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Development cost of a Classifieds platform like Dubizzle is the leading classifieds website for users in UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Pakistan. Since its launch in 2005, has become the number one platform for users to buy, sell, or find anything in their community. dubizzle is an OLX company. OLX Group is a global online marketplace (headquartered in Amsterdam, and owned by South African media and technology group Naspers), founded in 2006 and operating in 45 countries.

For a Platform like Dubizzle, we need to develop a custom platform and make it tailor-made for Classifieds hence we can provide all necessary options and provide a wide range of content and data types and forms to choose from. And as it's a custom platform it will be developed from scratch, hence we can modify it in the way we want until we meet the requirements. For a stable, controllable, and secure system the best option is to go for a language like C# with dot net framework, as it provides the best flexibility to work in.

Dubizzle is a very successful Classifieds platform that runs in UAE and all major countries in the middle east and around the world. So imagine the data flowing through them every second of the day, especially because unlike other sites or unlike eCommerce sites, here the data flows through the customers and between the customers! As customers are posting the ads! The server should be stable, elastic, and distributed to withstand the load and data size. 


Some Features of Dubizzle which make them stand out

There was a time when people used to visit the agencies to get their advertisements posted or to write an ad. Till date, It is still the same, but the way We sell stuff and buy stuff we need has changed. Thanks to platforms like Dubizzle. it is convenient & easy to use. The good thing about dubizzle is its neat categorization, anything and everything is categorized, from houses to cars to electronics to furniture to anything! focuses on ease-of-use, simplicity and main goal is to show people what they need, hence its search works on a tag-based method, wherein any word we type will turn to a keyword and every item linked to that keyword shows up.

  • Single sign-in via any social media platforms or email to Dubizzle mobile app,and website marketplace
  • Easy Advertisement posting, System automatically classifies your product to a pre-designed category list
  • Powerful Location System
  • Option to call directly, SMS directly or chat within the app to the seller
  • Chats are encapsulated at one location for ease of use and to switch between chats
  • See read receipts and see if receiver is online or not
  • Neat Categorization
  • Easy scrolling item image gallery
  • Job Searching portal
  • Contact us
  • Huge Community
  • Service section, different services can be booked/enquired
  • Multi-Language (English & Arabic)
  • Multi-country, Multi Cities
  • Simple User Interface has a huge community following it, it is noted that online surfers in UAE spend about 40% of their time in dubizzle, that is, once they open dubizzle, they don't close it that easily. It's because it satisfies every need, there is a category for every need, there is every service you require, best of all they recently started a Job Posting and Also Jobs Wanted section where you can post your profile and interested clients will contact you! How cool is that, this is the reason Dubizzle has a good and loyal community behind them.

Dubizzle has a mobile application which is also very User-friendly and easy to use which also follows the same rules as their website

How easy is it to manage the Mobile Application?

You must be thinking now that, if there is a website and mobile application, it will be hard to manage them both, actually no, it benefits you gaining more audience and attracting your target audience, but the management is simple and is the same if you have a website or website + Mobile application!

The mobile application will be connected to the same admin panel as the website, and any update done on the panel will affect both! It's as simple as that, but of course, if you want to have a special promotion for app users, that can be done too. So my suggestion here is, if you have a plan for launching a Classifieds platform, it's better to go for an app also from the start, who doesn't love more?!

Some points to take care when developing your app

As we have learned so far that a custom platform is the best way technically for a platform like Dubizzle, because of its complexity and wide range of features, a normal CMS system will not be able to manage this platform.

So what are some things to take into account while building one?

  • Security: Security is utmost important as sensitive data and payment is included throughout the platform
  • Load Speed: No one likes a slow platform, so choose your server wisely, and optimize your website by passing all the Audits successfully.
  • Chat system: Chatting is very important in this kind of platform, and that too, one-to-one chat amongst the users, so speed and functions like read receipts and online indicators are of utmost importance.
  • Quality and Screening: As Advertisements are posted by the users, the quality of the ads and a screening of it is a must before allowing it to be displayed on the website, as these ads are the face of your website.
  • Offer something new: So what is different in your system? Give them some functionality that is unique to you, like logistics, for example, integrate a 3rd party logistics company and let them use it!


Cost of Developing a Classifieds platform like

Sincerely speaking, Developing such a huge platform is hard, and only developers who have experience in proper hardcore C#, Java, and Swift coding and/or have experience in developing a similar classifieds platform can develop such a project. The average development cost to develop a Website + Application like Dubizzle will be between AED 70,000 to AED 80,000 if you have a detailed description and requirement we can give you an exact estimate.

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