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20 Trendy Mobile App Ideas for UAE Business Owners in 2021

Access to the internet has unofficially become one of the fundamental needs.  Almost 60% of the total global population use the internet actively. And, it is expected that 72.6% of people will use smartphones to access the web by the end of 2025. These numbers are even more striking in the UAE.  92.17% of the total UAE population are mobile internet users who spend 3 hours 55 minutes per day on average using the internet on mobile phones. It is indeed more sensible to launch a mobile app in the UAE than anywhere else. Particularly, if you target Dubai, the rest of the United Arab Emirates region will follow. 

Before developing a mobile app and opening a startup, you must identify your audience, understand their needs, come up with a feasible plan, and finally choose a mobile app development company in Dubai. We’re here to facilitate your market research by suggesting the best trendy mobile app ideas for UAE business owners in 2021. You can achieve your business growth goals easily by following the right trend that matches your interest and expertise.

Every great app was once just an idea. They became a reality with adequate support, proper nourishment, and the use of available resources. Once you have the idea, you’ll find the gateways to actualize it. Have a close look at the following mobile app trends to generate ideas. 


1. Cooking Recipe App

Cooking Recipe App

Cooking is a necessity, but if you start to love the charm of cooking, it’ll become a source of pleasure. It’s boring to cook and eat the same food daily. That’s why cooking enthusiasts look for new recipes to try and make adventures in the world of various delicious dishes. You can make use of the growing interest of people in cooking. A cooking app comprising different recipes and instructions in text, audio, or video form can reach a broad audience easily.


2. Tourist Apps

Tourist Apps

The travel and tourism sector has seen a significant rise over the past few years. People now spend lavishly to have new experiences in new places. Moreover, this is no more confined to vacations and holidays. Visitors come to tourist destinations for recreation, pleasure, and relaxation around the year. It is estimated that the number of tourists in the UAE will increase to 20 million this year. Whether you visit the tourist attractions of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or go outside of UAE, you need to know the exact location of these spots and good quality hotels around these places. An app with details of tourist places, hotels, and restaurants can solve this problem. 


3. Car Parking Space

Car Parking Space

Almost 1.85 million registered vehicles run along the streets in Dubai. The number is even greater for the entire UAE. When people go out with their cars, they need to park them in a safe place. An app can help you find available parking spaces in the nearest place to you. The app can use GPS, traffic analysis data, and other users’ data to provide an effective solution. With the growing number of cars, this type of app has the potential to stay trendy in 2021.


4. On-Demand Car Cleaning

On-Demand Car Cleaning

Almost 300 thousand vehicles are bought every year in the UAE. That implies that all these cars need maintenance to work properly and look like new. You can cash in on this need for car maintenance and washing services. Create an app that provides expert car mechanics and cleaner on demand. 


5. Effective Cost Management

Effective Cost Management

It’s not wise to spend money extravagantly. Most UAE citizens are likely to waste money and lose track of their monthly expenses. It’s really tiresome to keep track of their spending manually, and they won’t do that. But they will give in If you provide them with a smart app that can digitally calculate their expenses with the minimum required input. 


6. Flexible Job Opportunities

Flexible Job Opportunities

Though Emiratis don’t have to work hard for a living, they might be interested in working if the job is flexible, devoid of strict office time. If they can work staying within their comfort zone and get paid a handsome amount, they’ll surely give that a try. Build an app that can provide circulars of flexible job opportunities. This will also help expatriates living in the UAE to find suitable jobs for them.


7. Grocery Home Delivery

Grocery Home Delivery

Even in lockdown situations during the COVID-19 outbreak, people had to visit grocery stores for daily necessities. Grocery home delivery services are becoming popular in every country. One can choose essential items, place orders, pay, and wait for the delivery for 30-40 minutes. This model is working so effectively that within a couple more years, people will hardly visit physical grocery stores. You should make multiple payment methods and delivery options available to reach a wide range of customers. Grocery delivery is one of the top trendy app ideas for 2021 for sure.


8. Skill Development App

Skill Development App

Learning new things is fun. It will enhance your skills. People are more prone to learning soft skills like communication, positivity, social skills, cover letter writing. CV writing, etc. Besides, professional skills like website development, graphics design, Microsoft Excel, and the like can be learned through skill development apps. You can also integrate online courses, motivational videos, live lessons, and certification exams into your online education app.


9. AR-based Ecommerce Store

AR-based Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce apps are trending for the last two years, and the number is increasing more due to Corona situations. You have to come up with something unique to stand out from your competitors. There are too many ecommerce sites that another regular ecommerce app will have less impact. Introduce try-on filters based on augmented reality technology. Prospective buyers can experience your products virtually through a screen in their real-life environment. Thus they can find out if a particular product is right for their needs. Ar-enabled ecommerce stores are the next big thing, it’s prime time to contact an ecommerce site development company in Dubai to launch your dream app in 2021.


10. Live Sports Score App

 Live Sports Score App

Football is the most popular form of sport in the UAE. Other popular sports are Cricket, Jiu-Jitsu, Tennis, Cycling, Golf, Badminton, Basketball, Camel Racing, Ice Hockey, Falconry. Sandboarding, and Motorsports. You can develop an app that specializes in any of them, a few of them, or all of them. Showing live scores is the easiest way, but if you can integrate live streaming that will surely bring you tremendous success.


11. Restaurant Recommendation App

Restaurant Recommendation App

Food delivery apps were extremely popular in 2020, and this trend is in the same direction in 2021 as well. We recommend you try something a little different. Focus on suggesting quality restaurants in a particular locality with good food and sincere service. Try to partner with those restaurants and let users avail themselves of coupons provided by your app to get a discount on their order for takeaway, dine-in, or home delivery. This is just a slight modification made to the conventional food delivery apps. 


12. Property Directory

Property Directory

What if you want to buy a property and someone is selling something similar, but both buyer and seller are unaware of this common interest. An app can build a bridge between sellers and prospective buyers. Introduce an app that has a list of salable properties sorted on the basis of locations, sizes, interiors, exteriors, and prices. The app will comprise the contact details of each seller and buyer and an ID authentication system to prevent fraudulent transactions. You can make a fortune by launching such property listing apps in 2021.


13. Home Delivery App

Home Delivery App

A large number of business owners don’t have a delivery service of their own. Rather they depend on third-party delivery service companies. This business is expanding more and more encompassing grocery delivery, medicine delivery, food delivery, courier, and parcel delivery services. You can start a home delivery service that does all kinds of delivery activities. This business has great potential to dominate in the coming days. 


14. Rider Tracking App

Rider Tracking App

This idea is complementing the above-mentioned delivery services. To run a delivery service company, you’ll need a good number of drivers/riders. They will work as your representatives in front of the consumers. You need to ensure that they’re providing the best services under your company’s banner. An app can help delivery business owners track their rider’s activity, accessing their current location, and getting live feedback from the consumers. It can also record audio or video if needed. Thus, this rider tracking app will help you monitor your drivers and make sure that your delivery business is in safe hands.


15. Fitness & Workout

Fitness & Workout

Nowadays people eat a lot of fast food and processed food in restaurants and at home. Health issues related to gastric, sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and cardiac problems are directly related to our food habits. The need for physical exercise is increasing every day. You can build an app by addressing this growing demand for fitness and workout tips. A fitness app can measure the calories you intake and suggest ways to burn those calories. It can incorporate many types of workouts instructed precisely through videos, animations, or pictures. Moreover, it may encourage users to workout with a weekly, monthly, or half-yearly challenge. Even, it may allow users to try out customized workout plans as per their needs. If you can provide them with a myriad of options, we’re quite sure you can cash in on a fitness mobile app trend in 2021.


16. Scheduled Task List

Scheduled Task List

In this fast-paced world, everyone is super busy with their lives. It's really tough to remember what you’re supposed to do throughout the whole day. A to-do list can help you sort out your tasks based on importance, priority, deadline, and other parameters. You can build an app that will work as a personal assistant and provide users with a scheduled task list. 


17. Food Management App

Food Management App

Sadly enough, 38% of the food prepared in the UAE is wasted daily. This number increases to almost 60% during Ramadan. Most UAE citizens are rich, but a few are living in poverty too. Besides, most expatriates live a miserable life in the UAE. If you can build an app that can connect the needy people with the people who have a surplus of food, it will benefit both parties. By using this app one can distribute extra, untouched food among those people who actually need them. 


18. Customizable Gift Shop

Customizable Gift Shop

The practice of presenting gifts to make one’s beloved person special is an age-old custom. This trend will be relevant even in the coming years. Take professional help from a mobile app development company in Dubai to launch an app that takes over all the hassle on its shoulder and makes arrangements for surprising your parents, siblings, wives, or anyone else close to you. Birthdays, weddings, festivals, anniversaries, holidays there are many occasions where you need to gift something to your dear ones. Most interestingly, you can order your gifts beforehand with customized demands like the use of gift receivers’ names, pictures, or any special message. Include home delivery services to boom as a groundbreaking company. 


19. Online Doctor Consultation

Online Doctor Consultation

Some diseases are so critical that doctors have to see the patients in person, otherwise, the treatment process is likely to get hampered. But, for other illnesses, you can consult a doctor online. A digital health service provider app can let users get in touch with the best doctors of the UAE through video consultations. They can also request a doctor’s appointment with this app. You can put the details of your enlisted doctors in the app so patients can choose doctors on their own.


20. Medicine Info App

Medicine Info App

Most people lack knowledge about the brands, generics, and classes of different medicines. You can make a full-fledged medicine directory consisting of each medicine’s names, origins, indications, dosages, side effects, contraindications, precautions, and warnings. Such drug information management apps will let people know about clinical information instantly. You can also apply algorithms capable of suggesting similar and related medicines for the same name or generic. If you can cover all drugs available in the UAE, this app will surely gain huge popularity.

Everyone uses mobile phones and most of them use the internet. It's obvious that the future of business largely depends on creating mobile-friendly apps, websites, and ecommerce stores. The advancement in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are paving the way to a futuristic mobile app development trend in 2021. An idea triggers the birth of another idea. Hope you will get food for thought from the list we provided here based on mobile app trends for UAE business owners in 2021.


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