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Development Cost of a Real Estate App Like fam Properties

Real estate software has seen a great spike in its usage in 2021. According to data, 44% of property buyers conduct online research before making a buying decision. Surprisingly, almost 70% of home buyers have found their house through a smartphone. It's obvious that property listing mobile apps are playing a pivotal role in providing digital convenience to the users. People now prefer browsing online property portals instead of visiting the properties physically. That’s where property listing apps like fam Properties come into effect. 

Fam Properties has achieved tremendous success in the real estate industry in Dubai. If you have plans to make a similar app, we can help you with the whole development process. Your first thought may emphasize the development cost of a property listing app like fam in Dubai. Let’s start with a brief introduction to fam Properties at first. 


fam Properties: What Is It? 

fam Properties: What Is It?

fam Properties is a Dubai-based property listing app that added a great level of convenience to the real estate market in Dubai. Users can sell, buy, rent, and list their properties via this app and get access to prospective buyers/clients easily. You will get everything about real estate at your fingertips with this app. You can list properties, click pictures, upload documents, and communicate directly with buyers, sellers, and tenants. 

fam Properties app became popular because of its interactive mobile-first features that allow users to access verified and structured data consisting of information about the best apartments, commercial units, and villas in Dubai. This app is equally useful for users no matter what they intend to do- buy, sell, rent or manage their properties. fam Properties makes sure that all their users get the best deal available on the market. 


How Does fam Properties Work? 

How Does fam Properties Work?

fam Properties provides real market insights, shows property trends, offers accurate property prices, and keeps track of the construction progress in real-time. All these reports are collected from DLD (Dubai Land Department). Thus, fam ensures 100% transparency of users’ all sorts of real estate engagements. fam Properties operates mainly through the following features. 

Sell / Rent

The process is very simple. Enlist your properties, upload multiple images from different angles, provide necessary deeds and passport copies, and finally deal one-to-one with interested buyers. fam charges no commission on sales, you’ll have to pay only the 2% management fee as fam administration will supervise the entire selling or renting process on behalf of you. 


The app allows users to directly contact property owners or developers and choose the best property from thousands of suitable options. No brokerage fees are involved, and it will save you from other unnecessary expenses. Property buying has become easier, hassle-free, and stress-free with fam Properties. 

Market Insights

This feature saves both buyers and sellers from fraudulent activities. There are a plethora of options. It’s really tough to determine which one is completely trustworthy. Market insights comprise all authentic information about real estate stakeholders. Every user gets unrestricted access to this database and verifies the trustworthiness of property owners, sellers, or developers. Market insights also inform users about property supply, sales transactions, and the Dubai population. It offers an effective mortgage calculator as well. 


Key Features of fam Properties 

Key Features of fam Properties

  • fam Properties deals with only the prominent developers like Meraas, Emaar, Damac, Dubai Holding, and more
  • It keeps users updated on new properties, exclusive offers, and ready projects
  • It allows users to get a 360-degree panoramic view of the properties
  • This app shows property trends based on area
  • It provides updated information about project progress
  • You can select ongoing projects and monitor them closely 
  • It can track the sold properties in your project
  • It allows users to get expert advice from fam’s experienced property consultants
  • fam Properties app comes with an interactive and accurate location map
  • It integrates WhatsApp chat, in-app call, email communication into the app
  • It allows users to run advanced searches based on their preferences
  • You can switch between currencies if needed
  • fam app displays the property sizes in square feet and square meter
  • It comes with two attractive themes- light and dark


Cost to Develop a Property Listing App Like fam Properties

Development cost of a real estate mobile app like fam Properties ranges between AED 35000 to AED 50000. Though you can’t get a generic price for all similar apps. The development cost of a property listing app depends on a few factors such as the number and nature of features, the functionality of the app, the UX and UI design elements, and the level of complexity. We can provide you an exact estimation only if you provide us with a specific set of requirements. Let’s have a glimpse at the components of a real estate app that justify the price we’ve mentioned here. 

User Panel 

  • Sign Up/ Registration
  • 3D View of the Property
  • Add to Favorites
  • Calendar
  • Interactive Map
  • Brokers’ Details
  • Contact through Email or Call
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Discussion Forums

Seller/Broker Panel 

  • Registration/ Login
  • Profile Verification
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • List View & Map View
  • View/ Manage User Profile
  • List Property for Sale & Rental
  • Subscription for Property Listings

Admin Panel 

  • Reports
  • User Management
  • Property Manager
  • Add/ Delete Property
  • Currency Converter
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Modify Subscription Packages
  • Earning Management

Apart from these features, every property listing app comes with other additional features like social sharing, image gallery, blogs, reviews and testimonials, geo-location tagging, mortgage calculator, lead management, push notifications, ERP solution, and more. You can choose only the necessary features that fit your needs. 

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