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Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App Like Fanni in Dubai
04 Mar 2021

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Cost to Develop a Home Maintenance App Like Fanni in Dubai

The rise of on-demand apps is quite noticeable during the last few years. People are now living fast-paced busy lives and have less time to find a person based in the neighborhood who can effectively provide home maintenance services for them. A simple smartphone can put an end to your worries by allowing you to access the handyman services mobile app. Fanni is such an app that provides on-demand home maintenance services for the people in Saudi Arabia and makes their lives easier than before. Apps like Fanni have the potential to conquer the Dubai market too. You can easily develop an on-demand handyman services mobile app and make a significant profit from the UAE  regions. 

Wondering what might be the cost to develop a home maintenance services app like Fanni? Well, that depends on many variables such as the functionality of the app, UI and UX designs, app platforms, number of features, and more. If you’re considering the current Dubai market, we can help you with a ballpark figure. Keep reading to know more about Fanni and its development cost. 


What is Fanni App? 


Fanni is a free on-demand professional home maintenance services provider app. It allows its users to find a skillful home maintenance technician conveniently within a few minutes using their smartphones. They can get a wide variety of home services done by these professionals at affordable costs. 

This app was first released in 2016, and over 100,000 people installed it to date. It became one of the more popular handyman apps in Google Play and App Store and achieved an average rating of 4/5 for its Android version and 4.8/5 for the iOS version. And the numbers are improving each day. 


How Does Fanni App Work? 

Fanni works mainly in three easy and simple steps. You need to select a service first. Then choose your location precisely. Finally, pick the right fit for your needs based on the distance and rate. You can choose from the wide range of home maintenance services Fanni offers. They have highly-skilled technicians at their disposal. Fanni app connects you with top-quality handymen in real-time and helps you get things done at competitive prices. 


What Are the Services? 

With Fanni, you don't need to make additional effort to find a competent handyman and fix your home problems. Fanni offers various home maintenance services with the help of a bunch of professionals enlisted in their database. Whenever you send a request for a specific service, the app forwards your request to respective home service professionals. They are currently providing the following services. 

  • Plumbing
  • Satellite Devices
  • Electricity Problems
  • Home Appliances
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Painting
  • Air Conditioning
  • Mobile Repair
  • Insect & Pest Control
  • Carpentry
  • Cleaning
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Furniture Moving
  • Floor Tiling

Additional Advantages of Using Fanni App

  • Provides free fault detection services
  • Offers a 30-day warranty on all home services
  • Ensures the quality and accuracy of all works
  • Provides services at affordable prices
  • Conducts follow-ups and reviews previous requests
  • Offers customer services at all stages of the request
  • Allows users to choose workers as per their location and evaluation


Key Features of an On-demand App Like Fanni

On-demand apps have brought revolutionary changes in the way we used to live our lives before. Now you get everything from food to house cleaning services delivered right at your doorsteps just when you need them. To make this happen, different entrepreneurs have to think of a problem that people often face and come up with solutions to solve that problem. Thus the idea of several on-demand services apps flourished over the years. To successfully create an on-demand home maintenance services app like Fanni, you need to consider the following salient features. 

User Profile

user profile

Service providers must know whom they’re serving. Likewise, customers must know who is serving them. You must develop apps for both stakeholders with user profiles consisting of the required information. And the app should allow its users to edit and manage their profiles whenever needed. 


A marketplace is the core of any on-demand services mobile app like Fanni. It informs users about the wide range of services the app offers along with exclusive discounts, offers, and other promotional content. Customers choose their required services from this marketplace and send requests to the respective service providers. 



Maps are an integral part of on-demand apps. It serves two purposes simultaneously. It shows customers’ location to service providers and vice versa. Even, it shows the position of service providers in real-time allowing users to know when he’s supposed to get the services. 

In-app Chat


Most people prefer messaging to calling. An on-demand app should integrate a secure and easy-to-use chatting service. Both customers and service providers should be able to communicate with each other in real-time within the app. 


An effective booking system allows users to book a service provider instantly or schedule a future appointment. The booking system should be manageable and re-adjustable at any time. Moreover, the users should have access to view previous booking history. 

In-app Payment

In-app facilities have become very popular in recent years. It offers additional convenience for the users as they will be able to complete cashless transactions. You can integrate third-party payment APIs to facilitate this in-app payment process. 

Push Notifications

push notification

Push notifications are very useful to let users know about new promotional deals and offers. Besides, they’re important to inform users about the current status of their orders, and any other important information. 

You can even add a bunch of additional features if you want. The more features you will add, the costlier it will be to develop a mobile app. So, the development cost of an app like Fanni actually varies on the basis of a few determining factors. 


How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-demand App Like Fanni 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-demand App Like Fanni

Development cost of an app like Fanni will range between AED 35000 to AED 50000 depending on the requirements, feature lists, functionalities, and level of complexities. However, we can provide you with an accurate estimation if you send us a detailed description of your dream project.

Here at Royex, we carefully analyze our client’s requirements and brainstorm intensively to come up with an excellent app idea. Our proven track record and trustworthiness helped us become a leading mobile app development company in Dubai. You can hire us to turn your idea into a reality. You can email us at or call on +971566027916 to discuss the project further.

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