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17 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to follow in 2020
03 Feb 2020

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17 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to follow in 2020

What should a marketer think of the leading trends when it comes to digital marketing? We, as a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai, think it is a simple formula. A top notch content speaks volumes to its readers in limited words and any digital medium that appeals to your audience will secure your brand on the top of the list. The world is now better connected thanks to technology. It has become easier to bridge the gaps in between people regardless of their country or background. The doors to many more opportunities are now open only because we are linked to one another on a very large scale. This aids in generating better promoting options and advertising plans to reach a bigger mass exclusively via digital marketing and the strategies used for digital marketing in 2020.

As we all know how rapidly the use of the internet has taken over the globe, every investor has shifted gears in to becoming more digitally modernized for better chances at ROI. Since the internet is a vast platform where millions of users approach for their marketing, Google and Facebook has to constantly bring alterations to their algorithms to maintain high quality data at the top, and to do so, digital marketing agencies have to keep up with and are forced to find new ways of making of branding. Some of the commonly used strategies include making use of social websites, marketing automation, PPC, various ways to optimize themselves on the search engines.

As one of the leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, we, understand your concerns in this regard where you may worry of all the various digital marketing trends of 2020 and how to go about building your ideas, therefore, we are here to help you effectively optimize your branding strategies. You may request a free proposal from us today. We look forward to seeing some of the most effective tools of digital marketing trends in 2020 as we enter a new decade ,hence, we list down for you 17 trends you need to dig in to better understand the nature of the trends that will become the trendiest in 2020.

Interactive Content:

Interactive Content

A large number of online buyer is in search of content they can easily correspond to, this number can be as high as 91% of the total online buyers trying to look for brands that can speak to them. A number of strategies have been already proposed by various sites such as creating polls, 360 degree videos are of new interests to the buyers, posts that can be instantly shopped, quizzes, AR/VR. In short, any content that can grab your buyer’s attention into buying your product is immensely useful. A number of reasons to play an important role as to why we might see interactive content as the top trend in digital marketing in 2020:

○ It effortlessly manipulates your buyers into buying your brand because of the catchy ways of promotion.

It keeps your visitors for a longer time on your website.

It becomes fun to share your content, hence, increasing the number of shares would mean more awareness.

○ Visitors really like when they have a purpose behind interaction.

Emerging AR/VR Technology:

Emerging AR/VR Technology

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) has gained an immense popularity in the recent era of digitization. Which is why it had become imperative to count these technologies as the top trending in digital marketing in 2020 campaign. It is said that AR will take over the VR in the coming year as the leading technology, even though VR is more widely used as of today.



This includes studying the personal preferences of the consumer and directing them precisely into buying things they are looking for by analyzing what the consumer as already been purchased and popping them on their recommendations bar. Personalization has become the face of digital marketing. At this moment, only a few companies make use of these tactics such as the Amazon, and they claim to attract a larger business using this strategy. We can undoubtedly say that personalization has become the future of digital marketing and would keep growing as the top trends in 2020.

Consumer Behaviour and Changing Lifestyles:

Consumer Behaviour and Changing Lifestyles

This is mainly based on how the user likes to surf the internet. This change in lifestyle of the user has also encouraged a change in how digital marketing works. In this era of smartphones, where people would like quick actions such as similar results as of the product they are looking for, being able to download the content in their phones, easy searching, using voice search or image search for better results, it is rather important for the purpose of digital marketing that those agencies keep on their toes and cater the modernized browsing methods of the users. A big example here is of Alexa, that has made browsing even more fun for the user. The ease of the use of this technology has made it widely known and has brought an opportunity for digital marketers, as buyers would browse your website for the sake of its feasibility. It is regarded as the IoT- Internet of Things.

New Customer's Behaviour:

New Customer's Behaviour

All digital marketing teams should strive to keep increasing the number do their customers and this can only be achieved be constantly attracting in more customers in addition to he existing ones. This can be made possible by a number of factors that will help these agencies sustain their numbers when digital marketing in 2020 and many years to come:

○ digital marketing can be enlarged by including social media influencers. A study shows that almost 86% of women will take to social media platform first before putting their trust in any brand and take suggestions from people who have already used the same brand. It is very crucial for the marketing brands to be loyal and truthful to their customers only then would they receive genuine and positive reviews which will certainly pull more customers when the ones already using it give a positive feedback.

○ secondly, video guidance is an utmost necessity when it comes to marketing. Brands need to understand that a video explaining the product and its uses attracts users like no other means. People actually want to know details about the product and today with such an extensive use of the internet people tend to search for the products before buying so it is naturally expected of the brands to have maximum videos on their products so people can take guidance in to buying their brand and also to trust them. This also shows a good level of expertise of the brand when they come up with such useful videos. It definitely is fruitful in the long run for the brand.



It has become a key in gaining trust of the customers. And will continue to produce customers for the brands, if done right. The more a company is transparent the more likely for them to sustain long-term customers. People believe in marketing where marketers live up to what they sell and say. Nobody wants to buy products from companies who have hidden agendas. Your goal should to aim towards customer satisfaction and this can be warned following the 2018 GDPR policy that urges companies to store customer data in a very transparent manner. And it will only benefit the company the more they become transparent in customer data sharing in order to promote their products. A few main points should be able to enhance the digital marketing trends in 2020:

○ Make sure to open up to your customers, let them know what they are dealing with

Make them believe that customer satisfaction is their principle and that selling their products is not their only goal

Make sure to professionally respond to criticism by the customers only to build a positive image by embracing the faults and suggestions coming to you by your customer

○ Be friendly and prompt when responding to people’s concerns because customers might have a lot of questions asking for details of your products

○ Take measures to clear our your main values to your customers

○ It will be beneficial for marketing if a community platform is provided for customers to have their say about your brand. Give them the liberty to be truthful to you.



It is said and is true that the content is the king when digital marketing is in the question. The algorithms of the search engines never stay the same. A significant effect on these algorithms are made by optimizing the search engines with the right content to aim exactly at what might a customer be searching for. A customer is contented when they find in the results what they are looking for. Therefore, Google algorithms always need to be changing to keep the best results on the top.

Voice Powered Speech:

Voice Search

The voice search feature has revolutionized how people surf the internet. Google, Alexa and Siri are few of the most common and very popular voice searches around the globe. The ease of searching via these mediums has saved time for people, That's why more and more people are opting for voice assistants every day as they do what they are commanded. They search, read aloud, follow commands for its user.

This means, digital marketing has to constantly keep up and produce SEO content that is smartphone-friendly, even more in the future as the number of customers using voice searches in the future will increase as well. We can tell from a research that 31% of the users use smartphones, while they use Siri at least once a week, and these numbers only tend to grow at a very high pace, and are expected to go as high as 50% of all searches would become voice activated. A few key points can really help optimize power search in digital marketing and help grow in this region, such as:

○ Understanding the language your customers use. It is mandatory for the digital marketers to catch what the customer might say when using a voice activated search, and in order to result on top of the search, your marketing methods must include conversational, like keywords, that is, longer keywords, as a user tends to speak a sentence with a few more words plus keywords in their speech rather than using exact keywords when they manually search in the search bar.

○ You need to make sure you are conversational when creating your voice activated search results. Always be grammatically correct and use complete sentences rather than your keywords to engage your customers in better search results.

○ Another method to make your users easily engage with your content is to answer questions your customers might frequently ask about your brand. Give detailed answers so your customers are better able to understand and relate to what your product is and what your website is precisely about.

Retain your Customers:

Brands do understand why it is obligatory to have a number of loyal customers exist in a good number. It is because people who use your website and are old customers of your brand would always and highly recommend your products to their friends and family. They would always speak well for your products and would always have a positive feedback.
On the other hand, it is shown how it is easier to retain your old customer which costs comparatively lesser than when making new ones. This is because brands can keep track of what the recent purchases of the customers were and channel to them related searches and recommendations than to channel what a new a customer might like. This means happy customers and happy you.

Video Marketing:

In recent years, video marketing has taken over the social media. Marketers have increasingly used videos to market their brands. Facebook and Instagram platforms results in higher numbers where customers watch your video content three times longer than what they would live on your website. This is because an introduction in such social links is more common than people hearing about your brand as a website. Since people use these websites more than any other, it is a good option to have these websites also advertise your brands. In addition to this, influencers and bloggers do give an authentic connection of your products to their audience. This means a newer and bigger audience would be introduced to your brand via the video content you created.

Social Messaging Apps:

Social Messaging Apps

The social messaging apps mainly WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat have become the ground of data sharing amongst your customers where mere chatting is no more to the purpose. Brands are easily able to better interact with their customers and share information about their brand always be available to answer whatever questions your customer might have. It has been estimated that over a 10 billion messages have been exchanged in between the businesses and their customers on Facebook Messenger app alone.

We would see an increasing number in 2020 of these digital marketing trends. Due to the fact that people find it easier to interact with brands in these sites, it is taking over the use websites and email to interact with their sellers. It is also easier for people to pay via these messaging apps. WeChat has already made it easier for their customer to pay via their app, other mediums including Venmo and PayPal have become people’s habitual sites for making payments. And we would only see these numbers grow in 2020. Here are a couple of ways to make progress on these social messaging websites:

○ Maintain a relationship with your customer on these messaging apps, people like to interact with private messages than to take to your websites to contact you

○ Increase your sales by engaging more with your customer

○ Hold events and invite your customers

○ Support your customers and their concerns

○ Answer any query your customer might have read your product, and be friendly

○ Retain your existing customers.



This marketing trend is very handy for a lot companies. This provides instant support to your customers. The chatbot software is an easy way to interact and communicate live with users and is highly appreciable amongst customers to have instant answers to their questions.

○ It tends to save time, customers are able to get quick answers in comparison to humans answering their question which means there is no delay in customer decision making and they might end up buying products from your site.

○ Customer satisfaction is easily achieved as they are satisfied in getting prompt answers from the chatbot

○ Artificial intelligence is now making your customers more interested in your brand, because of its ability in making quick complex decisions without being judgmental or biased when people want answers on their fingertips.

This trend in 2020 will only continue to progress and aid to make your website more customer-friendly and more efficient in the new era.

Shoppable Posts:

It has been researched that at least 60% Instagram users find new products on this platforms, while a big 70% of users are able to discover new products on Pinterest. The benefit from these platforms has effortlessly introduced new methods to direct your customer to your products. One of the uncomplicated way is tagging. This introduces a new customer to your business.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer Marketing

Influencers have audiences who have trust in them. They do what the influencers suggest, and what the influencers forbids. This is why it is important to have an influencer become your voice. It can prove to be very beneficial for digital marketing as a bigger and newer audience could be addressed and render them towards your business. It has been studied that marketers who have influencers to aid in their branding, see for up to 11x increase in the ROI than other usual methods of marketing. And the trick behind this strategy is to target the influencer whose audience could be your potential customers and sponsor them so that they can become your ambassadors. Just like a celebrity.

Content Marketing:

Content Marketing

Like we mentioned before. Your content is what will win you a customer. It is the best way to communicate with the customers and provide them the details they are looking for. Their time should become worth the read. Make sure you are always optimizing your content according to the search engine so your website remains on the top of search result. Nobody wants to read content that is not answering their query. So, this trend automatically is the top most trend to be followed in 2020, as well.

Page Speed:

Always focus on increasing the speed of the time it takes to load your site or else you will lose your customer if it takes a second more than 4 seconds to load your site. Just the way it has been found that 25% of surfers leave the webpage if it takes more time to load. Therefore, it becomes an absolutely essential trend to keep up with in 2020, and work on increasing the speed of the time and see how the customer turnover triples on your site.

Future Marketing Trends and Experiments:

Future Marketing Trends and Experiments
We never know when these digital marketing trends would change. Since they are always in the process of evolving. All the digital marketing agencies can do is to keep up with the trends to stay up to date with the new marketing world. At the top of the list has to be video content, especially with YouTube is becoming extensively popular. And when a content becomes viral, it takes advertisement to a whole new level and becomes the spirit of the marketing.

If we study closely, it is just the entertainment factor of video content that favors its popularity. While adding GIFs can be a cherry on the top. Hence our point proven that people need entertainment and people will be attracted to you if you offer entertainment and something to talk about.

Our of all these, what trend would you follow to attract your consumers in 2020?


Digital marketing is the invention of the decade and keeps growing and moving forward. So is expected of the digital marketing agencies, to closely monitor the trends of today and enhance their sites and content accordingly. Use all these mentioned trends in your marketing, and just like Amazon, personalize your products and become more trustworthy and gain trust amongst your customers via video marketing. Focus on building a relationship with your client which is only possible if you maintain transparency with them. There are a number of online softwares that can effortlessly asses your online activities and customer relationships.

And here at, Royex a leading Digital Marketing and SEO Agency in Dubai, we empower you and your business and boost your marketing skills to a new level. We are based in Dubai, and we work on all the strategies mentioned above to make your voice heard and brand introduced to the world of digital marketing. Our skills have always produced guaranteed results and proves to uplift the traffic on your website.

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