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7 Top Steps you can take to boost your Ecommerce Sales through Retargeting
09 Oct 2016

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7 Top Steps you can take to boost your Ecommerce Sales through Retargeting

Retargeting is nothing like what you have in your mind. It does not have anything to do with finding a new breed of audience neither it has to do anything with designing a completely new ad campaign that is based on the trend of your current customers’ behavior.

Since we all use Facebook, I am pretty sure that you too might have come across the ads of those sites which you had visited recently, right? Well, this is called Retargeting and believe it or not - it is quite effective.

We here are going to reveal to you 7 tricks that you can implement in your marketing tactics that will help you boost your Ecommerce sales for sure. So, let’s go, shall we?

Promotion of your new Products

In the modern world, it is highly important to market your new products as soon as they are in. So, just imagine, a customer tucked in to your store and is spending time looking at a particular red shirt which now is going out of style; so while he is seeing that shirt you can market your latest product just under his nose and who knows after getting that shirt, he may come for the newer version?

Advertise your Promotions

You had a visitor on your site who never came back? Or is it the customer of your competitor who you want to make yours? Try putting adverts of Promotions and then see the magic. The promotions always work as a captivating feature and in almost all cases are able to get the attention of not only the new but also the attention of the existing customers. It is because, since you already know them well, you know what their preferences are and as a result can design your ads accordingly.

Retargeting New Leads with highly captivating first time Ordering Approach

We all know how difficult it is to win a customer who has never made a purchase from your store. Maybe they ended up on your site either through a Google search or through a mail but never really added anything to your cart. We highly suggest that you target them again with an offer that they are unable to refuse. Just put something that will make them go through all the way to the “”Confirmation” button!

Targeting Visitors on Social Media

If we are to believe AdRoll, retargeting customers through Facebook can earn you almost $10 against a single dollar. A visitor who left your site without making any purchase can be traced back to be targeted again provided that you make use of the right tools.

Selling Relatable Items

It is highly likely that someone might have bought a yoga DVD from your side but hey, does she or he have the yoga weights and mat? It is one of the most used tricks that are now employed by giants such as Amazon. You can always suggest them relatable products in order to increase your chances of increasing your sales.

Advertisements based on Dynamic Theme

Never ever target a returning customer with a boring ad. Always try to throw some dynamic ads in their way which will compel them to stay and buy more products from your site. Show them only those products which they are interested in rather than showing a product which you are interested in selling.

Retargeting Abandonments of Shopping Cart

There are times when a customer will browse through your products and will add some of them in his cart but he will never get to the end. It is highly likely that they will buy this product if not from your site then from somewhere else. With this retargeting, you will be able to remind them that why did they add those products in the first place and will mentally captivate and motivate them to go till then end and buy that product!

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