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5 Things To Do To Improve Your Ecommerce Business In This Pandemic


The global coronavirus epidemic has had a devastating impact on retail, and the eCommerce Boom of 2020 has been felt across sectors almost a year later.

It doesn't matter what your company model or preferred sales channel is for the first time in history. Every firm is forced into a scenario where it has no other choice. Either transition to online sales or go out of business.

The pandemic has launched a protracted era of eCommerce adoption that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

What can your company do to take advantage of the current eCommerce boom? How do you determine what to focus on when there's so much going on? We provide a brief overview as well as our top recommendations.


Impact of Covid on eCommerce 

Impact of Covid on eCommerce

In the spirit of this blog's commitment to straightforward, no-nonsense information, there is just one thing everyone needs to know about the impact Covid-19 has had on eCommerce: there will be more of it, and you must adapt.

There's more to eCommerce than meets the eye. First and foremost, there are more customers.

Even the most adamant brick-and-mortar customers were compelled to purchase online in 2020. In a recent McKinsey Company study on "US consumer mood during the coronavirus crisis," 73 percent of respondents said they tried a new buying behavior during the coronavirus epidemic.

Amazon reasserted its dominance in eCommerce by recording a stunning 35 percent increase in net sales year over year in the first nine months of 2020. In addition, Amazon is creating 7000 jobs in the UK alone by the end of the year, with similar initiatives in other key countries.

Google made free Google Shopping listings available to companies all around the world. Then, to encourage more eCommerce companies to sell their items on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook introduced Shops.

Recently, YouTube announced a partnership with its community of creators to integrate eCommerce features, allowing users to buy for items shown in live streams online. For years, China has been at the forefront of the live streaming eCommerce trend. Even TikTok, a site whose users are largely too young to have any purchasing power, is partnering with Shopify and considering further eCommerce options.

Because most large retailers close their physical locations on Thanksgiving, the US holiday season of 2021 might be the next big boost for eCommerce.


Accepting the new norm in eCommerce 

The present eCommerce boom has been described as hastening the “shift away” from physical businesses. However, every omnichannel retailer will immediately see that this view is incorrect. Not only can and should in-store and internet purchasing coexist, but they should also complement one other.

Many individuals like shopping at physical stores. It gives people a unique set of experiences that they like and profit from.

The growing use of digital channels for purchasing, given that many individuals have experienced their benefits firsthand will almost definitely remain the "new" normal. According to eMarketer, eCommerce sales will account for 14.4% of all retail expenditure in the United States this year and 19.2% by 2024.

eCommerce should no longer be seen as a secondary channel for any company. Every business should, in reality, become an eCommerce business. The good news is that companies still have time to take advantage of this surge in digital demand.


Five things that will help you excel in the eCommerce business during the pandemic

Five things that will help you excel in the eCommerce business during the pandemic

Focus on marketing

I say this first because I'm sure you're tempted to decrease your digital marketing budget. Cutting costs is a fair thing to do in uncertain times, but marketing is the worst area to cut costs in.

Customers will feel eager to purchase more as soon as the conditions alter, which will most likely happen as quickly as they appeared.

Instead of downsizing, now is the moment to spend in marketing to make a strong first impression and stay top of mind.

Improve your online store

Improve your online store

The best thing you can do is get guidance from your eCommerce development company. Consider doing an audit of your online shop - the finest companies can perform a UX Audit or a Technical Audit. You'll get expert results in a couple of days if you do it this way.

You may boost your online business in a variety of ways. To begin, invest in high-quality content. For example, impressive images, videos, and thorough product descriptions increase sales while simultaneously reducing potential returns.

Facilitate the process of buying on your website

People will appreciate everything you can do to make online purchasing more convenient as they become acclimated to stay-at-home lives.

The following are some of the enhancements that might be made:

  • Allow curbside pickup and click-and-collect
  • Allow for monthly payments using Buy Now, Pay Later. 
  • Options to make returns as simple as feasible.

Quality shipping will skyrocket conversions

Quality shipping will skyrocket conversions

It's critical to pick the proper shipping partner in this case. Try collaborating with various shipping carriers - you'll want to be able to move between providers or even channels if any unanticipated changes in flight regulations arise.

It is impossible to overestimate the value of free delivery. Customers choose speedier shipment above savings, according to research. As a result, whatever incentive you can offer in terms of delivery speed and quality will help you increase conversions.

You must also be localized across all markets. However, because there is less competition in many overseas markets, translations pay off handsomely, and triple-digit growth is still feasible.

mCommerce is on the rise

Is there a substantial rise in transactions performed from mobile devices in your analytics data? Make sure your consumers can buy on your website from their smartphones, so you don't miss out on this global trend.

Mobile UX is unique, and mastering it necessitates a unique set of skills. Whatever effect the Covid-19 epidemic has had on your company, you can rest confident that eCommerce technology is fully prepared for the current era. The best thing you can do is follow the experts' advice.


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