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7 Free and Innovative App Promotion Techniques

Despite the endless hours and expert attention to details, many companies still do not receive the type of adoption they hope for when they release an app in the market. They expect thousands of users flocking to the app store to download their app, but in reality, they get only a dozen installs.

The initial impression is to assume the content might not be as big as it should have been. Doubt starts to creep in and immediately we wonder if making an app might have been a wrong move from the start. We believe otherwise, no matter how persuasive the inner doubts may be.

The development of an app opens up a whole new platform through which you can communicate with your customers. A place where you'll always have access to your devoted audience in a single click. Your software is a room completely adaptable to your needs. In most instances, the issue isn't the app itself, but rather the crucial step that is skipped too often after the app is created, promotion.

A general rule of thumb is to spend approximately as much time promoting your app as it took creating it. If you've been writing a blog post for two days so spend the next couple days spreading your blog post to as many sources as possible.

The more content you promote, the easier and quicker the process becomes. We know that small companies do not have a huge budget to spend on ads or promotional events. Even those who do have the money may notice that they have only a few outlets to market their material.

We've gathered 10 tested and verified methods to help direct you succeed in selling the business. Such measures will only save you money and we believe you will have a substantial increase in the number of followers and downloads if you adopt them.

1. Get in Touch With Influencers

Get in Touch With Influencers

Marketing the product can also stretch beyond the normal sphere of influence and these foreign partnerships are often just what your business needs. Developing sincere, genuine, and reciprocal influencer relationships will go a long way in helping promote your app.

Influencers are people with the ability to influence a particular group of people's purchasing and engagement decisions. Businesses reaching out to influencers should be sure to deliver only material that is important to the influencers and their viewers. While some advertisers also give financial compensation in return for endorsing influencers, then we suggest you choose influencers that really appreciate your brand.

Your fans, as well as theirs, will easily catch the influencer not interested in the product/service and act on your behalf. The last thing you want is that viewers feel you're "faking" just how wonderful your business is. Real sponsorships will be much more beneficial to your business and build stronger followers.

Let the influencers know that you are building an app or that you have designed it. See if you can get some time to discuss the creation of applications or collect some input from them. If you want them on board, give them their segment within the app or work to build an app that suits both of your needs. When you want to go with either of these options, be sure to match your beliefs, desires, and clients.

 2. Highlight the Mobile App in your Blog

Highlight the Mobile App in your Blog

In addition to including the app on your website, it is another advertising tool you can use in your regular weekly blog post. You can do this by writing a full blog post about your app alone, or by including a CTA at the end of each blog post to encourage audiences to download the app.

Write a complete narrative about your app while writing the blog post specifically about the app, and let your readers know the origins behind it. Tell them how that app will make things easier and better for them. Include links photos, and videos from your app to help them get a clear understanding.

3. Engage in Email Marketing for your App Promotion

Engage in Email Marketing for your App Promotion

Your new application needs to be embedded in every facet of your promotion, including all your emails. As a company, you'll send out endless emails and it's a missed opportunity not to include your app in each of those.

Every email should include a one-line footer promoting your app and include information such as what can be achieved via the app, and a link to the download page.

4. Promote your App Through Videos

Promote your App Through Videos

Videos are an easy way to showcase everything your beautiful, well-constructed app has to offer.

Remember your demo video isn't supposed to stay the way it is now. Your videos should be updated weekly, with all of your content.

Once you are done making your demo video, make sure your social networking and other channels are leveraged to advertise the product. You can include your demo video in your blog post, social media accounts, and Youtube channels.

5. Submit your App to Alternate App Stores

Submit your App to Alternate App Stores

Don't rely on Google Play & App Store alone; there are various other online app stores where you can submit your app. According to One Platform Foundation, if an app is published to other relatively less popular stores, the expected downloads will increase by 200 percent more compared to Google Play.

These are some really good app stores to consider such as the opera mobile store, Amazon app store, GetJar, etc.

6. App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization (ASO) is basically SEO for Google Play and the iOS App Store. Just like search engine optimization, the focus of app store optimization in your keyword relevance, search relevance and keyword density.

For nearly half of iPhone users in the US shopping for applications, your app description is one of the most crucial things you can concentrate on in your marketing efforts.

7. Connect your App and Website

It's great to have an app landing page, but chances are you already have traffic going to your website. Take advantage of existing clients and guests to get more of them to use your app.

Give your website a tiny banner that pops up non-intrusively somewhere. A quick banner with your app name, and where you need to find it. It's easy, it stays at the top of all your pages, and you can easily get the most important information through a connection to your app landing page or directly to the App Store.

If you are already in the social media game and you have a Twitter profile, Facebook page or Linkedin page, use that room to advertise the app.

These were some creative methods of promoting your app for free. Apply these promotion techniques and watch your app downloads soar.

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