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12 Essential Features an Ecommerce website need to have
09 Aug 2016

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12 Essential Features an Ecommerce website need to have

We all know that how much a person buys from an e-commerce site is totally dependent on the various features provided by the site. Whether the site is user-friendly and gives customers with the ease to manage products in an efficient manner is a very important factor for a user or buyer. Below we are going to discuss few features through which an e-commerce site can gain popularity among its users.

1. Image of Product

The first thing that creates attraction among guests or users is the image of the product. It should be appealing as it is the only thing that makes its users and guests to spend much more time on the website. As the photo is the first thing that a customer sees on the website and it creates the image and provides details to the customer regarding the product. It should provide the opportunity to the developer the option to make any modifications to the picture also. The picture of the product should be of high quality as in the case when the customer zoom the picture of the product so that he would be able to see even the smallest aspects related to the product.

2. Different sections of the Product

The different products should be positioned under the suitable sections of the product so that it would be convenient for the consumers to search for the particular product. Under sections of the products, sub-sections should also be there so that it would be easier to locate the products. The list of the various products should be present on the home page of the website in the form of a drop down menu. Whenever a particular section is chosen then the relevant products should be displayed in an efficient manner.

3. The alternative to search

The alternative for searching should be available in a prominent manner on the home page so that it provides the customers with the ease to hunt down the particular product in a jiffy. The page of results should display all wonderful offers so that the customers would be able to find them easily.

4. Easy navigation on the site

The steering on the site should be easy and spontaneous. It should be pleasant for the customer but also for SEO. There should be few steps that should be able to initiate an action, which should be displayed in an important manner. The various sections present on the home page of the particular website should be displayed outstandingly.

5. Quick process of checkout

Many users desire to have the option of checkout available within a sole page. If the transaction process and the payment method are extensive and cumbersome then there are chances that the consumer can withdraw from the process in between only. Therefore to prevent such happening it becomes quite imperative that the various stages available in the method of payment should be minimized to few stages only and it should be able to shorten the process also. Thus with the facility provided by the option of checkout by a solo page will attract customers because of the ease and convenience provided to them.

6. Reviews of product 

The reviews about the product are very important as it creates the unique impression of the product in the minds of the customers. As a customer place, more faith on the experience of another customer and that is why they are an important factor in increasing the chances of sales of a particular product. As the sites are not able to provide a live description of the product working and functioning that is why the reviews play an important role in the process of making a decision regarding buying a product. With optimistic reviews mentioned about a product the worth of a product gets increased and encourages customers for its purchase.

7. Discounts offers and coupons

With the help of wonderful offers and rebates on the prices of products e-commerce website is able to attract the attention of more customers towards it. A site which values customers and wants to retain them provide them with many opportunities to enjoy the benefits of a price cut. If the particular website provides coupons and discount codes on the same page where the products are available for sale, then not only it increases the traffic of customers but also enhances the business of the website. An eeommerce platform can help you to easy setup of your discount offers and coupons. If you integrat an ecommerce platform with your ecommerce website you can create you discount coupons by just one click that will save your time and also you can monitor it easily.

8. Products those are featured or related

Those websites that display the products with the particular features like huge discount and savings on the main page are able to attract more customers as it provides the customer with the facility of buying the product in a straight manner. Also, the option of related products provides the customers with some wonderful options of other products that are parallel to the products, customer is searching for.

9. Option to Export/Import of Product 

The websites that provide with the option to export /import product through other apps such as Store of Facebook or online commerce provides the customer with the option of transferring cost, stock or updates related to product and thus makes it more convenient for them.  

10. Policy of Refund

It is a key feature that is important for many customers while making a purchase with that particular online website. The policy meant for refund should be uncomplicated and simple in its application. The customers should be able to either exchange or return a particular product in case he/she is not satisfied in an easy and convenient manner. In case the website does not provide the facility of a refund then the customers should be informed about the same before the process of sale takes place, just in case to avoid any problems and obstacles later on.

11. Subscription to Newsletter

With the facility of getting subscribed to the newsletter, the customer should be made aware of the various new products being added and about the top selling products. Not only will it make the customers aware about the ongoing offers and events it also allows to stay in contact with them. Also, additional information linked to the business of e-commerce can be provided to the consumers by using this media.   

12. Integration of Social Media

Your existence on various social media platforms gives customers a boost of confidence and supports the process of branding for your store. While integrating social media and the website not only enhances the business of the website but also increases the number of potential customers for you.

You can monitor all those things by using an ecommerce management system. It’s a very important thing for an ecommerce business to know all of features are working fine. And an ecommerce platform can give you the knowledge. Woops ecommerce management system can help you to get the perfect analysis report of your ecommerce business. If you get perfect analysis report and solve all the lackings, it’s sure you will get success.

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