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Best website designing principles
18 Oct 2019

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Best website designing principles

In this world of technology, people prefer to work and complete their daily tasks online. For this, you need such a competitive and profit-oriented Website Design Dubai that boosts your business by drawing the attention of your customers. A good Website Design Dubai is not only one that looks good but also has a smooth user interface. A customer who wants to check your services and goods will first examine your reputation online by judging the website of your business before visiting the physical location. Therefore, a website is the reflection of your business organization.

The design of a website is much crucial in setting a positive image/impression of your business on the end-users. Good web design plays a significant role in end-user-conversions. Therefore, overlooking any detail of your website may result in poor performance of your website, thus losing potential customers.

So, how can you achieve such a Website Design Dubai? Don’t worry! You are at the right place. Here, you will get to know eight principles of good Website Designing Dubai that helps a Web Design Agency build not only an aesthetic Website Design Dubai that soothes the eyes of end-users, but also an interactive and user-friendly one that engages them hence generating conversions.


1.    Your Website Design Says Much About Your Business Goals:

Not every website design may have seemed appealing to you. A user knows which kind of website design attracts him/her.

We have included two website designs, as examples, to illustrate the importance of good website design.

If you look at the first website, what you will notice earliest is the colors. The colors used in this website design have no contrast with each other and their combination looks horrible and unpleasant to the human eye. The readability is very poor which is big. This design will leave the user squeezing his/her eyelids together.

Now let’s have a look at this second example. As we know that colors and visuals do say much about the information to be conveyed. However, extremism, in any case, may lead to the discontent of the receiver. In the previous example, there were a lot of colors that left the website to be uninteresting and useless. As you see this example, you will find it unambiguous. This site seems dull and empty, which will leave a visitor wondering the website’s purpose and what services it provides. This kind of design will leave a bad impression of the organization on the user’s mind as if they are not sure about their business goals.

If not these, then what kind of a Website Design Dubai will inspire your users to visit the site again and again?

For this, you must attempt the following steps:

# Be clear about the objective of your website. It can be end-user-conversions, quality sales or the initiation of consumer interests.
# Particularize the niche of your website that could be education, sports, fashion and beauty, children, health and fitness, online shopping, or any other.
# Next, go for those visual designs and color that suit the niche. For example, fashion and beauty, education, children kind of sites attract young and soft-minded people, therefore subtle colors like blue, pink, yellow will do.
# While for any kind of warning websites such as health and fitness will require shades of grays, blacks, and blues.
# For food-oriented sites, vibrant colors like red, orange, green will prove to be effective.
# Sequence your content paragraphs according to their priority to emphasize the objectives of your organization on the user.

These don’t need to be the only steps that you must follow to come up with a competitive visual design of your website, however, these are some of the guidelines that may help you out in doing so. You can play with multiple shapes and shades and try out new trends of beautifying the looks of your website that align with the content of your Website Design Dubai.

Here are some essential laws in the essence of the user's point of view that will help you solve the challenge of presenting the content on your website in an effective way.

1. Visual hierarchy:

You must know at which detail the visitor’s eye will look at first and then the other parts of the website. To place your website information in an order of the most important to the least one is called Visual Hierarchy. For this purpose, you must know your organizational goals to help prioritize the details. You can catch the attention of the end-user by using larger sizes, bold colors and contrast for the parts you want to highlight on your website.

If you look at the website of Instagram, the part that catches your sight the earliest is the brand-name “Instagram” in an eye-catching typeface, as the user first looks for the brand-name after opening a website as a matter of surety. The second part that a user’s eye catches is the big, elegant iPhone image on the left. Next, the blue “Log in with Facebook” button seeks a user’s attention which is a shortcut to use Instagram as the user doesn’t have to fill in the whole form and can easily log in using Facebook credentials.

Visual Hierarchy Royex

In this way, you can apply this law to your Web Design Dubai to prompt the user to interact with the call-to-actions, hence generating conversions.

2. Golden ratio:

The present-day designers of a Web Design Agency follow the Golden Ratio rule that was used in old times.  The image below is achieved by some calculations (which we won’t look at).  Designers believe to get exquisite designs using this sound rule.

Don’t worry. Don’t get hypnotized by this image. I have shown some properly-structured websites below which present how this design relates to a fine Website Design Dubai.

Wondering why these websites align with the design of the golden ratio?

Well, everyone is very much attracted by the nature that exists around us. If I show you below, you can see the image of some of the gifts of nature that are also based on this golden ratio curly pattern.

Things like tornadoes, shells, flowers, fem, and the galaxy tend to follow the same design.

So, if you want to play with the minds of the visitors of your website and manipulate their interests, then you can try this golden ratio principle since some architects and psychologists accept that such visuals attract the human eye most.

3. Rule of thirds:

Adding images to your site is not an option, but mandatory because images convey your message to the viewers more effectively. At this time, follow the Rule of Thirds. To do so, divide the panel where you want to place an image with two horizontal and 2 vertical lines, as shown below. You will get nine equal parts. Place the crucial parts of your image on the intersecting points of these lines. Doing so makes the image visually aesthetic. You may place other important parts of your website content such as facts or keywords to using this method.

Include less, but effective images.


4. Law of similarity:

Slack, a team collaboration software tool, applies this law as illustrated below:

Our mind finds it easier to look for desired information out of a bunch of data when the data objects have been sorted into related groups of items. See the three Slacks of brands highlighted by red horizontal lines that are properly formatted, hence making them stand out of other parts of the site showing that these are portfolio blocks.

2.    Minimize Loading Time of Your Website:

The more optimized your website performance is, the more visitors will prefer to stay longer and surf through the website. Your site must work smoothly on all kinds of devices.

When a user clicks or types into the browser, your website information must load within a maximum of 3 seconds.

 According to Unbounce:

# You will have a 7% decrement in the conversion rate if your site loads for 100 milliseconds more time.
#Pages with 5s load time have about five times the bounce rate compared to those with a 2s load time.
#73% of mobile users have gone through websites that have low performance.

So you see, your website needs to be fast to keep you in profit.

If you're wondering how you can attain such a high-performance website then this will require another discussion on a whole.

You will have to keep up with the improving internet connection and telecom as the duration of a visitor being attentive and patient to your website decreases with it. Unable to do so, you will have to face certain profit loss.


3.    Make Your Website Easy To Locate:

It is important to rank high in the search engine results (such as Google) to help end-users reach your website first. This is can also be hard to achieve due to powerful competitors. However, if a user searches for something related to your niche, then your website must arrive in the first five of Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

In this way, you can get the most visitors, who can find your site easily hence leaving them contented which may result in positive reviews and recommendations.

You can increase the visibility and hence visitors of your website by including social media links, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or others because people use social media more than they surf on the web.

4.    Include Users’ Honest Reviews and Testimonials:

Adding testimonials to your website is a big trend nowadays. They also turn out to be beneficial in improving your impact on the users’ minds. The true words from those who have experienced your website themselves are worthy in proving your website better than the other ones.

When including a testimonial slider in your website, make sure it reveals respected, honest and genuine reviews of your valuable customers and also the slider itself must have a fine look that is simple and easy to navigate. You won’t believe, but people judge your website and your company through testimonials.



5.    Ensure Accessibility:

We discussed in the first principle of the list that vibrant colors and large size images are likely to attract users more. But beware! This may also result in losing them. Why? Such glimmering and shining buttons or other features may be dangerous for people with photophobia or improper vision.


This is approximately 1.03 billion people. As reported by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, around 80% of migraine patients suffer from photophobia. That is not a less figure to be ignored. Therefore, you must be careful about every aspect of your website design, taking care of all kinds of users that might visit your website. Either they enjoy the appearance of your website or do they get in torture. Of course, you want all of them to return happy.

6.    Focus On Usability:

Apart from the visual appearance of your website, your website needs to be functional, too. However, people do prefer good looks but at the same time, a well-functioning website is necessary for better user experience. All the pages included in your Web Design Dubai must be properly linked to each other for flawless navigation so that user can reach the desired piece of information without any discomfort. The elements of your website that you need to prioritize such as call-to-action buttons should be able to be seen easily.

It doesn’t mean you need to add a lot of interactive elements in your site, such as buttons, navigational bars, check-boxes or input fields. This depends on what kind of your website is and how much engagement does it require the user to perform. Your website may contain blogs which does not need much of these elements. However, a website like an online shop will require lots of such interactions and pages.

I want you to go through the following particulars related to the usability of a website:

#Is your website responsive? (The content does not dislocate on various devices).
#Have you presented the content according to its priority?
#Is the navigation instinctive? (Are users able to navigate through the website without any hindrance and find the desired information easily?)
#Does the arrangement of website details include a single item within the attention time duration of the user? (useful attribute)
#Does your site include chatbots?
#At what occasions does the search bar appear on your site?
#In the case of goods transactions, does your website support several other currencies?
#Do the colors of your website comfort the eyes of the viewer?
#Have you sensibly presented the content?
#Is white space being nicely utilized?
#Are the graphics and images high-resolution in quality?

In this era of technology, the trend of making life easier by accommodating almost every feature of a computer on small devices, such as smartphones, has made responsiveness the key to better usability of your website than all other points discussed above.

7.    Make Sure That Your Website Is Scalable:

You must be ready for this situation. If you have an e-commerce website and suppose it becomes one of the top-selling ones. You have a flood of orders on your website which your website is unable to cope with. The users, on the other hand, are facing certain disruptions and errors because your site just stopped responding to their requests and simply crashes. What would happen then? User experience will witness it all. People who would have faced issues will leave negative reviews hence causing disrepute to your site. They will then prefer moving on to some other sites, which may probably include your rivals.

To avoid such situations, make sure to test the performance of your website before launching it.  Optimize your website to handle mass traffic.

8.    Ensure Ease Of Maintenance:

You never know what will change in the blink of an eye, since the trends and demands of user keep changing with time (every second as you might guess). Make sure to keep maintaining your website to let it not lose the position in the search engine results and retain a positive reputation in the eyes of end-users.

This does not mean you have to modify your website from scratch. You may just need to update facts and figures, latest images, or not letting the users get tired of your never-changing Web Design Dubai.

It is easy to maintain a site that is designed on a Content Management System (CMS) for instance WordPress or Joomla. In such cases, you will just need to log into your account to make required changes to your site.

However, if you have a custom-built site that you may probably have to get it designed from a web developer, then you must ask your Web Design Agency to provide you with three things for your ease of management:

#Use comments in each section of the code so that you can easily recognize a particular piece of code for modifications.
#Request them to keep the documentation and instruction notes in simple, plain text.
#Ask the Web Design Agency to solve any issue in the future that you might get stuck in.



So here were all of the eight principles that you must consider while striving to achieve the best Web Design Dubai, leaving every other site behind. These concepts aren’t absolute but are useful to get that top-notch website for your brand to break all walls.

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Rajib Roy

Rajib Roy, CEO of Royex Technologies is a highly motivated, genuinely flexible and exceptionally hard-working person. He is a Systems Architect with a background encompassing a decade of experience in software development. Having played a key role in the development and deployment of projects and solutions that have been adopted by leading retail, hospitality and travel sector clients, his skills lie in planning cost-effective solutions and building and coordinating dedicated, highly-skilled teams that convert ideas and concepts into innovative, functional and ultimately profitable products.

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