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4 Ways To Combine SEO and Sales Team To Grow Your Business

 The conventional way of organizations to boost business growth was through combining sales and marketing. Although this is a proven method to boost businesses, the newer strategy to drive business growth is to combine SEO and sales.

In this article, we will describe four different strategies that you can use to combine sales and search engine optimization to improve your business growth.


Targeting and reaching the right people

Targeting and reaching the right people

A successful SEO approach needs more than traffic to the website – it demands bringing the website out to the right people. This is where SEO professionals and sales staff need to work together to help accelerate business growth.

Sure, keyword research is necessary if every SEO strategy needs a stable base. You can spend hours doing keyword analysis-uncovering any phrase with search volume, doing comparative research, searching for longer tail queries via Search Console reports, etc.

However, getting clear sales department feedback is what's going to push the SEO approach to the next level.

Get input from the selling department to check target phrases and find possible holes in the roadmap. Consistency is the key here as you have to get this input regularly. 

Keep in mind that sales personnel contact customers and prospective customers on a daily basis. They learn the particular terminology customers use, the knowledge they are searching for and the greatest obstacles they encounter.

This will help push the momentum in the SEO campaign by relying on longer tail keywords that come from these forms in conversation.

Although longer tail keywords usually have lower monthly search rates, these consumers are far more able to eventually convert.

For example, customers searching for “best Magento ecommerce web developer company in Dubai” are more likely to convert compared to the ones that search “ecommerce company Dubai”.


Understand each other’s processes

Understand each other’s processes

As someone whose focus is on SEO it is vital to have a comprehensive understanding of the sales process.

Sit down with the sales team and make sure you fully grasp some of the sales process' most fundamental (and often neglected) elements.

Customers purchasing habits, expectations, and demands are continually developing and shifting – especially at a time where businesses are struggling to respond to the uncertain market world today.

Similarly, becoming mindful of digital media strategies that pull in leads is critical for the sales team.

This should also ease out  personalizing the follow-up process and develop those opportunities further.

Spend hours gathering and updating promotional resources such as cadence follow-ups, presentation cards, company brochures, demonstrations and more. It might also be necessary to use any of the content for SEO.


Produce content that benefit each other

Produce content that benefit each other

Synchronizing with sales will help spark fresh concepts for SEO team in terms of material focused on:

  • Feedback
  • Questions from prospects and customers
  • Information

Often we get so stuck on our keyword analysis and strategy  that we ignore important keywords with lower search volume.    

We may not have any essential keywords at all on our radar or prospects can use different languages than we do.

Such raising issues may be prevented by coming up ideas with the sales staff.

When motivated by this input you create content:

  • Sales people should have an opportunity to communicate with prospects / customers and help cultivate them or improve the partnership that exists.
  • You'll get a piece of content that's specially designed for Google to rank. Similarly, the SEO work you are conducting daily will add tremendous benefit to the sales team

Report main search trends you're uncovering, the consumer activity you're finding, targeted questions that can reveal a lot of what prospects want to discover in the process.


Combine both to test, track, and convert

Combine both to test, track, and convert

It's great to watch traffic flow into your website. But the important question remains: are you aware which users are converting?      

Based on your business model, a conversion may imply several specific items because, in this context, I'm referring to how the people who come to the website are actually acting.

For instance:

  • Websites for shopping or ecommerce have to monitor when users make transactions.
  • B2B companies will be informed as users fill out forms (to access a gated asset or to make a request to contact us).

It is important to set goals in Google Analytics and/or the Google Tag Manager.

Be sure you constantly review these details and change the methods to match the needs.

When you see visits rise to a landing page but little action is taken – ask yourself what needs to be done.

  • Are you seeing consumers right?
  • Can the conversion drive website be more optimized?
  • Will the page contain enough information?
  • Will the competitors have a related page? If so, what is it you are not doing that they do?


Final Words

The most critical part of SEO and sales coordination is undoubtedly ensuring that you provide the evidence available to communicate results back to the staff, make educated choices and change the ongoing plan.

Before dedicating a budget on new SEO tactics, ensure that you are prepared to manage and analyze data correctly, and send reports back to the rest of the marketing department and sales team.

Irrespective of you working at an organization or at home, frequent contact with sales can help drive SEO and wider marketing strategies to the next stage.

I urge you to have that on the agenda as quickly as possible, if you don't even have a regular appointment with the sales department!

It is more relevant than ever – for too many of us operating remotely and losing out on the informal interactions that exist in the workplace moving.

I know all departments are potentially really busy and nobody wants to see an unexpected meeting on their schedule.

So once you make sure the tangible gains are clarified, and priorities are straightforward – the company would be a step closer to aligning marketing and revenue.

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