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Data Analytics Technology Trends in 2020
16 Jan 2020

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Data Analytics Technology Trends in 2020

Nowadays, Huge industries have transformed their selves by using data science and Analytics. The data analytics field has realized that individuals are adjusting the analytics to suit them instead of fitting their selves in the old form of analytics.

Data analytics technology is frequently imperfect with data science technology. Although both technologies are equal in nature. Generally, data analytics is concerned with “solving the difficult problems with the help of defined data sets” whereas data science is concerned with the development of all-new models and infrastructures via programming or coding.

Data is one of the most important parts of our daily routine. With technological advancements, we quite recently got progressively adroit at gathering and comprehending it. For a long time, the government has collected the data by using the census for calculating the population growth as well as for urban planning too. This data analytics used to take a long time to analyze, but the good thing was that it was accelerated by the invention of tabulating machines that were able to read the data via punch cards.

Top Data Analytics Trends and Predictions in 2020

The ability of data analysis is being more squeezed while discussing subjective topics like branding and recruitments. Some other intended discussions that are based on data boosting things with more complexity and polished data that was not seen before.

Since some major changes have occurred recently, let's take a look at some of the trends and predictions that we can expect to see in 2020:

1. Data Analysis Automation

One of the hottest topics nowadays. In most sectors, automation has become quite widely preferred for increasing business and productivity. By seeing all these, we have concluded that the automated Data Analysis Automation will be expected to see about 40%, in 2020.

Data Analysis Automation

As a result, it will cause the maximum rate of productivity as well as citizen data scientists having broader usage of data. Automation is very favorable in the digital world. As a result, it is now becoming a highly-favored element in businesses and large corporations as well, so there is no chance to regret Automation.

2. IoT

IoT is known as the Internet of things. This year, there are a lot of expectations to see about 20 billion active devices that will work only for collecting the data for analysis.
In large organizations where IoT devices are integrated into daily tasks, they are also use the supporting technology to run capable data analytics.

Internet of things(LOT)

As a result, there are a lot of chances to improve the IoT devices not only for getting accurate data but also for transparency too. Well, due to the lack of professionals in the field of the data science field, about 75% of companies will be able to get the benefits from IoT devices.

3. In-memory Computing

On number 3 in Top Data Analytics Trends and Predictions in 2020 is In-memory computing is also known as IMC. As the cost of the memory is decreasing day by day, so there is no doubt, that huge companies will play a main role in getting the advantages of this mainstream technology for getting better analytical results.

Generally, In-memory computing provides you a mass-memory to help in a high-performance workload. In large organizations, they do not only need higher performance CPUs but also need higher performance storages as well as a huge amount of storage.

4. This rise of Data as a Service

As we are already seeing that about 58% of organizations are providing cloud-based technologies, but we can expect that this figure can cross the 90 in 2020. There are a lot of chances that companies will generate their revenue by providing DaaS.

As a result, huge companies that cannot share the data will be able to do so. Data as a Service is making life easier by sharing data in real-time faster and easier. It will also help in improving the production process in organizations.

5. Growth of Augmented Analytics

As we are talking about Top Data Analytics Trends and Predictions in 2020, Augmented Analytics also take a space in this category. It is coming so fast. It has not only shaken the field, but also shaken the world by showing its power in combination with AI techniques. And yes, with machine learning too.

Augmented analytics

As a result, it will produce new ways of development, sharing and much more that you haven’t seen before.

With the augmented analytics market expected to expand from $8.4 billion in 2018 to around $18.4 billion worldwide by the time 2023 arrives, it is no wonder that augmented analytics are already becoming the most popular to use for business analytics.

According to the research, it is predicted that Augmented Analytics will help you in boosting the economy by almost about 100% in the future.

 6. Automatic Management Of Enterprise Content

Technology is gradually taking control over human tasks. With 95% of IMG and video content expected to be inspected by machines by 2020. The ECM market is projected to reach $59.87 billion by 2020.

Content management solutions within organizations are being changed as new technologies make these processes faster and easier with less manpower. Content Management Services inside enterprise-level companies are being changed as technologies make these procedures speedier and simpler with less labor costs.

The 95 percent of the content that machines will be reviewing is likely to never be seen by humans. Rather, the machine inspected content will give a comprehensive analysis that is better skilled in supporting companies' digital advantages.

7. The Cloud and Machine Learning

Cloud Storage has become a very well-known method of storing digital files, and with that comes new technological advancements. At present, 30% of cloud merchants are using third-party solutions as infrastructure as a service (IaaS) instead of running their very own infrastructure.

Machine Learning

This is expected that, the vendors will increase 60% by the year 2022. Furthermore, predictions for the year 2022 show that the hyper-scale cloud suppliers like Microsoft, Apple and Google will utilize cloud-based AI to easily get 20% of shares in the field of data science.

8. Conversational Analytics and Natural Language Processing

The last trend that comes in the top Data Analytics 2020 List, is Natural Language Processing (NLP). About 50% of analytical queries will be automatically generated in NLP. Any organization will be able to analyze the complex data combinations by using this user-friendly analytical platform.

A simple search option will provide the expected results or the user will be able to communicate with Virtual Assistants to easily get the information.

In Royex, we provide organizations that might want to possess their analytical solutions, be it in-house or in-cloud one. We also provide the support to the organizations that prefer relying on a reliable outsourcing partner, skip the technicalities portion and simply enjoy the insights.

Royex Technologies takes a science-first strategy to solving business problems through personal data. By combining proprietary technology and statistical consulting services, we help public and private organizations to identify, understand and connect with the people they care about, so that they can stop guessing and start using statistical evidence to make decisions. We know other people use data science and analytics as buzzwords, but Royex does not reflect a fluff, and we always deliver scalable products and technologies. If you have any inquiries please call on +971566027916 or you can drop e-mail at Check more information related to AWS cloud consulting and maintenance in Dubai or Security and Vulnerability Testing Dubai

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