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Development Cost of a Finance Comparison App Like Yallacompare
23 Feb 2021

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Development Cost of a Finance Comparison App Like Yallacompare

Yallacompare is reshaping the digital insurance scenario in the Middle East. It was formerly known as Users can easily compare different insurance policies, bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and more and choose the perfect one as per their needs. It has become the leading comparison site in the finance industry of the MENA region. This app became popular because of its functionality and effectiveness as a one-stop solution for everything about finance in the UAE. 

With the growing popularity of mobile apps, you must associate a mobile app with your business to stand out from the crowd. If you’re planning to start a similar business like Yallcommerce, you need to develop a great app as they did. Wondering what might be the cost to develop a finance comparison app like Yallacompare? As an experienced team of mobile app developers in Dubai, we can help you get an almost accurate estimation. Keep reading to know about the development cost of a finance comparison app like Yallcompare. 


Yallacompare: What Is It? 

Yallacompare: What Is It?

Yallacompare is the number one finance comparison app in the MENA region, covering UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Oman, and Jordan. Users can compare credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, car loans, bank accounts, and insurances from a wide range of international and local financial institutions and banks. Yallacompare started its business in 2011 in the UAE. It saw a great spike in the business in 2014 when they rebranded Yallacompare and launched a new version of Since then, they expanded business in 9 countries and achieved various awards for their good work. 

If you want to apply for a loan, change your bank account, pay for an important life event, buy a new car, or select the right credit card for you, Yallacompare can help you with effective money-saving tips. Its smart search engine and advanced comparison tools can provide users with the best financial product for their needs. 


What Does Yallacompare Offer for Its Users? 

What Does Yallacompare Offer for Its Users?

How come Yallacompare is retaining its place as the leading finance comparison app in the Middle East? Let’s find out why people use Yallacompare.

  • It is completely free for all users. Users aren't charged a single penny for the data Yallacompare provides. 
  • Yallacompare allows users to find out and compare from a myriad of different financial products
  • It saves users’ time with an easy-to-use platform and simple and intuitive navigation
  • It provides unbiased information as it does not have any affiliation with a single bank
  • Yallacompare collects all data from leading banks and financial institutions. So all information is accurate, up-to-date, and credible. 
  • It enables users to make educated financial decisions by maintaining complete transparency throughout the whole process
  • Yallcompare has a highly-skilled research team that can predict future financial trends and help it respond quickly to users’ demand
  • It offers enriched resources for users so that they can understand and compare traditional financial products with Islamic ones
  • Yallacompare has an amazing collection of blogs and other educative content to educate readers and help them understand complex topics easily

Thus, Yallcompare not only focuses on achieving its business goals, but it also informs readers about different aspects of financial solutions and helps them get an insight into digital financial products. 


How Does Yallacompare Work? 

How Does Yallacompare Work?

Back in 2011, Jon Richards founded Yallacompare. But, it was not a full-fledged company then. Jon realized that there’s not adequate information in the market that can help mass people to choose a suitable financial product for them. He addressed this inefficiency and came up with an amazing solution. He started to write blogs on financial products and soon his articles gained popularity and ranked on Google for relevant phrases and keywords. Being overwhelmed by the organic traffic and visitors’ queries about bank cards and loans, Jon decided to go further with this idea. He eventually got proof that problems related to financial products existed and he wanted to give effective solutions for them. 

That’s when Yallcompare turned into a finance comparison app and banks started to reach out to Jon for collaboration opportunities. Their ability to make an impact on the financial solutions industry helped them get an investor in 3 years. Since then, there’s no looking back and now they’re operating their business in 9 countries. 

How did they achieve all this? Well, they compare different banking products and they brought insurance aggregation for the first time in the UAE. This enabled users to compare and purchase any type of insurance via their platform. 

Yallacompare generates almost 250K visitors each month. Most of them are organic traffic. This is the masterstroke that impresses big fish investors. They can successfully attract visitors and earn revenue at the same time. Besides that, they’ve made it convenient for users to find out the best deals for them with a sophisticated search engine. Now users can know about the interest rates, receivable loan amount, and necessary documents to complete the process. 

You don’t have to visit any bank or browse their websites individually to find information and wait for the banking agent to explain complex things to you. Yallacompare allows users to get the ideal deal for them with a few clicks. Compare the available offers provided by the banks and financial institutions, select a suitable product as per your needs, enter your personal details, and the concerned person from the bank will reach out to you within a short time. 

This is how Yallacompare does all the legwork and helps users choose their desirable financial products without any hassle. In the process, they also earn a substantial amount of money to run their business. Yallacompare generates revenues in mainly two ways. It sells insurance products through its platform and gets payment from banks by including their product for comparison. 


What Is the Development Cost of a Finance Comparison App Like Yallacomapre? 

Development cost of an app like Yallacompare will range between AED 35000 to AED 50000. It’s difficult to predict the cost to develop such an app without getting a proper list of requirements from the clients. Once you inform us what your expectations are from the app, it will become easier for us to estimate the development cost precisely. Now you may think why a simple comparison app development costs this much. Let me explain that to you. 

You will need the following sections to develop a product comparison app. Each section has several other sub-sections under its name. You should consider all these points when estimating your development cost. 

Admin Panel 

  • Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Product Management
  • Service Module
  • Notification Module
  • Report Generation
  • Revenue Management

User Panel 

  • Sign-up/ Log In
  • Social Media
  • Account Verification
  • Browse Items
  • Product Listing
  • Product Detailing
  • Product Selection

Retailer Panel 

  • Product Uploads
  • Product Feed Submission
  • In-app Communication
  • Online Support
  • Information Updates

Apart from the above-mentioned functionality, the development cost of a finance comparison app depends on the app platforms, customizations, number of screens, complexity level, and UX/UI designs. You need to employ a highly-skilled team of mobile app developers to develop an app like Yallacompare. If you’re based in Dubai, we can be of great help. Contact us for high-quality mobile app development services. 


Why Royex Technologies? 

Royex is working proudly as a leading mobile app development company in Dubai. We emphasize providing high-end mobile apps for our clients across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and around the world. We can assist you in developing user-friendly and stylish mobile apps like Yallacompare at a very competitive price. We have years of hands-on experience and a team of skilled mobile application developers in Dubai. You can mail us at or call on +971566027916 with a specific set of requirements so that we can estimate the mobile app development cost accurately. We’ll estimate the cost after analyzing the complexity of the app and the time required to complete the development process.

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