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Development cost and Working of an On Demand Service App like Helpbit

Helpbit is an on-demand Service Application and Website. Wherein A Customer can login to the Helpbit Application or Website and book for any service, be it Cleaning your House or Repairing your Phone, Helpbit has got it all!

Helpbit is a part of, and as far is Souq is considered, its the best shopping platform in the Middleeast, which was recently acquired by Amazon. has conducted a survey, wherein they revealed that the majority of the users from UAE prefers using an app over visiting a store or calling a Service provider over the phone to book a service or delivery


This Survey poll shows that 87% of users prefer tech-oriented methods on booking a service, also it shows that 70% of these users at least booked a service or delivery at least once a week and 11% of the people use them every day. So this survey shows that UAE is a big market for such applications. Helpbit partners with the best Service Providers like Circle Services, Magic Home and Primo and also partnered with Mobile Phone companies like Samsung and Oneplus, to provide good and genuine servicing, also the time required for Repairing the Mobile Phone is in less than 10minutes! Now that’s great!

What are the benefits of using an On-demand Service Application like Helpbit?

Time is the most important constraint in today’s life. So using a service application like Helpbit, we can run errands or sit back and relax while the Service Providers do the service for you.
From Cleaning your house to doing your laundries to Pest control services to even Servicing your car or Mobile Phone! Helpbit can do it all. It saves a lot of time and energy.

The Workflow of Helpbit is Simple and on point, A customer can pick a service from their lists or request for a custom job and if it is a custom job Helpbit will reply back to them with a solution, else if it is an enlisted Service, the customer can choose from various Service providers based on their Service Rate, Ratings by other customers, etc.

The Benefits the Service Providers get by joining up with Helpbit is that they don't have to market their company anymore as 100,000+ people use Helpbit and it is obvious, The Service Providers get good business through it. They just have to make sure that the service is done perfectly and on time so that they get a good rating and review which will make their rankings above the rest. Service Providers can track their services, received orders, etc through their own service provider application.

How does Helpbit Work? 

Like I said above the workflow of Helpbit is simple and on-point. Booking service will take a long time in a traditional case but with Helpbit it's as easy as posting a photo on your social media profile, it just takes 3 steps provided you have already signed up to the application.
1) Tell them your Requirement
When a customer logins to the application or Website, they are prompted to select a service from the list, or search for a service or create a custom service. There is a wide range of services available like Cleaning House, Electronic repairs, Car services, Grocery shopping, etc, etc.

Tell them your Requirement

2) Schedule and Book a professional from the list they showed to you
After service is selected, Helpbit shows all the Service Providers applicable for the selected service and their ratings and reviews. So based on the ratings, the customer can select a service provider and schedule it. During the Scheduling, we can select the number of cleaners we need (in the case of cleaning), and the number of hours you want them to work for you. And that's it.

Schedule and Book a professional from the list they showed to you

3) Make a payment or pay after the service

After the Scheduling is done, Helpbit will show a summary of the booking and we have an option to pay right then, or we have an option to pay later after the service is completed. Now that is convenience!

Make a payment or pay after the service

How does Helpbit help the Service Providers

Helpbit is a platform for the Customers to book a service and run their errands. So this platform partners with best Service Providers and give them a platform to market themselves or to rise in the market. They have to pay a very little commission to Helpbit, depending on the services they provide. Helpbit promises the following :

Reach more customers
Helpbit has a huge customer base of 100,000+ and has thousands of customers who are booking services on a daily basis.

Increases income
The services provided by the Service Providers will be listed on Helpbit app and website so they get more reach and they can provide offers and discounts, so that will boost up their performance in the market.

Customer Feedback
The service providers can get real ratings and customer reviews/feedbacks to boost the service and encourage new customers to request it. As whenever a customer books for a service and when they are prompted to select a service provider from the list, their average rating will be displayed. And after the service is over, the customer will be prompted to rate for the service.

Simple and Easy User Interface
The Service Provider can easily manage, accept and refuse the requests through Helpbit platform they have their own apps and web-based CRM too! The Service Provider Apps have the option to start the service upon arrival at the destination and end the service upon ending the service.

Simple and Easy User Interface

Some Features and Qualities of Helpbit that makes it stand out from the other Applications :

Simple UI
Helpbit has Simple and Easy to use UI, they stuck to the basics by keeping blue as their primary color. It requires less than 4 steps to book a service! Now that is as easy as it is!

Helpbit is Powered by , so Quality is never an issue, as that is the first and the foremost point on which they curate the Service Providers. They have long processing of filtering and accepting a Service Provider All applications are screened thoroughly to assure their capacity and labor clearance. The entire process may take between 2-3 weeks.

Customer Care
Helpbit have a really informative FAQ section on their website and also a vey responsive Customer Care to solve their Queries

Network and Flexibility
The Reach and Network of Helpbit are wide and they reach everywhere around UAE and KSA. They also have flexible timings, and Flexibility in Services as there are many alternatives for booking a service, they can book, or order for a custom booking. That is what any customer wants from an Application!

How much it will cost to develop an app like Helpbit?

Development cost for an app like Helpbit will be between AED 40000 to AED 50000. If you have a detailed description and requirement we can give you an exact estimate. You can contact us for more information. Royex Technologies, a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. We can help your dreams come true. We have designed and developed several Service applications as you can see in our portfolio. Meet us and tell us your idea, and we can tweak it and make it a masterpiece! 


Why Royex for Mobile Apps Development?

Our works are known for their Functionality and Design. We Deliver what is been discussed and more. We are a group of experienced and skilled software architects, engineers and developers who will give you the perfect solution for any of your ideas. Visit our Portfolio  section to know the different projects we worked on from simple websites to complex websites plus application. We set the client’s goals as our goals and set a timeline, and complete it on time. We are here to give you the best and affordable prices that match your budget for your business profit. We are one of the best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai. You can drop a mail at or call on +971566027916.