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Cost to Develop an Online Shopping App Like Lulu Shopping in UAE
08 Mar 2021

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Cost to Develop an Online Shopping App Like Lulu Shopping in UAE

Smartphones have become a constant part of our lives. Our lives revolve around different usage of smartphones from making calls to shopping online, and more. Online shopping has seen a great rise in recent years in terms of consumer numbers and revenue. Entrepreneurs are coming up with more shopping app ideas, and customers are choosing ecommerce platforms over physical stores.  LuLu hypermarket is a renowned name in the retail industry of the middle east. They also introduced mobile apps across different platforms to address mobile internet users. If you also have plans to develop an online shopping app like LuLu, we can help you with the cost estimation and development process. 

Well, the cost to develop a mobile app depends on a few factors such as the functionality, features, platforms, and designs of the app. We have discussed more about LuLu and the estimated development cost of an app like LuLu in the following sections. Keep reading to delve into the details. 


What is LuLu Shopping? 

What is LuLu Shopping

Simply put, the LuLu shopping app is the online version of the LuLu hypermarket. LuLu Group International is a multinational and multidimensional organization with more than 202 stores. It has a great reputation across the UAE regions. And they’ve expanded their operations in India, Indonesia, Egypt, Malaysia, and GCC. They integrated their large retail business into the LuLu mobile app to provide convenient shopping experiences for their customers. 

LuLu hypermarket is more than just a supermarket, it features an ultra-modern and pleasant shopping ambiance by providing all essential needs under one roof for the consumers. And, you can get all these numerous products inside the app. Order your products online with a few clicks, and get the products delivered at your doorstep super fast. This is how LuLu shopping shaped the customer experience of its mobile app users. 


What Does LuLu Offer? 

LuLu covers almost anything you need in your daily life. They have thousands of products under 6 broad categories. Each category has a few subcategories. Each sub-category has thousands of products under their names. The major categories are Grocery, Fresh Food, Mobile-Gadgets, Electronics, Home-Living, and Fashion. These categories encompass all our daily activities, therefore LuLu addresses all the daily needs of their customers. On top of that, buyers are promised unmatched quality products and sincere customer services. They have gained immense popularity in UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, KSA, Malaysia, India, Egypt, and Indonesia. LuLu shopping app has added a new dimension to their already established business. Now, this app offers convenient online shopping experiences for its users along with the trustworthiness of the LuLu hypermarket. 


Key Features of LuLu Shopping

LuLu shopping app comes with a load of amazing features. It has a plethora of quality products and provides special discounts, new deals, and a lot more exciting offers for the customers. The following key features have helped this app stand out from the competition. 

In-store offers:

In-store offers

As LuLu has physical stores comprising all the products you need, this app also has offers that apply to your nearest  LuLu hypermarket. It keeps the customers updated on the best deals and exclusive offers. 

Webstore offers:

Webstore offers:

The app mainly deals with the webstore collections of products and offers. Most of the offers are applicable for electronics, home appliances, decor, beauty products, health products, and more. LuLu app notifies all its users about the newest offers, product launches, and deals at webstore. 

Store locator:

Store locator

LuLu has multiple stores in the middle east regions. If you give your location access to the mobile app, it will track your location and show the nearest LuLu outlet for your convenience. You can shop from there and avail yourselves of the special offers as shown in the app.  

Customer service:

Customer service

LuLu added a section dedicated to user-generated content. People can put comments, give suggestions, and leave a note of gratitude there. This section reflects the quality and commitment of LuLu shopping. Even you will get an immediate response from customer service staff if you send them emails stating unpleasant issues that you’ve faced. 

Other features: Other than the above-mentioned features, LuLu shopping comes with a few additional features as follows. 

  • Wide range of products: grocery, organic products, fruits and vegetables, personal care, baby care, household items, beauty and wellness, pet care, meats, and seafood.
  • LuLu offers 30,000+ items from 1500+ brands at affordable prices
  • It has a blog section consisting of informative and useful articles
  • The app is user friendly with aesthetically pleasing designs
  • It provides a seamless shopping experience for the users
  • Advanced search filters to enable users to find their desired items instantly
  • They can easily add items to “My Favorites” for future reference
  • LuLu Shopping App informs users about exclusive coupon codes, sales alerts, and special offers


Development Cost of an Online Shopping App Like LuLu

Development Cost of an Online Shopping App Like LuLu

Development cost of an app like LuLu shopping ranges between AED 45000 to AED 60000 on average. This is an estimated figure. The development cost of mobile apps varies depending on a few underlying factors. If you share a detailed description of your app, it will be easier to predict the cost accurately. However, you may wonder why is the development cost of a simple shopping app this high? Let me explain that to you briefly. An app comprises a lot of functionalities and features. A standard online shopping app must have the following features.

  • Signup/Login
  • User profiles
  • Seller accounts
  • Landing pages
  • Product catalogs
  • Product pages
  • Advanced search filters
  • Favorites, wish lists, and carts
  • Push notifications
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • In-app chatting and calling facilities
  • In-app payment methods
  • Order confirmation and delivery status
  • Shopping analytics
  • Geolocation services and maps

All these are the basic features of a good quality shopping app. You need to invest in the app platform, functionality, app design, and wireframe to get such amazing features included in your app. The whole development process requires hundreds of working hours of a highly skilled team of app developers. Hence, the development cost aligns with the efforts made to develop an online shopping app like LuLu. 


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