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Best Practices To Create A Splash Page For Your Website
10 Nov 2022

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Best Practices To Create A Splash Page For Your Website

When running any e-commerce or business page, the customer’s first impression is the last impression. The best way to make a good first impression is to have a splash page. It must be attractive and eye-catching and display what the website is about.

Splash pages are important for any website because they provide an introduction to the site and what it offers to its visitors. Splash pages can also provide information about a company’s products or services or give some information about its history or founders. Moreover, splash pages are often used to promote the site's products or services to the visitor.

Splash pages can be very helpful in engaging users and getting them to stay on your website for longer periods. A well-designed, catchy splash page will encourage people to explore the rest of your site and will be more likely to convert into leads or sales. Also, you can effectively convey your brand’s message through the splash page.

Let’s explore some best practices for creating an appealing & effective splash page for your website.

What Is Splash Page?

What Is Splash Page?

The splash page works like a welcome mat when visitors enter any website. It not only contains a welcome or introductory message but also includes a disclaimer, promotion, nudges, signing up for a newsletter featuring any product or service, remaining loading time, informing about any alert, or an announcement of a new product. Sometimes, splash pages can be used as an informative & interactive step, just like the language selection or age verification process. 

Splash pages are usually used by brands that want to put their best foot forward concerning their brand and product. Splash pages can be interactive or static. Static splash pages are often made up of images and text with links for updates, such as new products or blog posts. Interactive splash pages include videos, animations, games, and other interactive elements that can help engage visitors with your company's message in more detail.

If you are confused between landing pages & splash pages, a landing page is a static web page that focuses on a particular conversion goal, just like a homepage. In contrast, splash pages are usually used as a marketing technique to generate interest in the offered product or service. The splash page includes minimal copywriting & appears before the landing page. In contrast, the landing page act like a standalone page with a converting CTA button.

Importance Of Splash Page

Importance Of Splash Page

The purpose of a splash page can be different depending on the type of website. Most websites use splash pages as a welcome note. Others use this page to attract the attention of consumers through different content. Although a splash page is a smaller & simpler element of a website but it can be effective in turning customers into leads. Some key benefits of splash page are listed below:

•  As we said before splash page is an ideal element to grab users' attention. Splash pages are usually placed to appear before the user enter the site and views other pages. There is no easiest way to welcome users than a welcome splash page.

•  Splash pages are great way to promote or showcase your service, and products. If you are launching a new product or want to display your most hyped product, the splash page works like a billboard for your website. With this approach, just add a contact form button to get extra engagement.

•  You can restrict harmful users or activity through a splash screen. It is smart to add a prominent disclaimer for sensitive content or products. For example, a movie website can use a splash page to ensure that users of the legal age watch sensitive content.

•  Selecting a region or language splash page is a great way. If you have a multilingual website, your website must contain localized content for the specific language. The splash page can be used to choose language & location preferences.

•  Visitors' self-segmentation can be possible using a splash page. If you need more traffic from a specific webpage, then the splash page can be a doorway to drive traffic from another website page.

Elements To Create A Converting Splash Page

Elements To Create A Converting Splash Page

A Short & Clear Message

You can’t use jargon words or complex sentence structures in your splash page content. The fewer words you choose, the better. Visitors should not have to read paragraphs before reaching your site. So, ensure the content is brief & includes a minimum but effective amount of information. So, you have to determine the message that what do you want to inform your users about the website. In short, use minimal copy, a brief overview, and quick links. 

Eye-Catchy Image Or Animation

The most important element of your splash page is the image or animation that will capture your visitor's attention and get them interested in what you offer. Images & animated videos are also excellent ways of conveying information and can be used to illustrate the company's ethos, culture, and values. To create a high-converting splash page, these are excellent elements if you use it in the right way.


Now, CTAs are not a mandatory element of a splash page. Suppose you just want to show some quick links for multiple languages or religions of your site then there is no need for CTA buttons. For promoting an offer, advertise a product, or nudging traffic to a certain page, make a clean & clear call-to-action. Some ideal CTA buttons are a quick ad, an announcement, a verification requirement, a quick tip, an opt-in form, & warning.

A Clear Exit Link

The splash page needs to contain a clear exit link that redirects users to the site's home page or from where they started to navigate the splash page. Exit links should be easy to find and, most importantly, link to your main web page. Some ideal clear exit buttons are: scroll to the site, continue to the page, take me to the page, and close/skip.

Best Practices For A Engaging Splash Page

Best Practices For A Engaging Splash Page

Splash Page Should Be Clean & Light

Visual hierarchy is the most important aspect while designing any splash page. The component’s size and placement should be considered on top to ensure everything works smoothly & effectively. As the splash page works as pop-ups, so don’t use heavy graphics on it. Sometimes it distracts the user badly.

Emphasize On Loading Time

Loading time makes a splash page great or a hurtful one for the visitors. To create a converting splash page, it is important to emphasize on loading time. This way, you can ensure that your visitors do not get frustrated and leave your site before they even have a chance to read your content.  Usually, websites take two to five seconds to load. That means your splash page need to beat this load time to be effective.

Link Up Your Social Media Accounts

Linking up social media accounts to splash pages helps you to remind visitors to follow your social media account. It can help you to build up and grow your online presence. This will allow you to provide visitors with an easy way to follow your business on their preferred social media platform. You can also include a call-to-action button that will prompt them to subscribe via email or follow you on other social media platforms.

Splash pages are an important part of any website, and they are used to make an impression on the user and get their attention. But this can only be done if the splash page has something worth getting the user's attention. In conclusion, it is important to remember that a splash page is not about the design. It is about the content. The content should be able to grab attention and keep it for as long as possible. The design should support the content and make it more appealing to readers.

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