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AWS Summit Bahrain 2019 - Bringing Technologists Together

Bahrain: Digital Transformation

Technological innovations have become a major driver of disruptions across the world. Here, in the GCC it’s a pillar of the major economic transformation that is creating exciting new opportunities across the region.

Bahrain for that matter has now become a breeding ground for startups and entrepreneurs. Bahrain identified early that it was essential to allow competition in the technology sector thus emerging as a regional frontrunner in digital transformation. The contribution of technology has been valuable in driving economic growth, accelerating economic diversification and creating jobs.

Recently, Amazon Web Services announced its immediate availability of the Middle East (Bahrain) Region, which is the first AWS region in Middle-East and consists of three Availability Zones. AWS has now made its way into 22 countries offering 69 Availability Zones, serving customers in over 190 countries.  Middle-East has been leveraging advanced technologies such as analytics, database and serverless to drive innovation. Hence, the cloud has become a key facilitator for organizations of all sizes startups, enterprises, government, education, and non-profit organizations.

AWS always brings together like-minded technologists together to connect, collaborate and learn how to leverage AWS for seamless cloud computing experience. On September 15th, Bahrain is hosting an AWS Summit 2019 for the technologists of organizations from all sectors and sizes. The summit will demonstrate the transition to digital transformation and uncover cloud computing skills that emancipate the workforce today and in the future. The Agenda of the Summit would be:

Networking: Meet and have discussions with like-minded people across various sectors and sizes of organizations. Learn more about their challenges and the best practices to overcome those challenges for migrating to the cloud.

AWS Experts: Connect and collaborate with AWS experts at AWS booth, to expand your knowledge about the latest trends of emerging technologies.

Customer Insights: Learning opportunities to discover new solutions at Expo Hall and getting trained on the latest AWS services, by hearing inspiring stories from AWS customers 

Teresa Carlson is the founder and leader of AWS Worldwide Public Sector, a featured keynote speaker at the Bahrain AWS Summit. She is one of the most successful and forward-thinking technology leaders in the world today, has helped many individuals and organizations changed their mindset, modernize skillset and policies at all levels of government agencies, education and nonprofit institutions across the globe to leverage the full potential of the cloud to drive innovation. Tens of thousands of agencies and organizations have realized the importance of digital transformation and use AWS. 


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