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10 Reasons Why People are Leaving your Website Page [Updated]
11 Oct 2019

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10 Reasons Why People are Leaving your Website Page [Updated]

One of the important and best marketing tools Website design of your business. It is meant to attract customers and keep them informed about your business. Call it the make or break deal for your clients, and you are spot on. Your business can grow with a good website or fall with a bad one.So our main priority will be in website design. Because a customer when want to learn about products and services of yours, they will first visit your website.

Retaining the presence on your website and attracting the customers is quite a difficult task. You must try to keep user frustration to a minimum, so it is important to design your site appropriate but in a simple way so and it will also maximize customer retention. You automatically find a place on Google’s blacklist, in case your website has visitors who are not willing to stay there for even fifty-two seconds, things can be warding off potential visitors from your site experts of website design company in Dubai had just introduced lately.

Issue of Slow Loading

Among many factors in managing the functioning of a website, one is its overall loading speed. The draggy content will drive the visitors away if it loads slower, or downloading of images from the site take plenty of time. A slow site to finish loading is not what visitors will manage time or wait for. Switching to the next URL is what they’ll do.

Difficult content to read 

If you want to get more visitors to your web page, then content is the most important part to think about. We should concentrate on easy and simple content. Design is not only mean about color combination, image quality, graphics but also means the font and color of the text and background that you will use in your website. If people may not find this easy to read out, they will simply skip the page that impacts on your web traffic. 

Poor personality 

Brand is actually a fact on website. It effects on customers and visitors. If your content goes wrong way, that will cause bounce rate. If visitors find your website like that anyone can write this content, then you will face problem to connect your potential customers. So be careful about the personality of your website.  

Plug-In is Obsolete

Your website can decrease the rate of visitors if it contains outdated plug-ins. It's time to take a page from YouTube’s book if you are still stuck with an outdated version of these plug-ins? They replaced these with HTML5 video player and had already dropped the Flash object embeds.

Excessive ad makes bore to people

You want to give ad to your website. This may contain your other earning resources but don’t forget that too many ads makes people bore to visit. In this case, you can limit your ad and the location where they will be showed. 

Auto-play videos

Most of the people don’t like this auto play video system. They simply go to “Back” button to skip the video. So whenever thinking to develop a website, website owners must keep it in mind that he can avoid this autoplay video system. 

Navigation Gone Bad

The website traffic is what the navigation structure of a website directly related with. The user hunting for suitable buttons or tabs to access the needed information if they see poor website navigation structure of the site. The users away from the website and will lead to the wastage of time.

Design Obsolescence

The website traffic will decline if the old model is outdated. Your design will not attract the users if it is based on first principles. An old website design will not do so what a quality website design is meant to cast an impression.

Nonresponsive Website

Refine the content on your site is an excellent way to keep your website busy. A responsive web design will keep it flooded with clients. It will also ensure that mobile users will see the pertinent information. To increases visibility on search engines, always choose a responsive web design. In fact, the best friend of search engine optimization is your responsive web design.

Content is Boring

The way of increasing your website traffic is to choose the best content. Users opt for the site with easier content if the content becomes difficult to understand.

While creating a business website, always keep these factors in mind. For all the professional website designers in Dubai, these tips will serve the yardstick. The perfect way to create a website is to make it responsive and fast as it will make your business grow even more quickly.

Royex Technologies is a leading web design & development company in Dubai. They can understand every project’s goals and deliver the projects in time according to their client’s needs. So whenever you need a website for your business, don't hesitate to contact us at +971566027916. You can also mail us at


Reetie Zakir
These are really essential to keep in one's mind who r involving business through their websites.
4/25/2019 10:51:56 AM

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