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8 New Year’s Resolutions from Our Dubai Web Design Company
04 Jan 2018

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8 New Year’s Resolutions from Our Dubai Web Design Company

A very happy new year to all of you! The previous year has kept our website designing company Dubai very busy, the timings have been tight around the office as we got new projects, new information, new partnerships and of course new websites to construct and like always, we completed every task with perfection. Our dedicated team of designers has already thought of some New Year’s resolutions ideas. If you haven’t thought of, then feel free to pick any one or more of the following.
1.    In place of selling more, our focus will be on keeping the existing customers satisfied
2.    All of our websites will be E-designed with the latest functionality
3.    Improving and extending our customer support experience
4.    Our blog will provide much more educational content  
5.    E-Book will be available for advanced learners
6.    We will focus on adopting new technologies
7.    Showcasing our services and products through participation in various events
8.    Upgrading existing products along with planning to launch new products in the market. 

1. In Place of Selling More, Our Focus will be on Keeping the Existing Customers Satisfied

Keeping the Existing Customers Satisfied

Everyone like to sell more, that is why there is a sales department in every company which looks after the sales, meets the target and generates profit for the firm. We too were doing the same year after year, but we plan to change things a bit this year by deciding to take extra care for all existing customers and the projects that are ongoing with them. Our primary target is to complete every task and keep our current customers satisfied.

2. All of our Websites will be E-designed with the Latest Functionality

E-designed with the Latest Functionality

We have planned to redesign our every website with the most up to date functionality so that the design of the website will be based on the current trend. Many things have surfaced while many have disappeared from the market. Therefore, we have decided to go with the current trend. This will inspire our clients in updating the design of their website keeping the latest trend in mind.

3. Improving and Extending Our Customer Support Experience

Customer Support Experience

Previously we used to charge for many of our services,but this year we have decided to provide them free of cost. We will provide two month’s extensive support services to our every customer even after the project is over and that is not all, we will also provide two years of support service to our every customer after fixing all the related bugs. Why have we taken this initiative? Because we care about our customers, let us handle the problems so that our clientscan focus on their business.

4. Our Blog will Provide much more Educational Content

Provide much more Educational Content

Education is the key to success that is why our R&D team is always searching for the latest technological advances and strategies on business growth,and every quality article is published on our blog so that people can take advantage from it. If you have a thing for keeping yourself updated in technology or you are interested in knowing the latest business strategies, then we recommend you subscribe to our blog that is Royex Blog.

5. E-Book will be Available for Advanced Learners

E-Book will be Available for Advanced Learners

We all know what an e-book is, don’t we? If you don’t then, it’s just like a book,but you can view it on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or PC. It will have the print of a traditional book that you can read on a screen. E-books are downloadable files that you can download; some are free while others need to be purchased. This year we are going to share our e-book which will have the latest business trends and strategies along with the newest web technology information. If you are a learner and want to learn about the related fields, then subscribe to our Royex e-book which we are giving completely for free!

6. We will Focus on Adopting New Technologies

Focus on Adopting New Technologies

Things are speeding up, new technology is being developed as we speak and if you want to expand your business then you have to apply the latest technology in its right order, only then your business can progress. Constructing a website is the most basic step that companies take but running a website is an entirely different thing, latest technologies require specific optimization so that the growth of the business can be raised. Every year we switch to new technologies on order to help the business of our clients. This year it’s going to be same as well. We are continuously updating all our existing projects with the latest technology.

7. Showcasing our Services and Products Through Participation in Various Events

Participation in Various Events

8. Upgrading Existing Products Along with Planning to Launch New Products in the Market

Planning to Launch New Products in the Market

Currently,there are 12 products that are being used by our clients. We have taken years to develop these product as they are of high quality and completely bug-free. That’s not all;as we are continuously upgrading all our current products with the latest technology. And we aren’t stopping here, as we are going to develop new products for the software market and like always with the finest standard and quality. 

Every year brings new possibilities and opportunities to expand our business. Therefore starting with the New Year’s Resolutions seems like a good idea. If you feel like you’re stuck or need help with anything, then we’re for you. We would love to be the part of your business success story, Royex doesn’t only design websites,it provides complete business solutions for people who are new in this field and at a very affordable price. Think it’s time to take your website to the next level? Contact Royex Technologies and watch how the magic works.

Our mobile number is +971566027916. You can call us for any kind of inquiries you have.

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