough check on your pages and make sure to single out the pages that don’t bring significant numbers of organic traffic. For this purpose, keep checkingyour landing pages, pages with Tank you tab, among other pages. You can also disallow search engines from crawling orindexing pages, just add a Robots.txt file to the description. Moreover, you can also add the disallow directives to the Robots.txt file to indicate your website is not yet ready for indexing and crawling. Once done, add the file to your server.

6. Are There Any Relevant Keywords In Your URL?

You an Includekeywords in your URLs to help improve your page’s organic visibility. Doing so is especially important for pages including mainand subcategories.

Even more relevantis to ensure that the URLsfollow a familiar structure. For instance, a URL meant for men’s pair of badminton shoes should look like this:

Doing so will helporganize your site in easy to scroll and search categories for faster and smoother navigation and indexing. Moreover, adding the sitelinks to your website will also help.

7. How Aboutdo Product Pages have Reviews?

Think of your visitors are educated people and looking for a quality product that could fulfill their requirement. Due to this, adding positive reviews on your product pages should help your readers make an educated decision on purchasing a product from your website. Additionally, it will also add original and quality content to your product page, automatically fulfilling the need for content for increased organic visibility. Also, adding a schema for product reviewmay provide your pagesstar ratings included in search results.

8. Is Your Site Fast Enough?

The less time your site takes to load the entire content, the faster it is considered. Loading time is an integral factor that helps to improve the user experience along with visibility in the search engine. Sites that takes a long time to load are rated poorly by users and search engines alike.Another drawback of a slow loading site is that the search engine might rank in the category of low-quality websites. Doing so will result in less organic traffic and low visibility of your website in different search engines. Emphasize your web developers to make a quality website that loads data faster and is easy to navigate and surf.

9. Can Mobile Users Browse Through Your Website?

If yours can be viewed from a mobile phone, the search engines will not hesitate in ranking yourwebsite highly. It will earn a tag for being a Mobile Friendly site on mobile search results will earn an instant boost in search engineranking. The search engines also reward sites that are mobile friendly. Test how mobile friendly your site. If your site is responsive as some of the highly ranked sites are, it should pass the loading test without any issues. If it doesn’t fare as well as it should, you must immediately start making necessary improvements.

By asking these questions yourself, most common issues can be addressed in no time. All you need to do is to keep your e-commerce site maintained. Just work your way through improving user experience, loading time and improved navigation and you'll get plenty of organic traffic on your site.

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