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5 Reasons why you should use Integrated E-commerce and not open source E-commerce
24 Aug 2016

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5 Reasons why you should use Integrated E-commerce and not open source E-commerce

The biggest difference between open source e-Commerce platform and integrated e-commerce platform is the cost. Open source is totally free and you don’t have to pay any subscription or license fee like integrated e-Commerce platform. Yes, free things sound good in theory, but the fact of the matter is that free is not always free as you are along responsible for maintenance - installation, security and configuration. You also have to pay for extra services if you want extra features for your business. I’m putting down five reasons why you should choose an integrated e-Commerce solution and not open source e-Commerce platforms.

1. Easy and Simple Maintenance

Most integrated e-Commerce solutions are connected with Microsoft Dynamics that links directly to your frontend website store, which means mean you spend less time in building a database. Each time you work and update your store’s Microsoft Dynamics database, all your items/product information, price and inventory are pushed to your website store in real time basis. A single source of management reduces a lot of errors and saves time.

2. Further Use of Your Microsoft Dynamics Investment

By using an integrated e-commerce platform, you can create an online store powered by Microsoft Dynamics solution. This will not only help you in processing customer orders in a quicker manner, it will also help you in accessing historical account or customer information online thereby allowing your clients to do self-serve. With an integrated e-commerce platform, you can stay focus on the core business processes and worry less as you will be maintaining just one platform not two separate systems. You are also assured the information uploaded on your online store is 100% accurate.

3. Bye Bye Third Parties

An integrated solution helps you free from having to work with hosts of third parties in order to get essential features you need for your business – so you save a lot on cost, time and your energy. Open source are free but most of them just offer basic framework and not all functions you may need for your e-commerce business. As such most of the time you will be looking for third parties or companies to fix things for you. However with integration solutions, you will get all the features that you required in controlling your online store.

4. Happier Clients

In this era of efficiency, customers who are in B2B/B2C want nothing more than a great user-experience while they shop. You just simply cannot afford to frustrate your clients with some inaccurate information on your online store. And now with a single integrated e-commerce platform, you can do things right …  if you use Microsoft Dynamics database that is up to date. You don’t have to worry about selling items that are out-of-stock or incorrectly priced your products. All these will foster in creating a loyal customer who will come back to purchase from you over and over.

5. Work Personally With ERP & E-commerce Expert

If you are using either the ISV or the Microsoft Dynamics VAR, you will get experts on ERP CRM and e-commerce who can answer any questions you may have. They will also help you in getting the maximum benefits out of your capital investments. You will never be left in the lurch alone as compared to open source e-commerce where you have to seek help from third parties or freelancers.

If you look closely at both e-commerce platforms - open source and integrated – the latter outweighs the former in terms of benefits and simplicity. Woops ecommerce content management system is one of the best integrated e-commerce solutions and if you are looking for hosting your online store in their private cloud, you can book an appointment for a demo now.

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