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Boom for eCommerce: Websites face high traffic as people stay home due to the Corona Virus outbreak.
29 Mar 2020

Boom for eCommerce: Websites face high traffic as people stay home due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

You’re likely saving the world by staying on your couch. Keep up the good work! Fortunately, it has never been this interesting looking at the traffic survey of certain e-commerce websites and there is a huge spike of visitors in almost all the eCommerce stores.


As much as you are fulfilling your duty of staying at home and maintaining the social distance, you should be making complete use of this valuable time. Even though you have restrictions on certain things in this crucial time, you are still entitled to your greatest asset, the internet. That being said, the number of visitors and online shoppers are on a tremendous rise since the outbreak of the virus. This is the best time to start, develop and complete your e-commerce website.

Surveys confirm that the numbers have fallen terribly for airlines, travel agencies and even travel-related retail sectors. On the contrary, traffic for e-commerce websites is at its highest peak.


This period of isolation may seem like a vacation for some. But there are few others who would take complete advantage of the situation. A falling economy combined with increased customer needs. The best time to create an online platform in favour of the customers, invite organic traffic and maximize conversations. Let’s hope that this heated environment does not last for long, but as we know it, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Having an online business in this restricted scenario would be the best investment one can think of.


Insights of the online retail store Insta Shop proves that customers in the UAE don’t just love shopping electronics or home appliances online but also their day-to-day groceries. The online store is witnessing a never-before increase in orders up to 53% since the start of March. They are now actively working on seamless delivery options and ensuring product availability based on constant increase in demand. You may assume that this sudden increase in online shopping is merely due to panic buying nature of the customers. But that is not entirely true. Online shopping for groceries has been at a rising pace even before the pandemic. People spend a lot of time surfing for their groceries online just like in malls or supermarkets.

This simply tells us that the future of shopping is online and there has not been a better time lately, to start developing your store in any sector.


Stores like Homecenter, Pan emirates - who totally rely on their store sales, are now totally focusing on the e-commerce sector and have stopped selling through stores, and is pleading their customers to buy through eCommerce, and they have been offering tremendous discounts and free deliveries too, They also promise contactless deliveries, fast deliveries and they also totally canceled click and collect service. This shows how the markets have turned. 


Even huge store chain like Ikea which hails from Sweden, have started their eCommerce game and is providing free deliveries and also by giving tremendous discounts. This is the proof how much eCommerce has developed in the past few months


On a positive note just remember some of the leading and most successful companies today like Uber, Airbnb, Slack, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Square, etc were founded during the last financial recession which was 2008 to 2010! So we believe the most iconic companies of the next few decades will undoubtedly be launched during this corona pandemic!

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Reza Rouf

Reza is the Project Manager at Royex Technologies. Formerly worked as a Software Developer, specialized in .NET and PHP Languages. In his free time, he researches about new technologies and products. Movies, TV Shows and Football are his hobbies.

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