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6 Strategies To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Online Store

Setting up online stores & driving organic traffic which generates conversion are two different approaches altogether. Only best SEO practices, effective online marketing strategies & social media trends help to attract shoppers to your e-commerce website. You can’t expect high-volume traffic overnight but experiment with multiple online tactics & tips for that. 

Organic traffic is considered every e-commerce owner’s dream. It refers to the visitors who land on your website without clicking any paid ads. In the e-commerce sector, the success of your business depends on the ability to drive direct traffic. It is a crucial & challenging task for business owners to drive traffic & purchase from your online store.

As we are talking about traffic, you need to keep in mind that all the traffic is not your potential customer. You have to mix proper SEO strategies & marketing policy to invite the right audience who will make a purchase in the end after visiting your website. In this article, we are going to mention 6 strategies to drive organic traffic to your e-commerce store.


Strong Online Presence 

Strong Online Presence

Social media is the easiest way to attract a pool of potential & targeted customers with multiple social media marketing strategies. The increasing number of mobile & smartphone users makes it more convenient to get in touch with every online product via social media.

Social media platforms like - Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter are free to use as marketing tools! Just opening a business account can help you to reach out to hundreds to millions of users in the most cost-effective way. For a strong online presence, you need to figure out which platforms your users are active on most of the time. According to the buyer persona, you have to follow the strategies to build brand awareness for your product. While you targeting social media platforms some suggestions are:

  • There are multiple content types to promote your products such as Text, videos, GIFs, reels, and shots. Every media type has its own high consumption ratio depending on the platform. For example, reels & shots have high engagement on Instagram. So, research on the content that drives more engagement is important to figure out. 
  • Directly promoting any product sometimes looks artificial or people don’t find it enjoyable. You need to create such type of content that represents your product in an informative way.
  • You can interact with your user in real-time using surveys like polls or Q/A sessions. In these ways, you can get to know your targeted audience in-depth & determine what types of products you need to launch on your e-commerce site.


Email Marketing In A New Approach

Email Marketing In A New Approach

Email marketing remains one of the most used & cost-effective ways to drive organic traffic for the brands. With personalized email marketing tactics you can retain customers by informing them about your new products, updates, or any other news about your company.

Growing an email newsletters list is important to drive customers & it helps to get back a positive ROI. To subscribe to the newsletter of your company you have to provide an option on your website homepage where people will input their email address & contact number to subscribe to your newsletter program. Hence you can get a chance to grow the email list which will further help you to return back to your website for any new release. Some points that how you can leverage newsletters to drive traffic-

  • If your e-commerce website contains a daily blog section, then you can send weekly newsletters about your recent post which promotes the products of your website.
  • Through newsletters, you can announce the upcoming promotions, campaigns, and promotional codes.
  • Offer newbie incentives via newsletter or incorporate any loyalty program through personalized email content.
  • You can also share your highly engaging content from your social media platforms. Thus you can promote your online presence. 
  • Send automated emails for cart abandonment.


Best SEO Practices

Best SEO Practices

To build a strong online presence, there is no way but to leverage best SEO practices to display your website on the top of SERP. In fact, 38% of the traffic onboard your website is through organic search on google search engine results. So, for a huge chunk of organic buyers, you have to make sure, your e-commerce is SEO optimized properly. Out of all SEO tactics, the essential 6 steps-SEO strategies for online store optimization are:

Step-1-Keyword Research: For an e-commerce site, keyword placement plays an important role as there are multiple products on the product page. Incorporate the keywords into the product title & product description as well. For keyword placement, you have to gather optimized keywords that complement your service & products. Two types of keywords you should use:

  • High purchase intent keywords
  • Keywords that you can link with high authority websites

Step-2- Product Page Optimization:  Writing proper metadata of the product pages of your e-commerce website is the next essential task to do. Based on the metadata of the product page, users can discover the page on search results. For page optimization, you have to cultivate high purchase intent keywords on 

  • Title tags
  • H1, H2 & H3 tags
  • Product description
  • Alt text of images
  • Meta description of page not more than 150 characters

Step-3- Create High Authoritative Content: To rank your website on top, you need to have a high-quality content section that you can link up with other high-authority pages or websites to gain backlinks. High authoritative content involves-

  • Brief history & specifications of the products
  • Why the product is important & for whom
  • X steps to use a particular product

Step-4- Submitting Sitemap: A sitemap is a file that provides a full overview of the content of your e-commerce website. It lists all the web pages in hierarchical order, typically starting with the home page. By submitting your websites to Google Search Console, it becomes easier for the robots or search crawlers to index your website.

Step-5- Improve Site Speed: Site loading speed defines, how quickly you can retain customers throughout the session. Improving page loading speed to 0.1-second helps to increase the conversion rate of e-commerce stores up to 8.4%.

Step-6- Optimize Site Architecture: Optimized website architecture helps existing users to easily navigate the whole site & thus it increases the session time for every interaction. A proper site structure refers to the perfect combination of web pages, product categories & sections.


Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word Of Mouth Marketing

This is the most old-fashioned strategy out of all the points we have mentioned here. Word of mouth marketing is a type of marketing that relies on the spread of information from person to person. This form of marketing has been around for ages and it’s still effective for all types of niches. It has the power to generate organic traffic & boost sales. Many companies use this strategy because it helps them create a brand vision that people are happy to talk about.

The power of word-of-mouth advertising is undeniable. In this method, your valuable customers who already used your products & totally satisfied with your service become ambassadors of the website. This type of marketing includes- a discount on the next purchase, contest, or other additional facilities in return for referring other customers who can be the next potential customer.


Referral Programs

Referral Programs

A referral program is a most effective modern marketing strategy that involves other website affiliates or popular social influencers to share your product or service with other potential customers. Referral programs are usually set up in a way that rewards like giving a small sales percentage of the referral products to the referrer. The best way to drive organic traffic is by using referral programs. They are inexpensive and easy to set up. It's one of the most used ways of generating leads and it's also good for customer retention. Referral programs involve the steps:

  • Determining the vision or goal of the referral program.
  • List down the referrals of your program. An affiliate or influencer can be used as a referrer in a referral program.
  • Decide the time of launching the referral program. Also, you can start an affiliate program to leverage affiliate marketing.
  • Use social media handles & email newsletters to inform about the new collaboration.
  • Track the progress of the referral program. 


Leverage Customer-Centric Marketing

Leverage Customer-Centric Marketing

A customer-centric marketing strategy is the future of marketing because it creates a sense of empathy with the customer and builds trust. It is a process that involves listening to your customers carefully and responding to their needs & interest in a way that satisfies them. The ultimate goal of customer-centric marketing is to create long-term relationships with customers by satisfying their needs over time. In other words, customer-centric marketing directly influences word-of-mouth marketing.

Aspects of customer-centric marketing involve:

  • Build customer-centric business infrastructure
  • Know your customer's expectations towards your product better
  • Make customer’s perception a reality 
  • Gather customer’s qualitative & quantitative data
  • Track customer’s journey as a case study
  • Let your customer demonstrate your product

And that is all for this article. The importance of driving organic traffic for an e-commerce site cannot be overstated. The main reason is that you don't have to pay for this traffic, and it is a good way to increase your ranking on search engine results pages. But you should keep in mind that driving organic traffic in your online store not only involves search engine optimization but also developing customer relationships, nurturing old & existing clients & also being creative while promoting your products.  If you are new in this e-commerce industry, you can easily follow the above-mentioned steps as these are cost-effective if you are tight on your budget.


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