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10 Tricks To Get Crazy Ecommerce Traffic

Are you experiencing problems getting visitors to travel to your online store? You have a better chance of gaining more conversions and sales if you can attract traffic to your online business.

However, finding techniques to entice customers to shop at your business might be difficult. And problems aren't made any simpler when you're up against well-known retailers.

We've gathered a list of top-notch techniques to attract traffic to your online business in this post. As a result, you may build on your present achievements and begin competing with the big boys.


Make blog posts on popular products or services

Make blog posts on popular products or services

Your eCommerce site will get a lot of traffic if you provide regular, useful, and all-around engaging content. It's not only about selling things and services on your internet site. In reality, the majority of customers are searching for more than simply a place to buy.

Take a look at your most popular products or services if you're unsure what themes you should include on your blog. You may write blog entries on these goods since they perform effectively in your business.

Optimize your website through SEO

If you're going to include content production into your overall marketing strategy to boost eCommerce traffic, it's critical that you grasp the impact SEO plays in driving visitors to your site.

SEO is a marketing strategy that aids in the visibility of your eCommerce site in search engine results for various keywords. Consequently, anytime someone types a search keyword into Google, your website will come up first.

Since a result, optimizing your online shop for various keywords is critical, as it is one of the most essential Google ranking criteria. Looking at the search words your website already ranks for is a smart place to start.

Focus on the top conversion sources using the 80/20 rule

Focus on the top conversion sources using the 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule may then be used to concentrate on your top conversion sources and drive additional visitors. If you're curious what the 80/20 rule is, it means that you get 80% of your results with 20% of your effort.

When it comes to raising the traffic to your online business, you may work strategically and discover numerous strategies to attract more customers by collaborating with websites, submitting guest articles, or offering unique offers such as unique discounts.


Promote products that your target market is interested in

If you want to increase traffic to your online business, you need to know what your consumers prefer.

You may add items that they favor and generate content around their interests to enhance your online traffic by determining their interests.


Create campaigns tailored to specific regions

Create campaigns tailored to specific regions

Examining which nations your visitors originate from is another approach to increase online traffic for your online marketplace.

You may design geo-targeted campaigns, highlight items for that area, and send personalized messages by identifying your top regions. Not only that, but you may also come up with new topics for your blog.

Let's say you own an online company that offers travel accessories. For example, if the bulk of your visitors are from Qatar, you may now provide items and write blog entries such as ‘ten advice for Qatari tourists.’

Make Your Online Store Mobile-Friendly

Many website owners are now solely optimizing their eCommerce sites for desktop computers, ignoring other devices. As a consequence of the terrible user experience on mobile devices, your visitors will abandon your site.

To attract more customers, make sure your online business is mobile-friendly. In reality, Google has switched to a mobile-first index, which implies that websites that function well on mobile will be ranked higher than those that don't.

If your website isn't mobile-friendly, you should consider switching to a mobile-friendly WordPress theme. You may also utilize Google AMP to ensure that consumers can navigate your online shop without difficulty.


Submit Guest Posts and Collaborate with Top Referrals

Submit Guest Posts and Collaborate with Top Referrals

While developing amazing content for your eCommerce site is essential for engaging regular consumers and generating new visitors, don't overlook the impact guest blogging may have on your traffic.

If your guest post is accepted, you will usually get a link back to your website. You also receive hyperlinks embedded in your article that, when clicked, redirect visitors to your online store.


Send push notifications to entice visitors to return

Sending push notifications is another approach to encourage consumers to visit your eCommerce business. These are clickable messages that show on the desktop or mobile device of the user.

You may use it to notify them about a flash sale, offer them discounts, or let them know about a new product. Because push notifications have a greater open rate than emails, you'll have a better chance of encouraging consumers to return to your website.


Use your eCommerce store to conduct polls and surveys

Use your eCommerce store to conduct polls and surveys

You may use polls and surveys to increase the number of people who visit your online business. People like expressing their opinions and talking about themselves; therefore, they assist in promoting engagement.

As a result, you ask your visitors about their favorite goods, how their experience was to suggest them to others, and other such inquiries. You may also ask them to rank other product categories in a poll.

You may even give them extra incentives or incentives if they share the poll or survey with their friends. This will increase the number of individuals that visit your shop. You may send out a press release and write a blog post to share the poll findings after it's completed.


Convert the top pages of your website into video content

Video consumption is increasing, and you may capitalize on this trend for your eCommerce store. You may focus and attract a wider audience to your online business by releasing video material like product reviews, comparison videos, unboxing, or showcasing a product.

Looking at your most popular pages and articles is a good place to start. You can simply turn your most successful posts/pages into video lessons for several social media networks, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


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