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Best Mobile App Landing Pages to inspire you
20 Jun 2018

Best Mobile App Landing Pages to inspire you

At any landing page, we may be aiming to general leads, tease a new product or service, offer a freebie, or ask your users a question.

One should have a clear idea that if you are going to work through the process of developing a mobile app, then professional landing page is a critical piece of a marketing mix.

A mobile landing page is an important page that has to showcase the appropriate information and it has a clear call-to-action(CTA) in an effective place.

Thinking to design a landing page for your own mobile app? Why not find out the examples of these impressive landing page design?

Pocket Mustang


Exemplifying by Ferrari’s landing page for their web-based mobile game Pocket Mustang is that Simplicity is everything. The landing page does not offer too much information all the times. There is only a QR code and a link on the page that redirects to the mobile game. This means it gives you option to grab your phone and see what this game is about.


If you look for first time on the landing page, then you can see that the landing page looks simple. If you scroll down the page, you can see the actual difference at the page. The fascinating animations give like magic to the page at a glance. It showcases the app’s different features will instantly grab your attention.


The new Uber App for Riders Landing Page is another demo of design. This app uses animations and interactive elements to showcase the app functions to first-time users. The landing page gives you details on everything that you need to know about the app in several steps using the animations and large mockups.


The use of white space to bring more attention to the app showcase is one of the best features of this app landing page design. Though it is for a financial app, the fun related animations and color combination of the landing page make so much fun to explore.


Fotrack : A Pomodoro timer app helps the users to avoid distractions and improve focus. A clever and minimal design clearly highlights the main features which include a few images and text throughout the design. Through this, anyone can personalize the landing page to match with the app.

Nuansa App

Based on the stunning nature photography, Nuansa app is designed for designers and creatives to share color palettes. This landing page uses a non-scrolling design with an automated carousel which showcases so many features of the app.


Hike is an e-commerce platform that uses many attractive images mixed with a parallax scrolling effect on its app landing page. So that it can showcase many features their platform and the mobile-friendliness of the software.


Zero uses a minimalist design that includes a lot of information about the app. This is basically a banking app. Wonderful and scattered placement of the content gives a unique look to the landing page.


Trove is the on-demand insurance app which takes the landing page design to a new level. Video backgrounds, animations and interactive elements of the landing page make the page demandable. The smooth parallax scrolling effect and animation create a good fun touch to the design.


Using colors and consistency with this landing page for a receipt management app, you can learn so many useful matters. This app uses a single color and brilliantly use of gradient through the entire design to portray minimalism as well as professionalism.


This is a standard example of mobile app landing page which takes minimalism to the next level. Having a plenty of white space, the app uses that space as well as highlight the features and options of the landing page.

Paper Planes

Paper Planes is a unique mobile game where people from around the world catch and throw virtual paper planes together. The landing page for this amazing app uses a full-screen animation to great effect.

Google Allo

This one is for Google’s new smart messaging app. It uses an old-school design mixed with video demonstrations of the app’s functions.


Using the CSS elements on the landing page, makes the app design standing out throughout the page. The HelloMing app landing page uses plenty of subtle animations and video demonstrations.


Make your travel easy with Trippeo. This is an app helping you figure out a budget in your tour plans. This interesting landing page uses stunning animations, background videos and interactive elements to show off various features.


Taxinet has its own beautiful animations. It looks simple and perfect.  The use of the right colors and the unique design will make you easy reload and browse this landing page over and over again.

Futurama: Game Of Drones


This mobile game landing page looks excellent. After you browse the page, you will must install the game to play.  

iGO Navigation


A set of great background images are used in the iGO Navigation app which can add a human touch to the page and to show the purpose of the app. A parallax scrolling effect are also used throughout the landing page.



The popular messaging app, Line, uses the same technique on its page to showcase the app’s features.

Rolo Calendar


Rolo Calendar means “A calendar for people who do not use calendars”. The design of the landing page is odd but interesting. That’s why people are used to visiting this app landing page. Because of its interesting page, people will click to download button to learn more about the app.


Having Vivid colors, animations, beautiful illustrations, it makes the app landing page design unique and interesting. With a very few scrolling screens on the landing page, everyone can learn anything about the app.


This ToDoist app is actually a to-do list app. It has a simple and elegant design. It heavily uses mockups with just the right amount of contextual information to lure in new users.


Pulling through the design and personality of your app itself is also key. Your landing page is a key introduction to what people should expect from your app, so consistency is key!

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